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Support has become a more dynamic role in Overwatch 2
When I was first introduced to the original Overwatch, I came in with no FPS experience. But having played support roles in the past in other games, I saw the healing icon with the first aid cross abo
Fans can now vote for the 10 Overwatch League MVP nominees
Every year, the Overwatch League has an MVP, and players are invited and encouraged to participate in the voting process. This year’s MVPs are now available to vote for, and fans are invited to start
Overwatch 2 players can grab a free Legendary skin via Twitch rewards
Kiriko is coming to Overwatch 2 when it launches, and so is a Legendary skin and other goodies for players who watch a certain amount of Twitch streamers. Players have waited a long time to get their
Calling All Heroes: Overwatch League, Blizzard introduce new inclusivity program for underrepresented genders
Fans and members of the Overwatch community have been critical of the competitive scene’s gender disparity since its inception—and for good reason. In the Overwatch League’s five-year existence, ther
Overwatch 2’s early pre-download is here—but only for those who meet certain requirements
Blizzard Entertainment is allowing players who meet certain guidelines to pre-download Overwatch 2 starting today to ensure the game is ready to go on launch. In a blog post published on Tuesday that
San Francisco Shock signs Striker—again
With the Overwatch League postseason quickly approaching, the San Francisco Shock are staring at the very real possibility of other teams sniping away their lofty standing in the season leaderboards.
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Overwatch Esports

The Overwatch game bears resemblance to its cultural predecessor, Team Fortress. Here, hero-themed classes are integral to achieving specific advantages that allow for the completion of the overarching objective.

Matches pit two teams, each consisting of 6 players, against each other on a handful of small to medium-scale maps, each with differing objectives. For example, in an Escort game mode, each team must attempt to escort a payload to a delivery point whilst under fire. There are a handful of checkpoints along the way and for each checkpoint achieved, your team will be rewarded with additional lives/spawns and more time to complete the objective.

Additional game modes include capture and hold style objectives, similar to traditional domination or king of the hill, and capture the flag.

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