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The development of the esports betting world has allowed for the entry of many bookmakers. To gain ground these bookmakers utilize different methods to entice the punters in the industry.

One of the methods adopted by these new bookmakers is bonuses and promotions. With these bonuses and promotions, the betting sites can attract new signees and have a large user base. One of the new crypto bookmakers that have perfected the concept of bonuses and promotion in esports betting is Thunderpick.

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Bonus Intro

Bonuses in the esports betting world are a way to attract new and old punters to a betting site. Betting operators use bonuses to increase the betting bankroll of punters, providing them with more cash to earn more winnings.

This is the same thing that the Thunderpick Welcome Bonus offers. When you sign up with Thunderpick and make your first deposit, you get a 5% bonus that could amount to as much as $500.

How To Use The Bonus

The Thunderpick welcome bonus is an impressive bonus that seeks to help you build a strong financial base for your betting activities. The bonus is very easy to access and claim. To get the bonus, the first step is to sign up or create an account with the betting site.

To create an account, you need to log on to the betting site. Click on sign up and fill up all the necessary information fields as required. You also need to verify your age and accept the terms and conditions of using the betting platform. Only after you have done all of these can you successfully create a betting account with Thunderpick.

After signing up, you will be eligible for a 5% bonus credit on your first deposit. This bonus can go as high as $500. This means that you need to deposit a total of $10,000 to get the full bonus amount ($500).

In claiming the bonus, you will need to use a promo code. The promo code for the bonus as released by Thunderpick is WELCOME. It is only when you use this promo code that you will be able to claim and use this bonus. There are also affiliate websites that provide you with promo codes to use. You can also use these promo codes for the welcome bonus. However, the failure to use the promo code may result in the inability to access the bonus.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer

Getting bonuses from betting sites and bookmakers is one thing, making the best of these bonuses is another thing entirely. The purpose of a bonus is to provide you with more cash to wager, therefore increasing your chances of making a win. But without adequate bonus management skills, you may lose the bonus, faster than it came.

As a result, we provide you with these five expert tips. These tips are tested and trusted by esports betting experts, and they will help you make the most of betting bonuses, especially the Thunderpick Esports Welcome bonus.

Experience is key

While dealing with bonuses from betting sites, you should bear in mind that these bookmakers are out for profit. This means that you should be careful how you use the bonus you won, else it goes back to the bookmaker even before you get to enjoy it.

This is why you need to rely on your experience as a punter. While using the bonus won to wager and make more winnings, you should stick to the games and betting markets that you are familiar with. This way, you will not only be able to rake in more winnings, but you will also do this without risking too much of the bonus won.

Risk Begets Profits

While adhering to the first tip and sticking to the betting markets that you are familiar with, you should remember something. It is so important to note that the Thuunderpick Welcome bonus is small and the only way you can rake in impressive winnings with the bonus is to stake in games with high odds. When you bet on markets with higher odds, the potential winnings increase sporadically.

However, high odds games are risky. As a rule in esports betting (and any other betting for that matter), the higher the odds, the more the likelihood of losing out. Thus, you need to choose between making huge winnings and keeping your bonus. But if you have a large appetite for risk, go for the high and risky odds.

Avoid Emotions and Sentiments

This tip should be a general betting tip, but it becomes more important in this context because you are trying to get the best from a meager bonus. After winning the Thunderpick Sign Up bonus, the next line of action should be making more money with the bonus. This means that you have to stake the bonus in a game.

While staking the bonus, you need to avoid emotions and sentiments. Almost every esports punter has a favorite team or player. But your favorite players may not be the best or most favored to win. Therefore, you should avoid making betting decisions based on your preference for a team or player. Rather, you should focus on the best or most favored team to win and stake on them. This is how you can make the most out of the welcome bonus won.

Time is of the Essence

This tip is true for almost all types of betting bonuses offered by bookmakers in the esports betting industry. These bonuses are time-constrained, meaning that if you do not claim them or use them within a certain time frame, you will lose the bonus forever.

The timeframe given for these bonuses usually differs. Some bookmakers provide a grace of 30 days or 60 days for punters to take advantage of these bonuses. While the time provided differs, indeed, the time limits are relatively long enough to allow punters to use the bonus. It would be surprising if you cannot claim your bonus credit within 30 days.

Don’t Forget the Promo Code

Promo codes are important aspects of betting bonuses. Most esports betting bonuses come with promo codes, without which one cannot claim the bonus. The Thunderpick Sign Up Offer is one of such bonuses. Without the promo code, you cannot claim the bonus. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you do not forget the promo code.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bonus

Are there payment restrictions with the bonus?

As popular with most bonuses that have to do with deposits, you need to make the deposit that qualifies you for the bonus through a certain payment method. The failure to use this payment method may lead to you not getting the bonus. This is why it is important to pay attention to the allowable payment methods for the bonus.

For the Thunderpick welcome bonus, punters should deposit and play via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, tether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin. This means that you can use any of the acceptable crypto payments to make your first deposit, qualifying you for the 5% bonus credit. The same rule applies to the withdrawal of the bonus or its winnings. They can be made through any method.

Is there a minimum allowable deposit amount that qualifies me for the bonus?

Again, it is important to know the minimum allowable deposit that qualifies one for the bonus. This is a common feature with deposit bonuses. As such, the failure to deposit a certain amount of money as an initial deposit makes a punter lose out on the bonus.

However, when it comes to the Thunderpick sign-up bonus, the minumum deposit is incredibly low — just €1.

It is, however, important to state that the higher the initial deposit the more the bonus you get. Remember that the bonus is in percentage (5%), only those who deposit as much as $10,000 can get the highest bonus of $500.

What happens to the bonus if I don’t use it before the stated time limit?

The time limit attached to a bonus is as important as the bonus itself. If you wish to take advantage of any betting bonus, it is in your best interest to consider the time limit given for the bonus. With the Thunderpick welcome bonus, the same rule applies. If you fail to use the bonus within a stipulated time frame, you will lose the bonus.

Is there a wagering condition for the Thunderpick Sign up bonus?

It is a tradition in the betting industry to have certain conditions surrounding the usage and withdrawal of betting bonuses. Even if a punter gets the bonus, as long as he/she fails to comply with these conditions, they will not be able to use or withdraw the bonus. These conditions are known as wagering conditions and are different from a bookmaker to another.

There is a 200% wagering requirement associated with this bonus. You can use the bonus to place a bet on any game with any odds, and once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements aforementioned, you will be able to withdraw winnings made from the bet.

Is there a promo code for the bonus?

Promo codes are a string of characters that betting sites give their customers to claim some bonuses. In some cases, punters will not be able to access the bonus without using the promo codes. And in some other cases, the promo code is not that important.

For the Thunderpick Esports sign-up bonus, there is a promo code and it is very important. The promo code, as stated by Thunderpick, is WELCOME, and the failure to use it may lead to the forfeiture of the bonus. However, you may find different promo codes on affiliate websites and review pages.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Apart from the sign-up bonus, Thunderpick has other reward programs for its users. This means that after getting the 5% deposit credit, you stand a chance of winning so much more on Thunderpick. We will discuss some of these reward programs in this section.

The first additional reward program is the Daily Giveaway. This reward is for punters who bet regularly on Thunderpick. As they play more, they get points. The higher the points, the more the chances of winning the daily giveaway where you can win as much as $150 daily.

The second reward program is the Thunderpick Race. In this program, punters can join a total of 25 contestants in a race competition and the winner of the race wins marvelous prizes.

Lastly is the VIP club program. This reward program is designed for long-lasting and highest betting punters on Thunderpick. After you might have played for some time and bet a considerable amount of money over time on Thunderpick, you can get an exclusive invite to join the VIP club. The VIP club holds a lot of benefits which include bonuses and premium experience. Some of the benefits of the VIP club include withdrawal priority meaning that your withdrawal requests will be attended to before others, and great prizes. Others include higher betting limits, zero fees, and higher withdrawal limits, which means that you can withdraw more than an average user will in a single request.

Thunderpick Casino Bonus


Apart from the Esports betting business, Thunderpick also caters to the needs of casino lovers to offer casino betting services. and similarly to the Esports part, Thunderpick offers a welcome bonus to its casino players. This bonus qualifies the casino punters to a 5% bonus on their first deposit after signing up. This bonus can go as high as $500, meaning that the highest you can deposit for the bonus is $10,000.

Reality Test

Getting the Thunderpick Casino welcome bonus is a simple and straightforward process. It involves two major steps, which are, creating a casino betting account with Thunderpick and making the first deposit.

To start with the first step, you need to log on to the betting site. Click on sign up and fill out all the information fields available. You need to ascertain that you are at least 18 years of age. You will also need to accept all the terms and conditions of the betting sites.

After creating the account, you can then proceed to make the deposit. You can deposit via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, tether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin. After making the deposit, enter the promo code and you will get the 5% bonus.

Remember the 200% wagering requirements - you'll need to fulfil those requirements before withdrawing any winnings.

Bonus withdrawal

Withdrawing the bonus is as easy as getting it in the first place. While you cannot withdraw the bonus alone, you can wager it on any slot of your choice. If you make any winnings from the slot, you can then withdraw the winnings into your bank account — after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

Despite the ease with which you can get and withdraw the Thunderpick Casino welcome bonus, there are certain things you should bear in mind when claiming the bonus. These things will help you avoid the mistake that most punters make when it comes to claiming the bonus.

The first pitfall that you should avoid is the one with time limits. You don’t want to be caught with the bonus unused when its expiration time comes. Therefore, ensure that you use the bonus as soon as you can.

You should also not forget to use the promo code for the bonus. This is the only way to guarantee that you will get the bonus after making your first deposit. failure to use the promo code will lead to the forfeiture of the bonus.

These are the pitfalls that you should avoid when claiming the Thunderpick casino welcome bonus.

Conclusion/Verdict on bonus

The Thunderpick casino welcome bonus is an interesting way for punters to get more when they create a casino betting account on Thunderpick. It is easy to get and withdraw and helps with the punters’ betting bankroll.

Overall Conclusion/Verdict

Thunderpick is a crypto betting site that is dedicated to providing an awesome esports betting experience to punters. Although it is a newcomer in the industry, it follows the footsteps of industry leaders by offering a welcome bonus to new users signing up on the betting site.

The bonus gives punters a 5% bonus on their initial deposit and this bonus has a minimum deposit of just €1. The bonus is a great way to get punters started on Thunderpick and help their betting bankroll.

User Reviews for Thunderpick Bonus

4.2/5 – 5 User Reviews
  1. Good Bonus

    Thumbs up for the bonuses on this site. Easy to user and a great reward

  2. Take your pick

    Good bonus offers from Thunderpick actually. Multiple offers, aimed at different kinds of players. Really like that fact!

  3. Superb

    Good quality betting platform. Great offers and games. I check back often to see whats new and interesting.

  4. Get wagering

    Get the top quality bonuses on offer here, wager, and make some proper cash!

  5. Hundreds of games

    You can't go wrong with many games to choose from. This is one feature that i liked the most about thunderpick


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