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Esports Betting / Golden Hearts Games Bonus Code

Golden Hearts Games Promo Code & Sign Up Bonus 2023: Claim 2k Free Coins

A heart of Gold: Redeem your sensational Golden Hearts Games Welcome Bonus now!

Social Casino
Golden Hearts Games Social Casino
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Golden Hearts Games Social Casino Bonus
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golden hearts games bonusGolden Hearts Games is an innovative social casino that lets you help your favorite charity while enjoying social gaming. And we’ve got news of an exciting Golden Hearts Games sign up offer.

Join us as we explore what  you can get, how you go about claiming it, and whether you need a Golden Hearts Games promo code. We’ve got some invaluable advice to help you stay safe when wagering online too, as well as tips to help you make the most of every bonus offer that comes your way.

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Last Updated on 27/03/2023
Fact checked by: Sophie McCarthy

Intro to bonus offers - What is the introductory bonus at Golden Hearts Games?

Online  sportsbooks and casinos have come up with an array of tempting offers that they hope will encourage people to sign up and give them a try. If you’re wagering with real cash you can expect to benefit from deposit match bonuses, risk-free first bets and free spins galore! These offers can double your starting bankroll in some cases, so they’re definitely worth having, even if they come with stringent wagering requirements.

Social casino bonuses

When you sign up to a social casino site you won’t be wagering with real money. So where does that leave you when it comes to an introductory promotional offer? We all enjoy a freebie from time to time, so social casinos have come up with the idea of offering introductory virtual coin bonuses. These coins can be used to play social casino games, just as if you were playing with real cash.

Whether you want to sign up to a real-money casino or a social one, we’ve got all the introductory bonus details you need to know about, right here on our site. Whether it’s the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer, or the sign up offer, we’ve got the full details, along with information about any bonus codes you need to input as you sign up.

But since this article is about the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer, let’s check out what the operator is giving away. Unlike most social casinos, this operator works on the basis of donating to charitable causes, rewarding you with Golden Heart virtual coins when you make your first donation. And as an introductory bonus, Golden Hearts Games will be matching your donation, 100%. How’s that for getting off to a flying start!

How to use the bonus - Here's how you claim the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer

You’re probably itching to know more about the incredibly generous Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus, so here’s how you get started. Follow our links to the Golden Hearts Games website, and click or tap on the Register button, which is located to the top right-hand corner of the page.

Now you’ll be invited to sign in using your Facebook account, or there’s an option to use your email address, if you prefer. It’s worth noting that connecting your social casino account to your social media channels will always give you the best experience, but it’s certainly not essential for playing the games, having fun and hopefully winning some cash prizes too!

After confirming that you’re over the age of 18 and legally permitted to wager, you’ll be invited to make your first donation. Our comprehensive Golden Hearts Games reviews tell you everything you need to know about depositing and withdrawing, although you won’t be playing with real cash. Your donation is divided up between the operator, your favorite charity and the player prize fund. Meanwhile, you’ll be issued with a number of Bingo cards and an amount of Golden Heart virtual coins, based on your donation.

Now you can use your Golden Hearts to play slots, table games and scratchcards across the site, or you can purchase additional Bingo cards, if you prefer. Winning games results in real cash prizes, which you can withdraw and spend as you wish. And thanks to the Golden Hearts Games sign up promo, you’ll have double the chances to win real dollars from your gameplay!

Top 5 expert tips - Five reasons to take advantage of the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer

There’s no risk involved

In order to claim the Golden Hearts Games bonus, you first need to make a charitable donation. But you won’t be gambling with that money, so it’s never put at risk – the operator is very clear about how it divides up funds, none of which are wagered at any point. You’ll be playing all of the games with virtual currency, so your own money is never put at risk

You can win real cash prizes!

Claim the Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus, and you’ll receive double the usual amount of Golden Heart coins, all of which can be used to land real cash prizes. That gives you double the winning potential right from the outset, and what’s not to love about that?

It’s not really gambling

If you’re not putting up something of value to be in with the chance of winning something of value, then it doesn’t really count as gambling. That means you can enjoy playing games, socializing and even get the chance to win cash prizes, but without taking part in any gambling activity that would compromise your moral or religious beliefs.

You learn how to play casino games

Stepping into an actual casino – even an online one – can be nerve racking if it’s a world that’s unfamiliar to you, but social casinos are much more welcoming. There’s a community vibe to them, so it doesn’t feel as though you’re entering an artificial world. You can hone your slots and table game skills without risking your own funds, in a safe, community-spirited environment.

You’ll be donating to charity

The Golden Hearts Games bonus is the only introductory promotion that rewards you for donating to charity. In fact, Golden Hearts Games is currently the only charitable social casino in the world, so it’s definitely the place to be if you want to do good while enjoying fun gameplay.

Frequently asked questions - About the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer

Can I withdraw my Golden Hearts Games bonus?

No, the bonus is awarded in Golden Heart virtual currency and has no actual cash value.

Can I win real cash from using the Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus

Yes you can! Although you’ll play games using Golden Hearts coins, which have no cash value, real money prizes are available, worth up to $2,500 in some cases!

Do donations really go to charity?

Yes, shortly after making a donation at Golden Hearts Games, you’ll receive an email receipt for your 100% IRS-compliant donation.

Do I have to make a charitable donation to receive Golden Hearts virtual coins?

No, visit the site’s Help Center to find out how to apply for Golden Hearts via the US postal service, with no donations required.

Can I transfer my Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus to another player?

No, Golden Heart coins are not transferable.

Additional rewards - How to add extra value to your Golden Hearts Games experience

As the world’s first charitable social casino, Golden Hearts Games doesn't offer any loyalty or rewards schemes. After all, you won’t be playing any games using real cash, so there’s no great need for the usual promotions you’d find at an online casino or sportsbook.

But regular players at Golden Hearts Games can gain an advantage by signing up to a subscription package. By making regular donations you’ll ensure you always have a handy stack of Golden Hearts coins – and you’ll be contributing to a cause you’re passionate about at the same time!

Golden Hearts Games Bingo Bonus

Bonus intro - Playing Bingo using the Golden Hearts Games bonus

Bingo fans will be delighted to discover that there’s double the fun when claiming the Golden Hearts Games bonus. Not only will you receive a selection of Bingo cards, but there’s the option to purchase even more using your bonus Golden Hearts coins!

Reality test - How the Golden Hearts Bingo bonus works

As we’ve explained, when you sign up to Golden Hearts Games and make your first charitable donation, the site will match it 100%. The amount you donate determines the amount of Golden Hearts coins that arrive in your account balance – and they’ll be doubled, thanks to the generous introductory bonus offer.

But your donation will also give you a number of Bingo cards to use as you wish, on any of the site’s Bingo games. And with a new game starting every ten minutes around the clock, that gives you access to an incredible 144 Bingo games every single day!

You can also use your Golden Hearts coins to purchase additional Bingo cards, although these can only be used for one specific game. But it gives you even more chances to try your luck at winning the $250 that’s on offer with every single Bingo game!

Bonus withdrawal - Withdrawing your bonus at Golden Hearts Games Bingo

You can’t withdraw the Golden Hearts Games bonus, as it’s in the form of virtual currency. But you can most certainly withdraw any cash prizes that you win! Withdrawals can be requested at any time, and there’s no charge if there’s $50 or more in your balance. You can withdraw in one of three ways:

  • PayPal
  • ACH transfer
  • Paper check

PayPal withdrawals are the fastest, with funds usually arriving into your account within 2-3 business days. Paper checks take much longer, as they are only mailed out every other Friday.

Pitfalls - Points to be aware of when using the Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus

Don’t be tempted to donate more than you can comfortably afford, in an attempt to generate a bigger bonus. Although there are cash prizes on offer, there are no guarantees that you’ll be lucky, so never assume that a win is coming your way!

If you use your Golden Hearts bonus coins to purchase Bingo cards, make sure you use them for the game they’re assigned to. You won’t be able to  claim a refund if forget to use a card, so keep a tight control over your gameplay.

Verdict on bonus - Our verdict on the Golden Hearts Games bonus

We don’t think any Bingo fans will be finding fault with the Golden Hearts Games bonus. You’ll receive twice the opportunities to enjoy playing Bingo, and thanks to the way the Golden Heart virtual currency operates, you even get the chance to purchase additional Bingo games. With games starting every 10 minutes throughout every day and night, there are endless opportunities to use your bonus and hopefully achieve a winning result!

Golden Hearts Games Social Casino Bonus

Bonus intro - Checking out the Golden Hearts Games bonus

Social casinos tend to offer a generous amount of virtual coins when you sign up and create an account, but you don’t usually have to deposit any actual cash. That’s not quite the case at Golden Hearts Games, since you start by making a charitable donation. But once that’s done, you’ll receive double the virtual coins to play the online games with – and there are real cash prizes up for grabs!

Reality test - How to use the Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus

The first thing you need to do, even before signing up and making your first donation at Golden Hearts Games, is to decide which charity you want to support. The site offers its own search page which allows you to select from thousands of options, all US public charities recognized by the IRS. And in the unlikely event that your charity isn’t listed, the customer support team are always prepared to consider new additions.

You can connect to the site using your Facebook account, or sign up using email if you prefer. Just be sure to check whether we’re offering any special Golden Hearts Games bonus codes first, to see if we could boost your virtual coin balance even further. Now it’s time to make your deposit, receive your emailed IRS-compliant charitable donation receipt and wait for your Golden Hearts virtual coins to land in your account.

The amount of virtual coins you’ll receive will be doubled, thanks to Golden Hearts Games, so you’ll have twice the fun – as well as twice the opportunities to land yourself real cash prizes!

Bonus withdrawal - How to withdraw bonus winnings at Golden Hearts Games

As long as you have at least $1 in your Golden Hearts Games account then you can request a withdrawal. If your balance is $50 or more then there’s no withdrawal fee, but a small charge is made for balances between $1 - $50.:

Withdrawal requests are processed within normal business hours, Eastern Time. The preferred option is PayPal, with funds taking around 2 days to land in your account. ACH transfers take up to five business days to clear. The site also offers the option to have a paper check sent via the US postal service, but this takes considerably longer – up to two weeks, in somce cases.

Pitfalls - Make the most of the Golden Hearts Games bonus

You won’t be playing with real money at Golden Hearts Games, so you’ll likely feel temp[ed to bet large, in the hope of attracting bigger cash prizes. But as all successful bettors know, maximizing the reach of your available bankroll is of paramount importance.

Divide up your balance to provide you with as many gaming opportunities as possible. You’ll get more entertainment, as well as more potential winning opportunities. It’s a tip that will stand you in good stead if you ever decide to wager real money at some point in the future too!

Verdict on bonus - Is the Golden Hearts bonus legit?

We’ve explored the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer from every angle, and we’re happy to report that it’s completely as stated by the operator. Make your first donation to the charity of your choice, and your initial account balance of Golden Heart virtual currency will be doubled.

Spin the reels of your favorite slots, try your luck at video poker and maybe explore a scratchcard or two. With real cash prizes worth up to $2,500 up for grabs, why wouldn’t you want to give this charity social casino a try?

Social Casino Bonus
Golden Hearts Games
Social Casino Bonus
Join GOLDEN2000 for 2,000 FREE coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Overall conclusion - Our verdict on the Golden Hearts Games sign up offer

Until recently, nobody had come up with the idea of creating a social online casino where players could have fun, join a community of like-minded people and enjoy playing their favorite games together. And now Golden Hearts Games has upped the ante by creating a charitable social casino with a generous sign up offer.

There’s really no competition for Golden Hearts Games, as no other site offers the opportunity to donate to charity, play games and win real cash prizes. It’s a notion that’s hard to find fault with, so we can highly recommend you investigate this offer. It could just be the igaming option you never knew you needed!

Golden Hearts Games sign up offer FAQ

🎰 Is there a Golden Hearts Games sign up bonus?

Here at, we’ve got the complete details of all the reputable online social casinos, including information about their welcome bonus offers. Come and find out whether Golden Hearts Games made it onto our list – and if so, what kind of introductory bonus you can expect. You need to see this!

❓ Is the Golden Hearts Games bonus right for me?

There are new social casinos launching just about every week, and here at, we’re on a mission to sort out the cream of the crop. Come and find out what we have to say about Golden Hearts Games and see what’s available when you sign up as anew member. We’ve got the full details you need to know!

✋ Is the Golden Hearts Games welcome bonus genuine?

Here at, we zero in on the information you need to know, thanks to our insightful operator reviews and bonus comparisons. Whether you want to know about the Golden Hearts Games bonus, or you’re looking for the very best social casino apps, we can help. Come and take a look!

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Social Casino
Golden Hearts Games Social Casino
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Golden Hearts Games Social Casino Bonus
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T&Cs apply, 18+
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Join GOLDEN2000 for 2,000 FREE coins
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