Everything You Need to Know About Deposit Methods for Esports Betting in 2021

It isn't news that one of the greatest activities that make esports interesting is the ability to stake money and make huge wins on your favorite sports. However, players often have trouble deciding which is the best among numerous esports betting deposit methods.

Finding the best payment method shouldn't be a problem for you if you pay attention to the most important factors, such as security, anonymity, convenience, deposit time, and customer service. Find out more below.

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Available Payment Methods

There are indeed a variety of payment methods to choose from. To mention;

  • Paypal
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • Online bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Trustly
  • Entropay
  • Paysafe Cards
  • Insta debit
  • Web money
  • Prepaid cards, such as Revolut
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin

Most Popular Payment Methods

The variety of payment methods often scare first-time betters, especially when it involves staking a huge amount of money. It is understandable to have doubts regarding the safety of your money when involving in esports or other online betting. Many factors, ranging from fear of illegitimacy to a probability of the payment provider crashing are part of what fuel this insecurity.

However, be rest assured that the betting system is organized and has attached to it, protocols to ensure the safety of your stakes. Each betting site is duly registered and licensed under laws guiding specific jurisdictions. Employ a payment method you are adequately familiar with. MasterCard and PayPal are examples of widely recognized payment methods and if it makes you comfortable, opt for one of them.

The first step to dealing with safe methods would be to go through our reviews. We have highlighted the top rate operators and payment methods that guarantee you the essential factors for keeping your information and money safe.

Average Time for Deposits and Payments

Oftentimes, we extend the zeal that accompanies sports betting and payments deposit to withdrawals, and the failure to meet our expectations dampens the excitement. Other times, we want a swift and precise withdrawal and end up being disappointed when we do not get what we have planned out. However, the average time limit for deposits and withdrawals depends largely on the payment method we employ.

Some methods like debit and credit cards, bank transfer, Skrill, and Neteller operate instant deposit while bank transfer method often takes 2-3 days to validate a deposit. In the same vein, while Neteller takes 1-2 days to validate withdrawal, bank transfer takes longer with a duration of 5-7 days. Be that as it may, it is important that you confirm the criteria surrounding the payment process you're choosing to avoid disappointment and to be sure when there's an excessive delay that should make you call for alarm.

Payments Method Validation Requirements 

Esports betting is an organized activity that does not just happen. Hence, upon signing into a payment provider site, you are required to make available, details for validating your account. That is, in most cases, there are security checks that require validation to proceed on to required actions. These validations are to ensure the security of your stakes and winnings to eliminate possible risks of missing payments.

They are also done to ensure that international banking standards are upheld, follow directives given for age specification, and most importantly, evade fraudulent activities. The requirements for payments verification, whether it involves esports betting deposit methods or esports betting withdrawal methods include a valid means of identification housing information about your age and address. Some providers require that you present proof of ownership of used payment and a valid license.

For payment providers like Bet365, this process of validation is tagged "know your customer" and it usually entails providing your log-in details on the site before following the step by step procedures which comprises making available the aforementioned documents. It is of high importance to provide the required passwords in their correct forms. Some providers, however, require that you first fill out forms manually before proceeding with the online validation process, but this happens less than often as most payment providers practice instant e-validation processes.

Operator with the Fastest Payment Handling

If you're on a hunt for the fastest payment handling operator, you might want to consider using Betway. This site comes highly recommended because it deals with a lot of payment methods from different categories, including cards, and eWallets, such as Klarna and ecopayz. Furthermore, making deposits through this site invariably means that your transactions are instant while withdrawals take a minimum of 24 hours. With payment methods like credit and debit cards, your withdrawals can be processed within the span of 1 to 5 working days and 2 to 24 hours for web portfolios.

Payments Method FAQ

  • Do I Need to Use the Same Deposit and Withdrawal of Method?

It is possible to align the esports betting withdrawal method with your deposit method. However, it isn't mandatory. There might be restrictions as some methods only perform deposit duties and not withdrawal. Also, some methods such as PayPal can only be used for withdrawal if you deposited with them. Consider using methods that best suit your needs.

  • Is it safe to give out my card details to an online operator?

The whole process of esports and ebetting rests to a large extent on online transactions, especially when adopting a payment method that deals with your card. It is important to be very careful and take necessary precautions as there are plenty of fraudulent activities reported frequently. eWallets are safer since they don’t require any banking details for your transaction to be processed. You must confirm the legitimacy of your operator as well as do a quick sweep on its payment review. Ensure you give out only necessary information and use the right site to avoid filling in your details on the wrong platform.

  • What payment method will get me a bonus?

There are a variety of payment methods to choose from while bonus hunting. While you're searching for bonuses, you should consider a payment method with the lowest fees. Many payment methods are restricted and not always supported by all betting sites. Hence, search for betting sites with available methods that offer low costs. However, there are available lots of bonus offers, especially for fresh bettors on different sites. Ensure you make the right research to understand the terms and conditions before clicking on that signup icon.

  • Why does an operator block my account?

There are plenty of reasons why an operator might decide to block an existing account. Sometimes, it could be when disallowed activities are detected on your account. A licensed operator wants to follow laid down rules, hence giving no room for violations. Your account could also be blocked if you fail to complete the validation process or you give out wrong information while undergoing validation. Other times, your account could be blocked if you're underage or there is a breach in security detected. Hence, it is important to avoid multiple logins at the same time. Either way, when you encounter this challenge, report the situation to the operator site and wait for further instructions.

  • Does my payment method affect the outcome of my stake

Your payment method is concerned with deposits and withdrawal, independent of the stakes and odds you've made. The results of your bet will play out irrespective of the payment pattern you choose to adopt.

What to Consider When Making Esports Betting Payments

When making betting payment method choices, there are certain factors to consider to make the right ones evade regrets in the future.


The diversity in esports betting payments method makes it possible to pick that which best suits your style. If you do not like disclosing your bank details, adopt e-wallet methods like PayPal and Skrill and if you'd rather make payments through digital currency, you should consider cryptocurrency. Hence, it's important to choose the best esports betting withdrawal method and deposit system that is convenient for you.

Deposit bonuses

This is a major tool often adopted by sites to attract bettors. The term "bonus" works like a charm at commanding the attention of bettors, hence there is usually a long listing of bonuses attached to various payment methods. Upon deposit with the right payment method, your account immediately has a bright outlook, thanks to available bonuses.

Customer services

This is one of the most important factors to look out for. Choosing a payment method with superb customer services ensures that in case of any setback, you are guaranteed a useful response when your complaints are made. Problems like delays in withdrawal are often quickly fixed with the right customer service.


A major factor to consider while choosing a payment method is security. Before giving out important information, ensure that you make research on how well your details are safeguarded because you do not want to lose your money and vital information to fraudsters who could easily manipulate them.

Deposit time

A major killjoy of esports betting is slow deposits and withdrawal processes. Carefully compare the specified time allocated to each transaction by a payment method before settling for which you would like to work.

What Is the Best Esports Betting Deposit Method?

It is not just enough to know the different payment methods but also, how well they work with payment providers. Here's a list of some of the most popular payment methods and why they thrive in the betting industry.


This payment method's reputation precedes it as it is one of the most widely used channels. One of its attributes is that it pays special attention to matters of security, encrypting all your details and making you anonymous as you perform all transactions. It works well with a variety of providers making it one of the most accessible payment methods.

Credit and Debit Cards

The card transaction system is nothing we're unfamiliar with as it operates in like manners as making payments for your groceries. This is an instant esports betting deposit method and payments made are almost immediately reflected in your bank accounts. One advantage of this method is its availability to almost all payment providers and it is easier to make withdrawals.

Bank Transfer

This is one of the oldest and traditional means of funding your betting account. Its procedure, although slower, is one of the most secured sources of esports betting deposit method. The swiftness of its services depends on your jurisdiction, sometimes taking 2-3 days. However, it has the added advantage of being cost-effective compared to other instant payment methods.


With the rapid spread in the use of crypto coins in recent times, it is highly expected that we should be able to spend some of our crypto savings on esports betting. However, like the other payment methods, not all operators accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Be that as it may, the constant instability surrounding this form of banking requires that you know the right moment to make transactions. This means that your winning does not only depend on stakes and results but also on the crypto market.


If you have difficulties sharing bank information with the internet, then you should consider using Neteller as your esports betting deposit method. This payment method simply acts as a wallet for storing up money you might need to make necessary deposits. It covers a wide area and is used frequently by bettors


The ability of this platform to perform its necessary payment duties without giving out excessive details places it at an advantage. This is coupled with the fact that it serves as a digital wallet at your disposal, often used in making betting deposit payments.

Responsible Esports Betting

Esports betting deposit methods often come with a lot of responsibilities, hence the directive that only legal persons above the age of 18 (or 21 in some places) should indulge in the act. As tempting and fun as it appears to be, a lot of people abuse the whole concept and end up making outrageous wagers, hoping to produce unrealistic results.

One of the reasons lots of people are reluctant to participate in esports betting is the effect it often has on people who are termed addictive. That is, going to a bizarre extent to accomplish their set quest of possibly becoming multi-millionaires within a short period. One of the cons of esports betting is that people tend to lose a lot of money, just as they make tons of it.

It is the simple way of life and not everybody can be winners. Hence, it is pertinent that one makes proper findings before proceeding to make deposits on specific wagers and if possible make a budget that shouldn't be exceeded as you progress. However, it isn't unusual and hazardous to return more than a couple of times, sometimes raising your stake.

Furthermore, it is important to note that to get the most out of esports betting, you should identify with the basic strategies usually employed.

Why you should consider Esports betting

Betting seems to have evolved, improving over the preceding decades. In the same light, the number of people involved in this activity seems to increase every day and with the figures going higher, its goody bag also appears to have become more mouthwatering. Here are some of the benefits of making esports betting deposits in 2021.

Firstly, you probably already enjoy esports, no matter the category you find interesting, there is always a pull towards that favorite sport. The pull becomes stronger when you make money off your most relaxing leisure activity and your confidence in certain teams and players becomes heightened. Hence, you could make some money while enjoying your favorite sport with friends, over a bottle of beer.

With a constant upgrade, esports betting methods have been made easier than they used to be. There appears a variety of payment methods to help make the esports betting withdrawal method less tasking on the bettor. Hence, with the stress of manual betting evaded, you can make payments using your credit cards or even cryptocurrency and expect to see the outcome of your stake while still in the moment of adrenaline rush. There are little or no restrictions while you decide from a truckload of options the best sites, payment methods, and operators that suit your needs.

Esports betting deposits offer an alternative source of earning money and there are testimonies of people hitting the jackpot and making big winnings on esports betting. However, esports betting is in fact, a source of income. Whether your winnings are small or huge.


From the above premises, we can deduce that a majority of the ideologies restricting participation in esports betting deposits are misguided misconceptions. Esports payment transaction processes, whether for making deposits or while indulging in esports betting withdrawal methods are legitimate and well secured to render the best services. The availability of a variety of payment methods creates room for choices that best suits you if you make the right ones. Hence, you should key into the various factors to consider before making your final selection.

Finally, endeavor to pay attention to payment methods that align with your selected operator to suit your requirements as your payment method once validated, is a determining factor for making deposits and withdrawals.

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