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VCT Pacific Pre-Show: DRX lifts the Gwangju Esports Series Asia trophy
VCT Pacific Pre-Show: DRX lifts the Gwangju Esports Series Asia trophy
The Gwangju Esports Series Asia tournament gave us a pre-show of VCT Pacific 2023. Featuring DRX Valorant, Talon Esports, ZETA Esports and Gen.G Valorant, the tournament was played over the weekend on LAN at Gwangju Esports Centre, Chosun University, Gwangju. The total prize pool of the tournament was 20,000,000 KRW. Gwangju Esports Series Asia Matches: With the tournament being part of the Official VCT OFF//Season, the invitees were part of VCT Pacific 2023. The tournament was the debut of GenG<span class="read-more">more</span>
Ganesh Jadhav
How to Valorant: Breaking down the tech of controller Astra
Amongst those hallowed few in the VALORANT protocol, few are as powerful as the queen of the cosmos. Codenamed Astra, the second newest controller released by Riot for their tactical FPS, Valorant. Making use of manipulated stars, she controls the battlefield through innovate power. This is a guide to the agent who changed the game.   Abilities Breakdown Much like every other agent, Astra has four abilities available to her. Unlike every other agent, that is where the similarity stops.<span class="read-more">more</span>
Foo Zen-Wen
Valorant Console: Is Valorant coming to Console?
After the Valorant Mobile in Alpha testing, Riot has started exploring options for Valorant Console. Riot has already posted an opening for Design Engineers to tackle the Valorant mechanics on the console. Along with the console design team, Valorant is actively looking for mobile developers. This is to ensure the Valorant mobile starts with a bang. Multi-platform Valorant - A not-so-distant future: Valorant is already catering to a wider variety of audiences. With its initiatives to promote multiple facets of<span class="read-more">more</span>
Ganesh Jadhav
How to Valorant: Understanding Fade as an Initiator
Joining the Valorant protocol as the twentieth agent, Fade took the Valorant world by storm. The first Realm agent to join the protocol, Fade, was introduced to the game as an enemy but joined the protocol after persuasion. As initiator, Fade took over the game after its launch, becoming the most used initiator, taking over Sova. As a radiant hailing from Turkey, Fade's powers revolve around Nightmare and Fear in the lore and translate into the game as sensory-dampening abilities. <span class="read-more">more</span>
Ganesh Jadhav
It’s Time: Misfits Black set to part ways with star player ‘florescent’
In a move not that unsurprising, North American organization Misfits is set to part ways with Ava “florescent” Eugene. The star player has made a name for herself as one of the most hyped talents to come from the region. Despite her young age, she has already demonstrated remarkable talent and potential. In one of her latest series, viewers were treated to “florescent” dropping over a hundred kills across the Bo5 series against Shopify Rebellion. Despite that, Misfits Black narrowly<span class="read-more">more</span>
Foo Zen-Wen
#GOBLEED: BLEED win the Skyesports SEA Championship 2022
The Skyesports SEA championship 2022 concluded today, with BLEED claiming the trophy. Facing Made in Thailand in the finals, BLEED won the series 3-1 after losing the first match. BLEED won a total prize of $15,000.    Skyesports SEA Championship 2022 Quarterfinals: The playoffs of the Skyesports SEA Championship featured four teams in total. These teams were BLEED, Made in Thailand, God Squad, and Velocity gaming. The opening matches featured BLEED taking on God Squad and Made in Thailand taking<span class="read-more">more</span>
Ganesh Jadhav
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