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G2 vs Na’Vi: An Epic Rematch at IEM Katowice
G2 vs Na’Vi: An Epic Rematch at IEM Katowice
G2 Esports went to IEM Katowice as one of the favorites and so far, they’ve delivered exactly what they were expected to deliver: amazing performances against some of the world’s best teams. But Natus Vincere were certainly not expected to be as dominant as they have been. Their new roster member, Andrij “npl” Kukharsjkyj, is very young and has almost no experience at the highest level of Counter-Strike. However, Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev took a liking to him and said that<span class="read-more">more</span>
Radu Muresan
NA in Lower Brackets: IEM Katowice 2023 Day 5 - Group B Recap
Katowice day 5 brought the remainder of the matches from Group B, with Outsiders taking on Fnatic, and Heroic taking on Complexity. Game 1: Outsiders vs Fnatic Outsiders and Fnatic went through a grueling 3 map ordeal to avoid going into the lower bracket. Vertigo was picked by Fnatic, where they made the most of their pick. They ended the first half 12-3, including a 1v3 clutch from FASHR in round 13. However, Outsiders did not take this kindly, as<span class="read-more">more</span>
Kaustavmani Choudhury
G2 Conquer Faze: IEM Katowice 2023 Group A - Day 5 Recap
Katowice Day 5 brought us the remainder of the Group A games, and also saw 2 teams getting eliminated from the tournament. Group A: Upper Bracket Game 1: Faze vs G2 In what can only be described as the highlight match of the day, G2 took on former champions Faze in a commanding way. First map was Nuke, where G2 took an early lead in the first half, and maintained it to end the half 9-6. Faze managed to equalize<span class="read-more">more</span>
Kaustavmani Choudhury
JMR Luna steps down as CEO of OG Esports
OG Esports, one of the biggest esports organizations, announced major news regarding its management. The organization’s current CEO (Chief Executive Officer) JMR Luna has officially stepped down from the role, making the position vacant. Luna’s contribution to OG Before taking his position in OG, Luna was the Head of Content at Evil Geniuses, he was also the Vice President Of Content and Production at Immortals Gaming Club. He also took a step back from the esports scene to pursue his<span class="read-more">more</span>
NaVi shut down Cloud9: IEM Katowice 2023 Day 4 Recap
Day 4 of IEM Katowice was quite eventful, as the teams from the Upper Brackets of Groups A and B took each other on. Group A: Game 1: NaVi vs Cloud9: NaVi absolutely dominated Cloud9, taking the series 2-0. First map was Ancient, where Cloud9 put up quite a fight, but NaVi took the win 16-13. Second map was Inferno, where NaVi coasted through. They won the map 16-6. Electronic, b1t and s1mple had a stellar game with 42, 41,<span class="read-more">more</span>
Kaustavmani Choudhury
dev1ce 's Climb Back to Form: A Statistical Performance Review
With the closure of Blast Premier Spring Groups, the eyes of many fans were glued to one particular Danish superstar. Dev1ce had been on a long break, citing mental health issues, after his move to Ninjas In Pyjamas. Finally, the Dane decided to move back to his home in Astralis. This Blast tournament, even though a qualifier, was the first major or S-tier tournament played by Astralis with dev1ce in the active roster. Many fans were curious to see how<span class="read-more">more</span>
Kaustavmani Choudhury
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What is Counter-Strike?

With over 20 years of competitive play, Counter-Strike is one of the most well-known and recognised first-person shooters in the world. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is the latest version of the game and is played professionally in major tournaments around the world.

Counter-Strike is a series of first-person shooter video games that have had a tremendous impact on the gaming community, both on the multiplayer side and the esports scene. The explosive gameplay, fast-paced action and highly skilled players all combine to make this game something truly special.

Counter-Strike was released on Windows in 1999, and is the series' first game. It remains a fan favorite for nearly 20 years now.

It was initially released as a mod for Half-Life that was designed by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe before the rights Half-Life were acquired by Valve, who then transformed Counter-Strike into a retail product which was released in 2000.

How does it work?

Matches pit two teams of five against each other in a best-of-30 match. Essentially, in competitive play, players must purchase armour, and weapons, defuse or rescue kits, and manage their in-game economy to maximise their chance of success and hold an advantage over the opposing team. 

You start the game with $800, but you earn money by killing enemy players, planting bombs, and winning rounds. You then spend your money on better weapons and equipment so you can improve in future rounds. The first team to win 16 rounds will be the winner.

Why is Counter-Strike so popular?

The game has seen professional competitive play for the most part of a decade and over the years has matured into a fan-favourite eSport with a sprawling fan base. It's growth in popularity is attributed to fine-tuned gameplay mechanics, a ruthless ranking system, and an unparalleled field for balanced team-based combat.

How to play Counter-Strike

Counter-strike is dynamic, when compared to other popular multiplayer games like League of Legends and Smite. In CS:GO, roles aren't assigned, it's more about what type of play a team wants to run. Whether you're playing for your team, or defending a certain site, or you want to be your team's AWPer. Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists compete to score more points than their enemy by winning rounds. This is a simple but effective technique to ensure you are starting in the early game advantage.

Classical maps are more favoured to one side, so if you fall behind on one side, it's essential to not get distracted. To succeed, you'll need to work as a team, manage your economy, and make individual decisions that will benefit your team. Though the first point, team work, is the most important if you want to become a ranked CS:GO player.

How to improve your skills in Counter-Strike

Once you've got a feel for CS:GO, it's time to step up to the next level. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you move into ranked play:

Join gun-game servers to practice the full arsenal of weapons or join Deathmatch servers to get better at reaction fragging.

On Steam you can search for “Aim Training” and find many games and software applications that are focused at improving your aim. And you'll also have no need to spend a penny.1.

Your focus should be on learning and practicing the core weapons: AK-47, T and M4A4, CT. Focus on using these, then move on to the more advanced and specialist ones.

Check your ammo and don't get killed while reloading: One tip the game tells you early on is “it's faster to swap to your pistol than it is to reload”. if you're in a tight situation and low on bullets, remember that reloading is audible, and you might get pushed. You can also take advtange of this by reloading and cancelling it to lure players to you.

Get high quality headphones and listen to your surroundings: Sound is a core mechanic in CS:GO, being aware of how close players are to you and what weapons people are using is essential to your victory. Get familiar with these sounds and use them to your advantage.

Memorize the four common ranked maps: The four primary maps in CS:GO are; Mirage, Inferno, Dust 2, and Nuke. Study these maps one at a time, find spots that you can hide in, and see how the enemy attacks or defends bomb sites.

Communicate with your team: Corresponding with your team is vital. While you don't need to function as an in-game general, informing your team where enemy players are located can save your team valuable seconds and may be the difference between a round win or a loss.

Do not rush into ranked: CS:GO is a challenging nut to crack. Having existed for a long time, the game has many highly skilled players. Take the time to learn and familiarize yourself with the game before getting your feet wet.

Watch CS:GO Esports and learn from the pros: CS:GO has an array of professional talent that play for hours every day. You can watch pro events or players on Twitch to help you improve.

What platforms is Counter-Strike on?

Counter-Strike games can be purchased onSteam for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Versions for PlayStation and XBox consoles are available in their respective platform stores. You can play Counter-Strike Global Offensive on Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Is there a campaign in Counter-Strike?

A CSGO campaign is a collection of Missions, all linked to one another. Earn Mission Coins during Operations to upgrade your Operation Vanguard Challenge Coin. Complete Challenges to earn Mission Stars, which are used to upgrade your Operation Vanguard Challenge Coin.

Besides the multiplayer mode, it also included a single-player mode with a "full" campaign and bonus levels. The game received mixed reviews in contrast to its predecessor and was quickly followed with a further entry to the series titled Counter-Strike: Source.

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