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Welcome to our SugarHouse Bonus Code and Welcome Bonus review. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know in order to capitalize on these offers. We’ll even cover the small print to make sure you gamble responsibly.

Notably, SugarHouse is a self-titled “Casino4fun”, meaning that you WILL NOT be able to cash out. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! But, as the service offers virtual play money that periodically recuperates, it’s an excellent place to develop and experiment with Sugarhouse casino bonus strategies.

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Last Updated on 16/04/2024
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SugarHouse, like other popular bookmakers, offer a variety of promo codes, bonus offers and welcome bonuses. These are generally favored by punters as they offer new strategies and styles of play due to the ‘wagering terms’ that must be met in order to cash out.

SugarHouse, a physical casino that operates on North Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia, specializes in popular American and English sports, as well as providing the rest of the US with an online casino. Remember, you must be in the physical casino to redeem some bonuses.

ESports coverage is limited so if you’re looking to participate in eSports betting, you should check out Strafe’s current offers instead.

Is SugarHouse available in your state?

Check our table below to see if SugarHouse is available in your state and what state-exclusive promo code is available to start claiming their welcome offer today:


SugarHouse’s casino is home to a variety of punter’s favorite games, ranging from blackjack, poker, roulette and slots to more exotic variants such as “Sparkling Roses”. Their vast collection of virtual table games offers strong odds and engaging mechanics.

They’ve got excellent customer support and several deposit methods available for customers, as well as sports betting, so SugarHouse is stable and reliable for practice and fun!.

Concerning bonus offers, SugarHouse delivers free virtual credits every day, no deposit required. When you want to deposit, or “purchase virtual credits”, SugarHouse will deliver an additional 10% of the play money to your account:

All you’ve got to do is purchase Virtual Credits from the Virtual Credits store page in order to get back 10% in SugarHouse Casino “comps” - redeemable at the Rush Rewards service desk at the SugarHouse Casino (1001 N. Delaware Ave).

They also offer free bingo and a “spin to win game” with the potential to win further play money! Not to mention, long term players will gradually earn rewards through SugarHouse’s rewards center.

Every wager you make will earn you an amount of Play Points. You can redeem these Play Points for lots of different scratch cards and bonus wheels at SugarHouse’s Rewards Centre in Delaware. You can also earn scratchers and wheels by entering various contests on the site.

Previously, SugarHouse would reward players with giveaways and sweepstakes too, but they paused this service temporarily due to the closure of Rivers Casino Philadelphia. Keep your hopes up though,the service may return soon, which is good news for players considering the value of awarded prizes!

Sugarhouse Sportsbook Promo Code - Top Expert Tips

The following tips are designed to maximize the use of your virtual currencies and any purchases you may be inclined to make. With that in mind, we will also discuss the benefit of using Online Casinos that don’t permit withdrawals to further enhance your betting strategies in a risk-free manner, prior to betting with different bookies that offer real money withdrawals and rewards.

Read the Company’s Terms and Conditions!

When it comes to betting with virtual currencies on SugarHouse, the first precaution we recommend taking is reading the company’s terms and conditions.

It’s important for players to understand that SugarHouse is a “Casino4fun”, meaning that there is no way to withdraw rewards earned through their games.

Instead, Sugar House’s virtual currency can be used to play their games or make sports bets. A practical use of this currency, which is topped-up daily for free, is to make well-researched and calculated bets.

Practice prior to visiting other bookies to bet with real money. This is generally favorable as it is considered lower risk - because unless you have deposited you will exclusively be using play money.

Build a spreadsheet that enables you to track your “total bank”.

In order to monitor your bets and develop your own strategies in a risk-free manner, we recommend building a spreadsheet that helps you to track your “total bank” and input some of your bets and betting odds.

By monitoring those and keeping tabs on your spends, you’ll be able to track the efficiency of your decision-making strategies.

There are a wide range of betting strategies that punters utilise, but for now we’ll discuss some of the most favorable, lucrative and efficient!

Use your virtual currency to rigorously test betting strategies.

To get you started: the Matched Betting strategy involves researching promotions and utilizing  them in an informed manner to off-set risk.

Instead of betting on who you think will win, you cover all potential outcomes of an event with your “free bet” or an equivalent promotion, so that you make a small profit.

The best way to apply this to SugarHouse is by utilizing the 10% bonus currency to off-set bets made with your initial deposit of virtual currency.

Matched betting is a great strategy, but so is Progressive Staking!

Progressive staking is a style-of-play strategy that encourages punters to increase or decrease the size of their bet depending on their success.

If you’re on a winning streak, you should increase your wager in hopes of seeing a higher return.

However, if you’re losing, then you should reduce your wager accordingly in order to accommodate for your losses.

This is a common strategy that sees play in a wide variety of betting markets. Obviously, your bets should still be well researched! Progressive staking is especially useful as it can be used in tandem with other styles of play as well, such as the Matched Betting strategy we mentioned before.

Avoid using the Martingale System!

Avoid using the “martingale system” as this is generally regarded as a flawed strategy. This self-titled “loss recovery system” encourages doubling down after each consecutive loss in an attempt to off-set losses in the event of a win.

This can be especially dangerous in the event of continued losses that are miscalculated or representative of another shortcoming, for example poorly researched bets.

Everybody loses, but if you’re losing excess amounts, be sure to reconsider your initial approach. Take the time to re-examine the motivation behind your decisions. Don’t bet on blind instinct!

SugarHouse Promo Offers FAQ

Experimenting with new bookies can be troublesome, but we’re here to help! A quick dive into SugarHouse’s Help Center gives us an insight into the questions punters are dying to have answered.

However, due to the nature of this article, we’ll try and keep the information provided as relevant as possible to SugarHouse casino bonus offers.

Q: The most pressing question: How do I cash out?

A: When gambling with SugarHouse, you cannot “cash out”. SugarHouse is a Casino4Fun, a play-for-fun and social casino - not, as some people mistakenly believe - a real money gambling site. All of their games are played for fun.

Q: Where do I collect my Free Slot Play?

A: One of SugarHouse’s most popular bonuses is their free slot! All of the Free Slot Prizes that they offer can be redeemed within 30 days at their Rush Reward Desk which can be found in the physical SugarHouse Casino, located at 1001 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

However, only one free game prize can be redeemed per day. Not to mention that the Free Slot Play automatically expires 30 days after redemption so be sure to use it promptly!

In order to redeem these prizes, you will also need to ensure you are the owner of a rush rewards card. These can be requested at the rewards desk too, however you will need to bring a valid ID, such as driver’s license, state-issued non-driver's license, military ID, or your passport. Make sure that whatever ID you choose to bring is in date and has not expired.

Q: Great, so I understand Casino4fun and their bonus offers, but what kind of credits do I need to make a sports wager?

A: SugarHouse’s sports bets use the same Virtual Currency as the site’s casino counterpart. The sportsbook uses Virtual Credits (VC$) and the minimum wager is 25 VC$. 

Q: How do I read betting odds when it comes to SugarHouse’s sportsbooks?

A: Learning to read betting odds is a great place to start and guarantees you a firm foundation to begin betting safely and comfortably. Betting odds can be complicated, and generally they differ depending on the sport, your selected broker and their locality. There are three common ways that odds are often displayed:

American Odds:

Better known as money line odds, or lines, American odds dist the return you will receive assuming you bet $100 (or in the case of SugarHouse VC$). For example, odds of “+200” would reward a $10 bet with a $20 profit. However, if the odds are negative (“-100”), then $10 must be staked in order for a $10 payout (profit).

Decimal Odds:

Decimal odds are best interpreted as a multiplier. If you bet $10 on odds of “1.50” then the payout would be $15 of which $5 would be profit.

Fractional Odds: 

With fractional odds of 2/1, for every $10 you bet, you will win $20. We assume there is a 33% chance of this happening, calculated by 1 / (2+1) = 0.33.

Link your Rush Reward Card!

You need a Rush Rewards Card to properly capitalise on SugarHouse’s bonuses and promo codes, such as the most recent Sugarhouse NCAAM promo that sees you getting a $10 free bet. If you are the proud owner of a rush rewards card already, then you simply need to link it to your SugarHouse account.

  1. Just go to the account tab when you login to the Casino4fun site!
  2. Then simply click on Connect!
  3. The page will guide you through the process step-by-step.

That said, if you do not have a Rush Rewards card yet, then simply apply at the rewards desk in SugarHouse Casino, at 1001 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose your Rush Rewards card, then you can always receive a new card one visiting their residence (the above address). Just go straight to the Rush Rewards desk for assistance!

In the meantime, you can still register for a Casino4Fun account by filling in your details during the registration process. As soon as your information and identity is verified, you can play straight away!

Overall Verdict

SugarHouse’s Casino4Fun offers a secure and social platform for customers, where they are free to play with periodic free tokens (VC$).

However, the inability to withdraw your earnings ensures the experience is arcade-esque and relatively risk free.

This makes the online platform an engaging place to test strategies or alternatively play for fun without having to worry too much about your losses.

After all, SugarHouse’s promotional offers and bonus games, such as “Spin to Win” or “Free Bingo” offer you the ability to participate without a heavy financial investment.

Additionally, SugarHouse’s sportsbooks offer a wide range of international coverage and betting markets.

SugarHouse's FAQ

🎰 Can I play casino games on my mobile phone?

At SugarHouse’s Casino4Fun, you can play a variety of life table simulators and other, more extravagant titles on either android or iOS - this means you can play on most modern mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets!

🚀 What is a comp and what can I use it for?

Occasionally, when playing with SugarHouse’s Casino4Fun, or participating in SugarHouse's bonus offers, you may receive a “comp”. Comps are exchangeable at SugarHouse’s physical Casino in North Delaware, Philadelphia, in return for complimentary drinks or food!

When you visit a SugarHouse Casino, any Rush Rewards agent will be able to view your comps and the daily prizes available to you. Be sure to have a quick chat with them to see what you’re entitled to, because comps expire 12 months from the date of issuance, or alternatively 6 months after you redeem them.

🌈 What do I do when I run out of credit?

If you run out of Virtual Coins (VC$), the first thing you should do is check the ‘My Account’ section to ensure that there aren’t any free credits awaiting you! If you don’t, and you’ve used up all of your periodic offers and promos, then the section will tell you how long you need to wait until your next free refill will occur.

In the event that your next free refill is a long way off, you can purchase additional Virtual Credits in the ‘VC$ store’ menu. When you purchase Virtual Credits on the site, you will also earn comps redeemable at the SugarHouse casino!

💲 What are my payment options?

SugarHouse accepts a variety of convenient payment methods. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Debit cards and prepaid cards. They even allow you to make transactions through PayPal!

Alternate methods include purchasing directly from your bank account of choice using online banking. If you have any trouble with your purchase make sure that the billing information on your account is correct before contacting Phil at

🎯 Where do I collect my Free Slot Play?

All Free Slot Play prizes awarded in the daily free prize game must be redeemed within 30 days. However, in order to redeem these prizes, you must visit the physical casino in Philadelphia.

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