Keep Winning with the PointsBet Reviews 2022

PointsBet Reviews 2022

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PointsBet is relatively new to the legal online betting scene, but it has sparked a lot of interest. The brand is well-known for its distinct points betting system, which differs from fixed odds.

What this betting site offers is unlike anything we've seen before, so we've put together this PointsBet review to explain how it works and tell you what to expect. Read our unbiased PointsBet review and take advantage of our exclusive PointsBet promo code offer. PointsBet is one of our recommended options if you want to play a few books from your state.

PointsBet Pros & Cons
  • Provides spread betting.
  • Extensive bonuses for customers.
  • Licensed and regulated sportsbook.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • User-friendly app.
  • Can lose more than the initial wager.

BONUS OFFER – Top-notch PointsBet rating for bonuses

PointsBet has managed to provide you with some compelling reasons to join its sports betting website. This is due to the brand's recent announcement of some massive welcome bonuses, easily some of the largest we've seen.

These offers are fantastic because if you place your qualifying bet and it wins, you will be able to keep your winnings as usual. However, if you place your qualifying bet and it loses, you will be refunded up to a certain amount.

As a result, this offer is ideal for those who are new to sports betting, as well as for experienced punters who want to have little insurance for those riskier sports bets.

New customers who sign up using our PointsBet promo code are eligible for one of the most enticing offers available anywhere, just like the Resorts bonus codes.

Most importantly, PointsBet never applies wagering requirements to winnings from free bets. Anything you win with your free bets is yours to keep and withdraw whenever you want.

Usability, Look & Feel – Easy to Navigate

PointsBet has created a very sleek and stylish sports betting website. It employs dark reds and blacks to create a pleasingly atmospheric interface, despite that everything on the site is fully readable. The site's primary language options are limited to English and Spanish.

Punters can explore the various options available by opening the navigation menu. Sports listings, promotional offers, and boosted odds are examples of these. The site's bottom section contains information about the company, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and FAQ.

In our PointsBet reviews, we discovered a wonderful bonus for new players. PointsBet provides new punters with the Revis Betting Academy, which will guide them through the betting process before they place their first bet.

We can't discuss PointsBet's usability without mentioning the company's fantastic sports betting app. This app is available for Android and iOS devices, and it provides a convenient way to access the brand's unique fixed-odds and spread betting services while on the go.

Aside from that, the PointsBet betting site operates well, with convenient links for logging in and accessing your bet slip. We also liked the side menu, which allowed you to browse the sports alphabetically, try a quick parlay, view the most recent promotions, and even change your odds preference.

PAYMENTS – Is PointsBet reliable for your funds?

We can't fully recommend PointsBet until we answer the question, "Is PointsBet legit?" when it comes to keeping your funds. One of the best aspects of betting with a legal online book in the United States is that you never have to worry about losing your money or being duped.

Sportsbooks, such as PointsBet, are required to establish a liability fund separate from their expenses. Furthermore, they are regulated by an independent entity in each state that establishes strict rules for protecting the money of users.

One disadvantage of PointsBet is that they offer fewer deposit and withdrawal options compared to other sportsbooks. If you live in New Jersey, your options are like every other book around you.

The following payment methods are available on the website: Visa Card, Mastercard, and Online Banking.

You can use either a wire transfer or an eCheck/ACH transfer with online banking. While it is safe and simple to use, the lack of wallet payment options makes PointsBet an unappealing sportsbook to use. There is no eWallet option, such as PayPal, listed. Furthermore, there is no cash option listed, such as Cash at the Cage.

Most deposit methods should allow you to add funds to your account starting with a minimum of $5. Unless you deposit via bank transfer, the funds should be available in your account almost immediately. PointsBet will not charge you any fees for depositing funds into your account.

Customer Support – Good PointsBet rating for customer service

Customer service is an important factor in determining our overall PointsBet rating, this factor was also used in determining our theScore rating . This is because you will almost certainly require assistance with anything from verifying your account to making a withdrawal at some point.

Is PointsBet's customer service dependable? Is PointsBet's customer service trustworthy? Our PointsBet reviews aim to provide an answer to this question.

We were pleased to discover that PointsBet has a competent and efficient customer service team. Depending on where you live, you should be able to contact the brand via email, phone, and some customers in countries such as Australia may even be able to use a live chat service.

These options are available seven days a week, including weekends. Phone calls are also accepted, but only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 a.m. English and Spanish are the only languages supported for customer support.

They created the Revis Betting Academy which consists of blogs that offer tips on the Points Betting system. When it comes to educating new punters, PointsBet has a high rating.

If a player wants to solve any issue they encounter on their own, they can easily access the FAQ section in the Help menu. The FAQ section of Points Betting US contains the most pertinent answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers. Answers to questions like “Is PointsBet esports legit?”

Before contacting the help center, a quick scan of these questions usually resolves any issues. Can you rely on PointsBet customer support? Yes, according to our PointsBet reviews, we believe you can.

License & Security – Is PointsBet legit in the US?

Is PointsBet secure? Is PointsBet a scam? These are one of the most important questions punters will have when going through PointsBet reviews.

Is PointsBet a reputable company? Good question. We had to take a look at the licensing and security information on the site for our PointsBet reviews because we want to know if this site can be trusted with your money and information. The good news is that PointsBet is fully licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

PointsBet Holdings Ltd is listed on stock exchange as PBH on the Australian Securities Exchange. The headquarters of the exchange are listed as being in Australia. Subsidiaries include PointsBet Colorado LLC, PointsBet Indiana LLC, and PointsBet Kansas LLC.

The PointsBet privacy policy contains lots of information about how the company will safeguard your personal information. To prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. As an added security measure, the website employs secure SSL encryption. It also employs secure servers and firewalls for added security on both ends. End-to-end encryption protects communication and sensitive data from cyber intruders.

We should also mention that PointsBet's website contains a handful of useful responsible gambling tools that will help you keep your sports bets under control. Furthermore, with lots of approval from major sporting organizations such as the AFL, NRL, and notable teams such as the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers, you'll know you're playing at a legitimate sports betting site.

PointsBet has two systems in place to ensure that no minors can use their website. According to their Terms and Conditions, Member Verification will rely on member ID verification. Card payments are also subject to verification to ensure that members are of legal age when engaging in financial transactions.

All of this demonstrates PointsBet's dedication to providing you with a legal, safe, and fair way to wager on your favorite sport.

Rewards & Loyalty Program – Excellent rewards in our PointsBet review

Do you need a reason to stay on the PointsBet website? Then take a look at the brand's incredible reward program. For existing members, PointsBet offers some notable rewards and promotions.

These loyalty programs are highly rated in PointsBet reviews, which is why the PointsBet ratings are so high. This allows you to earn reward points for each bet you place on this betting site. It's a great way to make a little extra money from your sports bets.

Points Betting is PointsBet's most well-known loyalty program. The Points Betting Reward System gives punters one point for each point won or lost. You will earn a point simply for placing the bet, regardless of the outcome.

Gamblers will also receive one point for every $1 wagered on a parlay bet and for every $5 wagered on fixed-odds bets. Punters receive a $2.50 bonus bet after accumulating 250 points. This encourages more betting and keeps the gambling industry active.

There are a plethora of other fantastic deals to be found in addition to this. Take, for example, the Name A Bet feature, which allows you to create your own bet via the PointsBet app, and the bookie will quickly price up your odds. We also liked the refer-a-friend bonus, which gives you bonus bet tokens just for referring a friend to the PointsBet website.

Other loyalty programs are also available at PointsBet. For the World Series, the Let it Fly Homer's bonus is available. Punters who wager at least $50 on the pre-game Money line will receive $10 extra bets for each home run scored by the chosen team.

PointsBet offers promotions such as higher payouts for NBA parlay bets, odds boost for college basketball, parlay insurance, and even a cool Let It Rip promotion that gives you even more ways to get those bonus bet tokens.

According to our PointsBet review, PointsBet has some amazing loyalty programs in place. These loyalty programs could have been so much more appealing if they could be used on horses.

PointsBet Sports Betting

PointsBet Sports Betting

Betting Markets – Varieties of bets were discovered in our PointsBet review

We discovered from our PointsBet review that this site is all about sports betting. However, if you want a large selection of bets, PointsBet is the place to go. If esports is what you are in the market for, you can check out eSports gambling sites.

Remember that PointsBet offers more than just fixed-odds betting; in some countries, you can even try spread betting. This allows you to win more money based on how accurate your prediction is.

There are a wide variety of sports to bet on. You can also bet on international sports, such as Swedish hockey. Most of their promotions, however, primarily apply to US sports, such as the NBA, World Series, and NFL.

The following is a list of sports markets in the United States:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Boxing and more!

Currently, horse race betting is only available through the Australian division. Though Pointsbet is working to make this an option for the USA division as well. However, if you are looking to bet on horse racing, check out our Watch and Wager reviews on how to bet on horse races on the sportsbook.

The sportsbook offers traditional betting options in addition to its unique spread betting. Though the spread betting format receives the most attention in many Pointbet reviews, as you learn about the Pointsbet US spread betting format, you'll understand the various types of bets based on markets.

Odds – Most reliable odds at PointsBet

We can't truly review this sportsbook unless we give you our PointsBet rating for the odds on the site. A thorough understanding of this information could result in a massive win for any sports bettor. Pointsbet is on the right track because the types of odds offered are the best you can come across on any betting site.

Pointsbet provides all standard odds and betting lines, as well as some unique point betting options. This allows you to compare spread options to find the best deal. The special Pointsbet bonus codes are frequently linked to the unique odds offered to ensure that bettors always get a good deal. Their competitive odds provide players with peace of mind when making their wagers.

New players will find it easier to understand this information if traditional odds are used. As previously stated, this is an important part of any bettor's sports betting education. When deciding which bets to place, it is necessary to make use of guides and other resources.

We also examined the Points Bet odds for sports such as NHL hockey, basketball, and golf and discovered that the sportsbook maintained consistently strong sports betting odds. So, if you're looking for some of the best odds on the market for your favorite sport, keep PointsBet in mind.

Live Betting & Streaming – Excellent PointsBet ratings for live bets

The live betting options are one of the first things an experienced sports bettor looks for in a sportsbook. This betting strategy not only increases the odds but also increases the excitement and action. Live streaming also allows bettors to keep track of their relevant games, particularly international ones. Making it a significant feature.

Punters who want to keep track of in-game events prefer live-streaming when betting online. The sports markets do not provide easy access to games for everyone. This is especially true for international sporting events. Live streaming becomes extremely important to predict which way the odds will swing and to cancel in-play bets in good time.

In comparison to other sportsbooks, PointsBet US has a very basic Live Betting menu. It enables punters to place bets while the game is still in progress. These offer bets and odds that are only available during games associated with PointsBet US promotions.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Live Betting system. As a result, the PointsBet ratings aren't as high as they should be. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not provide live streaming or a live tracker of the game's events. Punters like to keep track of statistics related to their bets.

Limits – Is PointsBet legit in the provision of betting limits?

You may think that limits are not important but ask any experienced gambler and they will tell you why it is important to understand the limits. Each sportsbook has its own limits and methods for enforcing them. It is necessary that newcomers read through the rules and understand how limits may affect their bets.

The minimum bet can be made at $0.70. Every point Betting wager has its own set of minimum and maximum limits. These levels are printed on the bet slips, and some funds can be withheld to cover any bet losses.

Punters can also set their own deposit, betting, and game time limits. The frequency can be configured to be daily, weekly, or monthly. This is an excellent feature for preventing gambling problems such as large losses, uneducated betting, or addiction.


PointsBet sports betting has a whole lot to offer you only if you are willing to take advantage. There is a variety of traditional sports available to bet on, though horse racing is yet to be provided to those living in the US. However, we believe that PointsBet has created a high-quality sportsbook that is well worth a look the next time you want to bet on your favorite sport.

The fact that live betting does not provide real-time tracking or live streaming is a major flaw. However, it provides a plethora of in-play bets that many other sportsbooks do not. In terms of functionality and design, their mobile app is identical to the desktop version. This makes it simple to place bets while on the go.

PointsBet Casino

PointsBet Review FAQ

🔓Is PointsBet reliable?

If you want to enjoy online betting, you'll want to find a trustworthy website. If you use an online betting site that is not trustworthy, you will put yourself at greater risk of having a frustrating betting experience. PointsBet is well trusted by a lot of US gamblers. You do not have anything to worry about.

✨Does PointsBet offer live bets?

PointsBet is a new bookmaker on the market. However, they are a rapidly expanding provider that is constantly expanding into new markets. To be successful, they must provide fantastic betting services to their customers. Our PointsBet review will provide you with information about their operations. Part of this review will reveal which services they provide to customers and whether there is a live betting section available to you.

🤩How can I bet with PointsBet?

It’s quite easy to bet with PointsBet. The first thing you will need to do is sign up on the site by providing all the necessary information. You can also make use of our PointsBet promo codes to enjoy more benefits. Have a stress-free and amazing betting experience while betting with PointsBet

💲What payment options are available at PointsBet?

Visa, Mastercard, eChecks, and online banking are all accepted at PointsBet. It's a very simple and quick process, and it's an underappreciated aspect of using a legal US sportsbook like PointsBet. You won't have to wait weeks for checks; you'll be able to deposit and withdraw funds within a few days, if not sooner.

Is PointsBet Legit? Our overall conclusion

Is PointsBet legit? Very legit. PointsBet is licensed and regulated under the appropriate Gambling commission, be rest assured your data and personal information are safe with them.

PointsBet is undoubtedly one of the best sportsbooks in the US according to our PointsBet reviews. Their mobile website is very easy to use, even a newbie on the site can easily navigate the site with ease.

It is a bit risky than other bookmakers, and you must be willing to lose more than you expect at times, but it is a great way to bet if you are confident in what you are betting on.

PointsBet provides the best odds and a wide range of markets which makes it the ideal betting site for sports fans. Even when you lose, you get bonus points for just betting.

PointsBet currently doesn't offer casino gambling, this had a negative impact on our PointsBet rating. However, you can check our SugarHouse reviews for information that can help you have the best time playing at their casino.

For sports betting, PointsBet ratings are out of this world. Gamblers with different levels of skills such as the new and experienced are recommended to use PointsBet.

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