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Welcome to our Resorts Promo Codes 2024 review! Here you’ll find all about Resorts’ bonus offers: how they work, why they’re different, and what makes them worthy. You’ll also encounter some bonus codes needed to activate Resorts’ promotions.

Most importantly, we’ll talk about how you can take advantage of Resorts’ new customer offers. We’ll discuss a few strategies we’ve put together to help you maximize your earnings using only Resorts’ lucrative welcome bonus. Then, we’ll take a look at Resorts’ rich loyalty program and figure out the many rewards they have in store for you.

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Last Updated on 13/07/2024
Fact checked by: Alyx Tzamantanis

Resorts’ Welcome Bonus: Dive Deep!

Resorts offers an irresistible welcome bonus! To win you over, the online casino is willing to match your first deposit by 100% up to $1,000 once you use a Resorts promo code.

For example: if your initial deposit is $100, Resorts will add another $100 to your wallet. Same thing if you deposit $200. The casino won’t go higher than $1,000 though.

How to Use Resorts’ Welcome Bonus

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Go to “My Account” then “My Bonuses”
  3. Click “DEPOSIT”
  4. Follow the provided instructions
  5. Use the Resorts bonus code: DEPOSIT1

While this bonus seems extreme, it’s not that unique. Some casinos in New Jersey even have a $2,000 welcome bonus limit, while others offer less. For instance, SugarHouse’s promo code can only get you as far as $250, for valid reasons.

Now, before you create an account hoping to make the most of one of Resorts’ new customer offers, you should know that this promotion comes with wagering requirements, the amount of betting required to be cleared before you can withdraw your winnings.

Without a proper game plan, Resorts’ new customer offers are bound to turn against you. So, let’s talk about strategies.

Is Resorts available in your state?

Check out our table below to see if Resorts is available in your state, as well as your state-exclusive promo code and get your hands on the exciting offers available today:

How to Breeze Through Resorts Wagering Requirements

1.Understand Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements vary per game type:

  • 30x the casino bonus amount for slots
  • 150x the casino bonus amount for table games, roulette, and video poker

To understand how they work, imagine that the welcome bonus funds you received by entering Resorts’ promo code is $100 (this implies that you made a $100 initial deposit).

If the wagering requirement we’re considering is 30x, the amount you have to wager before you can withdraw any of your winnings is $3,000 (100*30). On the other hand, if the wagering requirement is 150x, then the amount is $15,000 (100*150).

We’re only talking about a bonus fund of $100 here. If what you gained after using Resorts’ bonus code reached the $1,000 limit, you’d have to wager $30,000 or $150,000 depending on the playthrough that you choose.

That seems like a monumental task, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. Resorts’ new customer offers aren’t tough because the money you earn and spend back on the casino, whether you win or lose, will count towards your wagering requirement.

In other words, you’ll have the option to use the winnings you get with the bonus money to continually make new wagers. If you apply strategies in clearing your wagering requirement (and have a little bit of luck), you can even gain some nice profits in the end.

But the clock is ticking. With 30 days to clear your wagering requirements, you have to make sure to close the deal within the given timeframe; otherwise, the bonus funds, along with everything you’ve won with it, will be forfeited.

2.Pick Your Games Wisely

If you just entered a Resorts promo code, the greatest thing is you can play any slot you want to clear your wagering requirements. You should be aware of one basic casino concept though: Return to Player (RTP).

RTP is the percentage of wagers a specific game is expected to return to a player. Because RTP changes from machine to machine, you can take advantage of those with the highest ones, also called low variance slots.

Low variance slots provide higher chances of returning your money, which means if you spend your bonus fund only on these games, you can reuse your winnings again and again without losing money.

Even though the payout on these slots is small, this is the best strategy to beat your wagering requirements and exploit your Resorts bonus code.

Why not just play high variance slots? You’d clear your wagering requirements in a flash by chasing big payouts, right? Right, but only if you can land a huge win before your bankroll gives out, which is, statistically speaking, unlikely.

Once you understand that small, consistent wins lead to massive gains over time, the next puzzle piece becomes obvious: you need to find the slots with the highest RTPs. If you don’t want to bother yourself looking, that’s okay, we’ve done it for you.

The slots with the highest RTPs and ratings you can play at Resorts are:

  • Mega Joker = 99% RTP
  • Blood Suckers = 98% RTP
  • Starmania = 97.87% RTP
  • 1st Down Slot = 96.5% RTP
  • Vegas Stacks = 95.99% RTP
  • Slingo Lightning = 95% RTP

30 days should be way more than enough to beat your wagering requirements using this strategy. You just have to be patient.

3.Don’t Get Greedy!

As you go along betting, there’s a good chance you’ll get bored doing the same thing over and over. This is a phase that cuts down all amateurs, which is why you must be wary about the get-rich-quick alternatives of this strategy.

Beginners think Resorts’ new customer offer is just free money. After getting their welcome bonus, dollar signs pop in their eyes and they start chasing massive bets.

As we’ve said, while this is the fastest way to beat your wagering requirements, this is also improbable. Just because it’s true that the quickest way for you to get rich is to win the lottery doesn’t mean you will.

Betting on high variance slots is the way to blow your account. While you could hit a jackpot and skyrocket your bankroll to the moon, the numbers say you’ll end up belly flopping on a mud pit.

On the other hand, professional gamblers are steady players. They prefer small, consistent wins over large ones that come rarely. Why? Because they know how to allocate their wealth and manage their risks.

You must concentrate. Even though the process of clearing your wagering requirements is tedious, it shouldn’t take that long if you keep reinvesting your winnings back to the slots.

If you think this won’t work for you, you could turn your attention to eSports betting offers instead. The growing industry of eSports betting doesn't dabble with annoying wagering requirements (and they have shiny offers, too).

Ultimately, the proverb goes: “All things come to those who wait.” Don’t be impatient. Don’t get greedy.

4.Know the Rules

Casinos differ on how they set their wagering requirements, which is why it’s important to know all the rules you have to follow.

Paying attention to the Terms and Conditions (T&C) will reveal to you that Resorts’ new customer offers do demand effort. In reading the T&C, you’ll know the playthroughs that come with Resorts’ promo codes and the assigned game weightings.

Slots normally have a high game weighting of 100%, which means your wagers on them fully contribute to the bonus requirement. Roulette and table games often only contribute around 20%.

Additionally, there’s a more demanding type of wagering requirements that you can find in checking T&C, which is the deposit plus bonus wagering requirements. This kind of wagering requirement obligates you to clear your initial deposit, too.

Normally, if your initial deposit is $100, then the bonus and wagering requirement would be $100. In a deposit plus bonus wagering requirement, however, the $100 you deposited should be cleared as well, resulting in a $200 amount to be cleared.

Therefore, you will have to wager $6,000 (200*30) in a 30x multiplier and $30,000 (200*150) in a 150x multiplier.

Other important details stated in a promotion’s T&C may include the number of days or the timeframe a player can clear wagering requirements and the type of games allowed to be played.

The devil is in the details. Know the rules.

5.Remember Who You Are

Now that we’ve gotten the core strategy out of the way, the last thing we want to do is make sure you follow them.

Beating wagering requirements is simple: play with low variance games with high RTPs and do it over and over. To avoid getting bored, you can try different slots that you find entertaining.

Sticking to the game plan we’ve set up for you, you’ll end up beating your wagering requirements just with the bonus funds alone. You could even walk away with more than what you have when you activate Resorts’ new customer offer.

The only problem is, most people only see the summit, not the mountain. Believing that their luck won’t fail them, they choose to play high variance games with seductive payouts.

As a consequence, these players wipe out their bankroll before they get a winning spin. They lose before they even get anything out of Resorts’ bonus code. This is a tragic situation that you must avoid at all cost.

Lesser players don’t even take the time to read the promotion’s T&C because they have no idea whether the wagering requirements include the initial deposit or not, they get horribly surprised when they think they’ve cleared them.

Don’t be one of these short-term individuals who walk away regretting they ever heard of Resorts’ promo codes. Think about the end goal. Remember who you are.

Resorts’ Bonus Codes and Welcome Bonus FAQ

Can I cancel my welcome bonus?

Yes, you can cancel your welcome bonus anytime by clicking on “My Bonuses” or reaching Resorts’ customer service. Of course, all associated winnings you’ve earned with the bonus would be forfeited on the spot.

What happens after I beat the wagering requirements?

After you clear your wagering requirements, your Resorts casino bonus and all associated winnings will instantly be released into your account as unrestricted cash. From that point onwards, everything you earn can be withdrawn directly.

What method can I use to withdraw my bonus winnings?

You can withdraw your funds with several withdrawal methods offered by Resorts:

  • PayPal
  • Resorts Play+ Card
  • Resorts Casino Cage in Atlantic City

Resorts don’t charge any extra fee across all of their deposit and withdrawal methods.

What is a Resorts promo code?

A bonus code is a string of numbers and letters that you can enter to activate a casino’s bonus offers. In the case of Resorts’ new customer offer, you can use the Resorts’ bonus codes we’ve mentioned to get their welcome bonus.

Where should I find Resorts bonus codes to activate bonus offers?

While some bonus codes are only available on a casino’s affiliates, you can find Resorts’ promo codes directly on their website. Just go to their homepage then click “Promotions” on the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

There, you’ll see all the active promotions that Resorts is currently offering. Scroll down to look for the thumbnail of any listed bonus then click it. If the casino allows it, you’ll see the Resorts promo code there.

Do Resorts have a bonus that has no wagering requirements?

Yes. Once you create a Resorts account, you will get a free $20 with no strings attached. This amount is the accepted standard, which is why it’s the similar money you’d get in entering a FanDuel sign up bonus code and other casinos’ promo codes.

27.5 SC FREE and 57,5K Gold Coins
Requirements (WR): 1x Bonus
Get bonus now
T&Cs apply, 18+
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Requirements (WR): 3x Deposit
Get bonus now
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Wow Vegas
35 SC FREE and 1.75M WOW Coins
Requirements (WR): 1x Bonus, Min. Deposit: 9.99
Go to Wow Vegas
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Fortune Coins
Claim Your Free 650,000 Gold Coins & 1,400 Fortune Coins
Go to Fortune Coins
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Vegas Gems
1000 Gems + 50% Extra gems On Your First Shards Purchase
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Resorts Rewards and Loyalty Program

Resorts’ loyalty program is straightforward and abundant—two words you wouldn’t normally see paired together in reviewing other casinos’ programs. Aside from Resorts’ new customer offers, the casino will further reward you with a grand collection of perks.

Whenever you play one of Resorts’ games, you earn Rewards Points (RPs). The RP is Resorts’ version of a loyalty program currency, meaning it can be exchanged for something nice.

In total, there are 9 levels of Resorts loyalty program divided into two categories: Resorts Rewards and Echelon Rewards.

Much like what you’d see in reading our SugarHouse reviews, the number of points you collect in a month determines your level in Resorts’ loyalty program.

Resorts Rewards, the lesser of the two categories, is made up of 5 levels:

  • Bronze = 0 points
  • Silver = 500 points
  • Gold = 2,000 points
  • Platinum = 7,500 points
  • Diamond = 20,000 points

Just because Resorts Rewards is the casino’s standard loyalty program doesn’t mean it’s cheap. It has multiple layers of incentives that you can get as you move from one level to another.

The most basic thing you can exchange RPs for is cash, which is an option you have on any level. At Bronze, the conversion rate is 2,000 RPs for $1 although you’re compensated with exclusive Resorts Casino hotel offers.

If that seems disappointing, we encourage you to keep reading as it only gets better from this low point. As you move up the levels, the conversion rate increases as well.

At Silver and Gold, for example, the conversion rate makes a giant leap. Here you can get a dollar for every 1,250 RPs or 500 RPs that you earn. On top of that, you also get a discount when staying at Resorts AC.

At Platinum and Diamond, you can earn a dollar for every 303 RPs or 222 RPs in your account. On these high levels, you get benefits like VIP exclusive promotions, discounts on entertainment and tier status upgrades at Resorts AC.

But the road to the top doesn’t end there. The levels of Echelon Rewards still lay up ahead.

Echelon Rewards is consisted of the 4 remaining levels:

  • Echelon = 75,000 points
  • Echelon Plus = 200,000 points
  • Echelon Elite = 750,000 points
  • Echelon Black = invitation only

The cash conversion rates on this domain are through the roof, ranging from 200 RPs (Echelon) to 67 RP (Echelon Black) for a dollar.

Once you reach this luxurious club, you are introduced to a new world of rewards and prizes. With 18 new perks on top of what you get on Diamond, Resorts truly has one of the richest loyalty programs in New Jersey.

Resorts Sports Bonus

The Big Picture of Resorts’ Money Island

Having discussed Resorts’ new customer offers, welcome bonus strategies, and ample loyalty program, what should be the takeaway? Are Resorts casino bonuses any different from those waved by other operators?

Overall, what separates Resorts from its strict competition in New Jersey is its extensive loyalty program rewards. The online casino has a large collection of incentives that you can reap as you climb its loyalty levels.

As for Resorts’ welcome bonus, its main advantage is the generous timeframe the casino gives you to clear wagering requirements. With a full month to reach the number of bets needed to be covered, you won’t be anxious every step of the way.

What about the disadvantages? Where does Resorts’ joining offer fail? It’s really hard to find one because Resorts’ new customer offers are easily accessible online. The casino also makes sure both 30x and 150x playthroughs are doable.

Perhaps the only disadvantage here is Resorts’ limited withdrawal method. The few options you have to withdraw the winnings you’ve earned with the bonus, along with the profits sitting in your account, can be bothersome.

In the end, no matter how many Resorts promo codes you see, you’re still probably asking if it’s your ideal online casino. After all, there are other operators in New Jersey who are willing to break the $1,000 bonus barrier.

To that, we say: feel free to explore. We at have a lot of content that you can read to improve your critical thinking. We have reviews about the leading casinos and sportsbooks with which you can compare every Resort’ bonus codes you’d find here.

Resorts Bonus Offers and Loyalty Rewards FAQ

✅Is it difficult to earn Reward Points?

Not at all. You can earn 1 RP for just every $2 you wager on slots. On roulettes, three card poker, table games, and settled sports betting, you also gain 1 RP by wagering $4, $4, $8, and $2 respectively.

🚀Does my loyalty level reset every last day of the month?

No, your loyalty level doesn’t reset all the way back to Bronze. However, if you don’t collect enough Reward Points to maintain your current status, you’ll drop down one level.

Imagine you’ve made it to the Diamond loyalty level in Month 1, which means you’ve surpassed the 20,000 Reward Points milestone. In Month 2, you’re still a Diamond player.

However, if you fail to reach 20,000 RPs by the end of Month 2, you’ll get demoted to the Platinum loyalty level in Month 3. The same rule applies to all levels.

✨Will my Reward Points ever expire?

Yes, your Reward Points may expire if you leave your account inactive for 3 months. At that point, you’ll receive a warning notification from Resorts telling you about potentially losing your points.

Let’s talk about that Resorts New York bonus!

It’s a deal that will refund your first bet, if it loses, by 100% up to $250 in site credit. So you could make a mess of your opening bet and the Resorts New York sports bonus would give you another chance!

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