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Aside from its famous exchange, the combination of low to zero commission rates and lucrative welcome bonuses have made Betdaq one of the most dominant betting sites in the online gambling industry, particularly in the betting exchange market.

Whether you’re someone who’s about to join Betdaq or someone who just wanted to know what makes Betdaq a leading operator, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered all of Betdaq’s signup offers—along with their Betdaq promo codes—and listed some pro tips that will help you get as much value as you possibly could out of them.

What About Betdaq’s Bonus Offers?

There are many online betting sites out there, which means operators are always competing for new customers. This situation forces gambling companies to come up with different ways to attract people, and offering bonuses is one of them.

Betdaq’s signup offers include two types of bonuses: a £1,000 cash back bonus and a £10 free bet bonus. Betdaq doesn’t have a matched deposit bonus so if you prefer a betting site that offers it, you can check out our take on Betiton’s welcome bonus as well!

How to Use the £1,000 Cash Back Betdaq Welcome Offer

  1. Register on Betdaq.com.
  2. Opt in to the Cash Back Reward.
  3. Use the Betdaq promo code: DAQBACK.

Betdaq’s £1,000 cash back bonus is the best welcome bonus if you’re looking for a betting site that offers betting exchange services. Betfair, Betdaq’s main rival, doesn’t even have a cash back bonus but instead gives a matched deposit.

Before we get any further, let’s first understand how a cash back bonus works. As you’ll learn in our Betdaq review, a cash back bonus basically just returns all commission you’ve gathered within a given time.

In Betdaq’s case, the cash back bonus has a max limit of up to £1,000, hence the bonus’s name. You can get the most value out of this bonus by playing a lot during your first month playing with Betdaq, but more on this in the next section.

For now, let’s just answer the important question: “What are the conditions of Betdaq’s £1,000 cash back bonus?” To spare you the trouble, we’ve read the site’s terms and conditions!

Let’s start with eligibility. To use any of Betdaq’s services, including all the promotions we’re discussing and about to discuss here, you must be over 18 years old and are physically located in either the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, or Jersey.

The timeframe for this Betdaq welcome offer is 1 month or 30 days, meaning if you create an account and activate the required Betdaq promo code on July 19, the bonus will end on August 18 (July has 31 days).

Your cash back fund will be credited automatically to the Cash Balance section of your account within 72 hours. If the cash back doesn’t appear, we suggest that you contact Betdaq’s customer support team before you play again.

You should also note that if your account got closed within the qualifying period, then you won’t receive any cash back, which is tough since you can only enter one Betdaq promo code.

How to Use the £10 Free Bet Betdaq Welcome Offer

  1. Register on Betdaq.com.
  2. Use the Betdaq promo code: BDQ10.

Because you can only enter one Betdaq promo code in the registration process, you should know right away whether you’ll be playing Betdaq for a while or just briefly giving it a go. You should also consider the amount of bets you’re going to make.

For people who only do some light betting, perhaps only when there’s a major event (like the ongoing NBA Finals at the time of this writing), then you’ll find it more convenient to go for Betdaq’s £10 free bet bonus.

We’ll get to the main reasons why one Betdaq signup offer is better than the other shortly. First, let’s focus on how to use Betdaq’s £10 free bet bonus and go through the conditions that must be followed to claim it.

A free bet is one of the most basic bonuses that a betting site could offer. All it does is give you a chance to make your first bet without losing a certain amount of money, which is why this bonus is also commonly called a risk-free bet.

The given value of this bonus, in Betdaq’s case, is £10. This means that Betdaq is willing to return up to £10 of the money you lose on your first losing bet. That £10 is the max limit, and whatever stake you risk beyond that is on you.

Now, you can’t cash out this bonus. All the returned funds will have to be used on making other bets. Since you can’t withdraw the bonus, this free bet is more like a safety net that helps your betting career start properly.

To qualify for this promotion, you need to place your first sportsbook or exchange bet within 14 days of creating your new Betdaq account. If you fail to make such a bet within the given time, the bonus will be forfeited.

Do you want to know more about bonus offers? Compare this offer with other bookmakers! Also see our BetVictor sign up bonus review.

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Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of Betdaq’s Signup Offers

1. Keep Betdaq’s Low Commission in Mind

Having low to zero commission is unarguably Betdaq’s biggest advantage. Its commission rate on both exchange and sportsbook is a flat 2%, while the same commission rate could go higher than 5% in other betting sites!

Playing with Betdaq’s sportsbook is even more merciful as there’s no commission rate whatsoever on most sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, and more. This is one of the best things about Betdaq that appeals to a lot of bettors.

While a low to zero commission rate is good nearly all the time, it can actually work against you in one particular event: choosing Betdaq’s £1,000 cashback bonus. Why is this?

As you know, Betdaq’s cashback bonus returns commission, and having no commission on your bets means no bonus fund to return as your cashback bonus. So, to get any value out of this bonus, you have to bet on sports that do have commission.

These sports are football, cricket, horse racing, and greyhound racing. That’s it! The cashback bonus doesn’t apply to Betdaq’s casino though. You can only use the bonus on Betdaq’s sportsbook and exchange, which brings us to the next tip.

2. Use Betdaq’s Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges offer more value and freedom by allowing you to determine your own odds. Unlike in traditional sportsbooks, you’re up against another player rather than a bookmaker.

This means you’re able to hitch up the odds by yourself and go beyond the odds written by a bookie. With betting exchanges becoming more and more popular as bettors from traditional sportsbooks change sides, the odds could even go to the extreme.

Higher odds equals higher commission, which is the single biggest reason why we prefer using Betdaq’s exchange instead of its sportsbook when it comes to claiming Betdaq’s cashback bonus.

With Betdaq’s sportsbook, you’re limited to a fixed set of odds that are more favorable to the bookmaker than you, but with its exchange, you get to bet on your own terms. As a gambler who puts real money on the line, you’d certainly want that, wouldn’t you?

This means you’ll make more profit for the same bet by choosing an exchange instead of a bookie. There’s really no perfect way to take advantage of Betdaq’s cashback bonus other than using its betting exchange!

3. Lay Out Your Betting Plan

You should lay out your betting plan before signing up to any betting site and accepting welcome bonuses. It’s important because knowing why you’re gambling, either as a hobby or pursuit, determines which type of bonus you should enter.

If you see yourself playing with Betdaq every day, whether there’s a major event or not, you should go for Betdaq’s cashback bonus. Playing more will result in a higher commission, which is totally fine on your first month since you’ll be refunded.

For short-term players who only plan on betting when there’s a big event happening on the field, Betdaq’s free bet will be the best choice as you’ll be guaranteed some compensation whether your first bet is a loss or a win.

To broaden your options, we recommend that you compare Betdaq’s bonus offers to those available on other betting sites. For instance, BoyleSports’ signup bonus comes as a money-back, which is entirely different from a cashback.

4. Bet on Betdaq’s Virtual Sports

Betdaq’s virtual sports is like the ultimate convenience store: whether you need something or you don’t, it’s always open, which is why it’s one of our favorite things about Betdaq. But why is this relevant to getting the most out of your cashback bonus?

You can bet with the odds you want and, most importantly, you don’t have to wait for days just to place a bet on an event. With Betdaq’s virtual sports, you’re the only one missing.

This is particularly nice because by quickly using your free bet or virtual bonus—Betdaq’s third bonus which we’ll discuss in detail later—you make sure that you’re taking advantage of the bonus as soon as possible before it expires.

With Betdaq’s sportsbook, depending on the day you activated the bonus, you might not find any interesting sports event that you like or that matches the requirements to claim the bonus. This is a problem because there’s no going back once you activated the bonus.

5. Make an Account Before the Day of the Event

Our last expert tip is an extension of the previous one. To take advantage of any of Betdaq’s bonuses, you have to be smart about when you’re creating an account. That’s right, even the date of your registration is crucial in properly using welcome bonuses.

If you find no connection between your account creation date and welcome bonuses, let us explain. Imagine you activated Betdaq’s £1,000 cash back bonus right at the peak of a global pandemic. What do you think will happen?

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to place any single bet because most sports events, if not all, would be suspended! And, unfortunately for you, you can only use Betdaq’s cash back bonus on sports events.

As a result, you won’t be able to get much value out of the bonus. No bets mean no commission, and no commission means no bonus funds. This is why you should create a betting account during sports season. Better yet, your favorite sports season.

This tip is true regardless of the betting exchange site or sportsbook that you’re playing with. Because most sportsbook bonuses often involve bets and commissions, you should always consider this tip whenever you’re thinking of using a welcome bonus.

Does this tip apply to a matched deposit bonus? Absolutely. The best eSports betting offers have brought the eSports industry a lot of revenue lately because eSports events weren’t affected by the pandemic as much as traditional sports events.

Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
First Bet Insurance
Caesars Sports Bonus
up to $1100 First Bet Insurance
Caesars Review
***** Visit Site
  • $10 bonus for opening a new account.
  • Offer of a free bet up to $1,000.
  • 10 sports available to bet on including soccer, football, baseball and basketball.
Credit Card
Pennsylvania (US)
100% up to
BetRivers.com Sports Bonus
100% up to $250
BetRivers.com Review
***** Visit Site
  • Great deposit match for new players
  • Free credits for placing your bets
  • Weekly prizes and boosts for betting bankroll
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
BetMGM Sports Bonus
100% up to $1000
BetMGM Review
***** Visit Site
  • Covers major sports
  • Live game stats
  • Simple site navigation
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
20% up to
DraftKings Sports Bonus
20% up to $1000
DraftKings Review
***** Visit Site
  • 21 sports to choose from.
  • No specific betting limits listed.
  • Ability to bet in-play on most sports.
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
FanDuel Sports Bonus
100% up to $1000
FanDuel Review
***** Visit Site
  • Offers a $1000 risk-free bet
  • Amazing joining offer
  • Promo codes for specific bets

Frequently Asked Questions About Betdaq’s Signup Offers

What happens to Betdaq’s £10 free bet if I win my first bet?

If you decide to go with Betdaq’s £10 free bet but end up winning your first bet instead, then your stake will be refunded on top of receiving all your winnings. This means the best way to use this bonus is to bet with at least £10, the maximum limit.

Is Betdaq’s £10 free bet applicable to Betdaq’s casino?

No. Betdaq’s £10 free bet can’t be claimed with Betdaq’s casino and is exclusive to Betdaq’s exchange and sportsbook only. Betfred’s new customer offer also has the same rules, but it's free bet has a max limit of £30.

Can I withdraw Betdaq’s £1,000 cash back bonus funds?

Yes. At the end of the first 30 days, all the commission you’ve gained up to £1,000 will be credited to your account as withdrawable funds with no strings attached. We reckon this is really good as most casinos with the same bonus apply wagering requirements.

On the other hand, you can’t withdraw Betdaq’s £10 free bet. Free bet bonus funds can only be redeemed and must only be wagered in full on back and lay bets on Betdaq's exchange.

How long does it take for the bonus funds to be credited to my account?

You can expect the bonus funds you receive with Betdaq’s cash back or free bet bonus to be credited to your account within 3 days. The cash back will be registered to your account’s Cash Back section.

What are the odds required for claiming Betdaq’s £10 free bet?

To claim Betdaq’s £10 free bet bonus funds, your first settled sportsbook or exchange

bet must have a stake of at least £10 which is then wagered at odds of 2.0 or greater on any sports except virtual ones.

This bet should be settled within 14 days after making a Betdaq account. In order to count towards the staking requirement, your free bet must be used within 7 days after creating a Betdaq account otherwise it will expire.

Additional Rewards and Loyalty Program

Betdaq doesn’t have a loyalty program at the moment. It used to have a program called “Betdaq Rewards” where players can exchange loyalty points for products and many other benefits, but it was removed some time ago.

But Betdaq still had an additional incentive up until 2 years ago. Players collected 2 reward points for every 1 commission they earned through Betdaq’s exchange. Sadly, this incentive didn’t last that long either.

Betdaq Sports Bonus

Betdaq Exchange and Sportsbook Bonus

Betdaq’s Virtual Bonus

Betdaq’s virtual bonus is pretty much the same as the free bet bonus, where the stake of your first bet is returned whether you win or lose. The only difference is you can only use the virtual bonus on, guess what, virtual sports!

These virtual sports only include horse racing and soccer. The events only last for about a minute and then a new set will begin. What’s cool about this is Betdaq’s simulator. You can watch virtual horse races and soccer matches, which makes it more entertaining!

Reality Test

Our experience with Betdaq’s £10 virtual bonus was really positive. We have to say using it is even more enjoyable than using Betdaq’s £10 free bet because the virtual races happen 24/7 simultaneously.

Also, since we used our virtual bonus on Betdaq’s exchange, we had the freedom to set the odds according to our preference, which isn’t possible with Betdaq’s sportsbook. Because there are always virtual races going on, we didn’t have to wait as well!

Bonus Withdrawal

Much like the free bet bonus, Betdaq’s £10 virtual bonus can’t be withdrawn and can only be claimed by wagering. It should be placed with odds of at least 2.0 on Betdaq’s exchange or sportsbook. You can’t claim the bonus on Betdaq’s casino.

One betting site that allows welcome bonuses to be cleared by playing casino games is BetVictor. Check out the latest BetVictor promo codes if you want signup offers that apply to a casino as well!

What to Avoid When Claiming the Bonus

The most important thing you should avoid when claiming Betdaq’s £10 virtual bonus is depositing with PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Betdaq doesn’t allow newcomers who deposit using these methods to claim the virtual bonus. Instead, you should deposit with a debit or credit card.

You should also note that Betdaq’s virtual bonus has a timeframe of 7 days, which means you have exactly one week to place your first bet from the day you activated the bonus. If somehow you fail to wager the bonus, it will be forfeited.

Verdict on Betdaq’s £10 Virtual Bonus

Since this Betdaq welcome bonus is very similar to Betdaq’s free bet bonus, it’s hard to say which one is better. In our experience, we think the virtual bonus is much more convenient as we were able to wager it on the fly right after we registered an account.

Overall Conclusion of Betdaq’s Promo Codes and Offers

Betdaq clearly became a leading betting site by offering more value than its competitors. As we’ve seen, the site continues to remain strong and relevant because it has an irresistible incentive that most people don’t find anywhere else.

This irresistible incentive is mainly Betdaq’s low to zero commission rates, which makes up for the fact that Betdaq has no loyalty program. Betdaq players don’t mind as they are more focused on taking more of their winnings and avoiding huge payout cuts.

Like most bettors using Betdaq for the first time, you’re probably looking to play Betdaq’s exchange more than its sportsbook and casino. If you are, then Betdaq doesn’t have any bonus or offer for you other than a staggering flat 2% commission.

But if you’re looking to use Betdaq’s sportsbook on top of its exchange, things definitely won’t get any better for you as Betdaq charges no commission on most sports. And don’t forget about the Betdaq promo codes you can enter on registration!

Betdaq’s £1,000 cash back bonus should be your preferred bonus if you’re one of those bettors who are in for the long haul. It’s the perfect cash back bonus because the funds you’ll get don’t come with wagering requirements and are withdrawable right away.

On the other hand, you should use Betdaq’s £10 free bet if you’re a sportsbook bettor who only bets from time to time or whenever there’s a big sports event. It can’t be withdrawn like the cash back bonus, but it gets your betting career off to a great start.

Lastly, casino players don’t have any Betdaq promo codes to use when creating a Betdaq account. Like we’ve said, Betdaq’s flagship brands are its exchange and sportsbook, so it tends to be more attentive to these two when it comes to welcome bonuses and offers.

Betdaq Bonus Code and Promo Code 2022 FAQ

🙌What are the Betdaq promo codes I can use today?

There are three Betdaq promo codes you can use today. First, there is the code “DAQBACK” which is used to activate Betdaq’s £1,000 cash back bonus. Second, you can enter the code “BDQ10” to activate Betdaq’s free bet bonus. Third, there is the code “V1010” which is needed to activate Betdaq’s virtual sports bonus.

💰What payment methods can I use to withdraw Betdaq’s bonus funds?

You can withdraw the bonus funds you receive with Betdaq’s cash back bonus using payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Revolut, Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Transfer.

🥇Can I use Betdaq’s welcome bonuses more than once?

Yes, you can enter Betdaq’s promo codes more than once as long as you’re making a new Betdaq account. However, you may only use one welcome bonus at a time.


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