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Betiton Sports Bonus
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Betiton Casino Bonus
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Betiton Esports Bonus
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We get it, you’re trying to find a betting platform that suits your needs and to allow you to compete against your friends, as well as to prove to them that your sporting knowledge is extraordinary.

Having only been around since 2020, Betiton really has not been shy in showboating and proving to their competitors that they are on route to becoming one of, if not, the best online gambling platform out there.

What better way to prove their worth than to provide their new customers with outstanding promotions? Brace yourself for these Betiton sign-up offers.

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Betiton Bonus Code & Promo Code 2024

If you’ve been trying to find a sportsbook to host your wagers and one that offers a signup bonus that will help motivate you to continue using them, then the new kid on the block, Betiton, has done just that.

The Betiton welcome offer for all of its new players is a £10 free bet as a sign-up bonus. Can you believe that? A free bet!

This bet is one of the best welcome offers out there currently, especially one offered by a new start-up company. The best part? This free bet is easy to redeem as you just sign up to the platform and simply make a deposit to redeem your bet.

Don’t worry, similarly to the articles we have on the promotional codes and bonuses offered at sportsbooks Coral and BoyleSports, we will break down the process of making your deposit and redeeming multiple offers in the article below, so stay tuned!

Betiton Welcome Offer

The Betiton welcome offer is a bonus that is applied to all new player profiles once a £15 deposit has been placed. The £15 must then be placed on a wager with at least an odds of 2-1, and only after then will you be entitled to your free bet.

However, if the bet does not automatically go into your account as it should, you can use the Betiton promo code "NEWBONUS" and this will apply the £10 free bet into your account once the initial £15 wager has been placed.

Do be aware, however, that this bet is only valid for 14 days from the day you place your first £15 wager, and therefore you will need to make sure that you use it wisely!

Our advice? Use these two weeks to research your favorite sporting events, and find your own methods of predicting the outcomes before you place your free £10 bet.

Betiton Reload Offers

Betiton offers alternative bonuses. One of these betting offers is called a reload offer. These are typically offered in major sporting tournaments, and vary from game to game.

These offers work similarly to free bets, in the way that the betting provider will offer you a certain bet if you place a wager on an advertised tournament. For example, if there is a huge football game taking place, Betiton may offer you a £10 bet on a game if you have already placed a £10 bet on it.

Also check out the Betwinner promo code to compare which is best for you!

Latest Betiton Sign Up Offer

One of the most prized offers that Betiton has to offer, is a promotion known as ‘Boostiton’.

This is a promotion that allows you to accumulate extra winnings on your wagers, depending on the number of selections you have made on your accumulator bet. With the Boostiton promotion, you can start winning 4% extra bonuses on 4-fold bets, up to a whopping 77% on a 15-fold bet!

Also check out the promo code and choose the best one for you!

Quick Guide On How To Redeem Your Free Bet

  1. Visit the Betiton website.
  2. Click on the big red button that says “join”.
  3. Fill out the details accurately using your credentials - don’t worry, we have clarified that they are safe and secure in our Betiton reviews.
  4. Deposit your £15 using your preferred method of payment, and place your first bet!
  5. Once you place a £15 wager on a 2-1 odds or higher bet, your £10 free bet should come into play.

Whether you are new to sports betting, or somewhat of a veteran, you will still need to learn the different methods of bets available that each betting platform offers. This is because these types of bets vary from one to another, and we are here to spare you the stress of looking it up yourself!

Betiton has created a very user-friendly website that is not only easy to navigate but visually pleasing. Their website works similarly to other online gambling platform websites out there. You simply select the category on which you want to place a wager on from the side of the screen, open up the league or tournament you are interested in and click on a match.

There are hundreds of different games and markets available every day on sports that are going on around the globe. Once you have found your preferred bet, simply click on the odds and it will be added to your bet slip. At your bet slip, you will simply add the value that you want to bet. There you have it.

Let’s make a start shall we? Below you’ll find all the different options of placing a sports bet at Betiton. Firstly, we will look at the most common types of bet that new players should try before moving onto the complicated accumulators:

Single Bet

A single bet is pretty self-explanatory - you just place one bet, whether that may be on a match outcome, match score, or total rounds in a fight (depending on your sport of choice).

Double Bet

For a double bet, you simply place 2 different wagers. These wagers then both get added to your final bet slip, and your overall odds will be a combination of the odds on the individual bets, multiplied by other factors. For your winnings to come through, both of these bets must succeed.


You can probably assume we are pretty good at maths now, right? A treble bet, similarly to the above two bets, requires you to place 3 different wagers on 3 selections. The overall odds on the bet will be the odds of all 3 separate wagers multiplied. The winnings will come through if the predictions are correct.

Accumulator Bet

A commonly known type of bet and one that is available in most sportsbooks out there. An accumulator works when you place 4 or more wagers on different selections. An accumulator will then form, multiplying your odds given that all predictions come through and if you predict correctly, you could be onto some huge winnings!

And now, for the more complicated types of bet offered at Betiton for all you betting veterans out there:

Trixie Bet

This is where it gets a little bit complicated. A Trixie bet is one with 3 selections but 4 different bets: 3 double bets and 1 treble. At least 2 of the 3 selections must win in order to gain any return, and if all 3 selections come back winning, then your returns will be substantial.

Yankee Bet

4 selections with over 11 different bets. Sounds complicated, we know, but just imagine the winnings if this comes through!

Your 11 bets must consist of :

  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • Four-fold accumulator

You need to make sure that at least 2 selections win in order for you to gain a return. There are various forms of the Yankee bet, such as the Super-Yankee which consists of 26 different bets. If you’re looking to find out more, make sure to visit the Betiton website.

As you can tell, there is a ridiculous variety of bets available for you to place your wager on, all the way to the goliath bet which is made up of a ludicrous 247 bets.

Just a quick note: Whenever you decide to make one of the above wagers consisting of multiple bets, your total stake will be the value of what you decide to bet multiplied by the number of different sections in your bet.

For example, let’s say you decided to go out on a limb and place £1 on a ridiculous goliath bet. Your total bet will actually be £247.

Compare bonus offers with other bookmakers! Also, read our Coral new customer offer review.

Top Tips for Taking Advantage of the Bonus

When it comes to bonuses, promotions, and free bets, you are always left to your own discretion as to how you want to use the benefits in your favor.

Unfortunately, the option of a free bet can lead to a few negative behaviors amongst bettors, such as:

  • Placing bets wildly without thought as these free bets are not technically your money, and so you won’t make the best bet you can.
  • Free bets may not be added instantly to your account - you usually need to carry out a required number of playthroughs depending on your betting platform’s terms and conditions before you can appreciate the winnings.
  • Some free bets require you to place a crazy amount of your own money before you are entitled to the free bet. For example, a betting agent may offer a £350 bonus free bet but only after you bet £1000 of your own money.

So, how can we take advantage of the free bets? Why not follow our top tips to help give you the best shot at making the most of your free bet:

1. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions:

We cannot emphasize this enough. Each betting provider has its own terms and conditions which you need to abide by in order to gain maximum benefit for your free bet. You can also try contacting customer services to confirm your free bet status and to ensure your bet goes through quickly.

However, reading the fine print is by far your best bet at making sure that your free bonus is used properly and safely.

2. Take your time:

When it comes to making a free bet, it is a common mistake for betting newbies to pick their bet without taking a second to think about their decision. Picking your bet is the most crucial point of betting, so make sure you educate yourself properly on the sports, the markets, and the types of bets available before making a decision. However, don’t take your time too much.

The Betiton welcome offer is only valid for 14 days once you make your first £15 bet, so make sure you use your time carefully.

3. Only bet what you can afford to lose:

We all hear about the tragedies that occur when people get too addicted to betting and start betting things that are above the value of which they can afford.

When you decide to make deposits and bets, make sure the money you are playing with is money that you can afford to lose. We, and all betting platforms around the globe, are not held responsible for your losses. So make sure you bet smart.

4. Be smart, keep track:

Make sure to keep track of your progress within the betting community, and the Betiton loyalty program. Making note of your wins and losses is a good way of monitoring your spending, figuring out your finances and taxable winnings, and determining whether your strategy is successful. Remember to have fun!

Betiton VIP Club And Loyalty Programme

Betiton’s overwhelming promotions do not stop there. You are in luck. Betiton offers a fantastic loyalty program that allows you to earn points that can be converted into winnings and other promotional offers as you climb the loyalty ladder. Better yet? These bonuses can add up to a mind-boggling £100 a day!

Their VIP club and loyalty program have ranks from ‘New Member’ to ‘Prestige’, which are achieved by gathering points as you place your bets. The different stages of the Loyalty Ladder give you different benefits to make your climb worthwhile.

These benefits are:

  • Birthday Bonus
  • Express Withdrawal
  • Sunday Spins on the Betiton casino
  • Higher deposit caps
  • Monthly Cashback
  • And a personal account manager

Sounds pretty crazy, right? Their VIP club is nothing but exclusive, and to achieve higher ranks and better rewards you need to be invited to join!

Betiton Esports Bonus

Betiton eSports Bonus

eSports is currently taking the world by storm. It is an ever-growing sporting industry popular in today’s younger generation, and with the coronavirus pandemic putting the world at a halt in a competitive sporting sense, eSports has become the new big thing.

Compare bonus offers with other bookmakers! Also read our Betway promo code review.

Games & Tournaments

With games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) captivating a huge audience during tournaments, it comes with no surprise that many betting providers are jumping onto the bandwagon and providing betting offers for these games.

Betiton offers an eSports betting experience like no other, and truly understands the value of the eSports market. There are currently 25 different eSport international games that you can place a wager on and one Chinese tournament.

Bonus Withdrawal

Betiton is big on eSports. They allow bets on the majority of huge games out there as mentioned above, and allow you to play a minimum wager of just £1 to allow you to enjoy the financial thrill of the tournaments. However, do take into account that the free bet offered by Betiton is only valid for the first £15 bet, so make this count!

Now, with that information in mind, why don’t you try and incorporate the Betiton welcome bonus into your eSports betting? Why not make the first £15 you ever bet one of the most enjoyable online gambling experiences and win even more than you bargained for?

We will discuss the benefits of this welcome bonus more extensively, but we want to tell you this one thing. The free bet winnings can be withdrawn immediately. This is big. Because not only are you able to withdraw the entire winnings and the bonus bet, but getting the winnings straight into your account without ludicrous playthroughs is unheard of.


There are unfortunately a few downfalls to utilizing the free eSports bonus. For example, you only have 14 days to use the offer and the odds of your initial £15 bet must be 2-1 odds or higher!


However, regardless of these minute downfalls that you may experience when placing wagers using Betiton, we believe that their welcome offers are beyond great, and will truly give you that online gambling experience. Couple the offer with the excitement of eSports betting and you will for sure find a thrill in the online gaming world as you have never experienced before.

The Final Say

Betiton, although a new start-up betting platform, comes with an overwhelming amount of services and bonuses that are hard to beat.

We believe that the first step you need to make in making your decision about which platform to choose is to sign up to Betiton and get your game on!

Betiton FAQ

🙋‍♀️Can anyone access the welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus is offered to anyone and everyone that creates an account with Betiton, deposits a minimum of £15 and places a £15 bet on a wager that has a 2-1 odds or higher.

Do bear in mind that you only have 14 days to use the welcome bonus, and so you should make sure not to go past that time limit as well as use the time wisely.

🔓Is Betiton safe?

Betiton is licensed by globally accredited committees such as the UK Gambling Committee, which gives Betiton the seal of trust.

Betiton also uses SB Technology which is safe and secure, and a part of Aspire Global, an already well-established gambling platform, therefore enforcing its safe and secure betting.

💰Are there any bonuses that do not require deposits?

Some bonus offers offered by Betiton may be added to your account if you decide to play your way through their loyalty program.

✨How can I join the VIP club?

You are automatically joined to the VIP club at Betiton by placing wagers and bets. By doing so, you win points that accumulate and add up to the required points you need to reach a certain rank in the loyalty program. Each rank entitles you to additional bonuses.

🎮Can I watch the games I bet on live?

As Betiton is an upcoming gambling platform, they have not yet added the live stream function to their website. However, we believe that due to Betiton’s popularity and an already extensive list of bonuses and services, live streaming should be added very soon.

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