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The best puns from Hearthstone’s Maw and Disorder mini-set
As the title of the mini-set shows, Hearthstone’s developers went all-on on law-related dad jokes in this latest content release. For content connoisseurs of wordplay, some of them are nothing short o
Why Classic Hearthstone’s metagame still stands as one of the game’s best
Just like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone also offers a dedicated game mode that recreates the vanilla experience: no new cards, no fancy expansions, just how things used to be. Comparing it to the clo
Battlegrounds Season 2 adds Quests, standalone rewards track as Hearthstone split continues
Ultra-popular Hearthstone autobattler mode Battlegrounds is becoming more and more of its own thing, with a new paid currency and a separate rewards track announced alongside a slate of new seasonal g
Hearthstone community in uproar over introduction of pay-to-win Battlegrounds perks
The newly announced Battlegrounds-exclusive Tavern Pass in Hearthstone comes with a lot of interesting goodies, but the fact that there are now two separate season passes to purchase, neither of which
A Less Friendly Game of Chess is this week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl
This week in the Tavern, you’ll be taking a break from investigating the death of Sire Denathrius to play A Less Friendly Game of Chess If you need a break from ladder, Standard, or sensible Hearthst
This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Cloneball
Recently in the Hearthstone universe, there was a Murder at Castle Nathria. But you can take a break from the investigation for a quick game of Cloneball. Though Cloneball is a Tavern Brawl that occu
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Hearthstone Esports

Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital collectible card game. Similar to Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering, it is a 1v1 turn-based game where the two players use their collection of virtual cards with the aim of beating their opponent.

Each player has 30 health to begin with and they use their 30-card decks - any combination of more than 3500 different cards - to get their opponent’s health down to zero first. At the beginning of the match, each player chooses from one of nine classes, each of which has its own unique cards and abilities.

Official Hearthstone tournaments are generally played in the ‘Conquest’ format. This requires each player to bring a specific number of decks, with each deck utilizing a different class. Once a player wins a match, the deck they used is removed from the selection pool. The winner is the one who wins the best-of-match-up (usually either best of three or best of five).

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