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New Schedule for the New Year: Riot Games announces future plans for 2023 Broadcasting Schedule

With 2022 coming to a close and 2023 fast approaching, the gaming year goes into transition as well. Valorant esports is on the rise with the expected onset of new fans to the debut of the franchise leagues, as well as the continued support of fans of League of Legends esports. With both games sharing fans and communities, the overlap between both esports titles has only grown larger. Thus, a revamp to the broadcasting schedule was eventually needed to relieve<span class="read-more">more</span>

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Hearthstone World Championship 2022: A look into the World of Hearthstone Esports

With the Hearthstone Season concluding soon with the Hearthstone Masters Fall Championship 2022, let's look at the Hearthstone World Championship and the Hearthstone Esports Scene. Hearthstone Esports: A Retrospect Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment's online collectible card game. The game's esports scene has tournaments with prize money as high as $1 million. Blizzard conducts the tournaments throughout the year for the game. The game also became an Esports with the launch. BlizzCon 2013 was the first Hearthstone tournament. The tournament was<span class="read-more">more</span>

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Hearthstone Masters Fall Championship 2022 Preview

Hearthstone Masters Fall Championship 2022 is the second seasonal tournament of the year after the Summer Championship and is now less than a week away.   Hearthstone Masters Structure: All the players participating in the Masters tour need an official invitation from Blizzard to participate in the tournament. To be eligible to participate, the players must be part of the EU, America and APAC region. Each Masters season is split into two seasons, viz Summer and Fall, with the World<span class="read-more">more</span>

Ganesh Jadhav