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Esports Betting / LuckyLand Slots Review / LuckyLand Slots Bonus Code

Luckyland Bonus for December - Use our Top Promo Code & Sign Up Offer

Top Social Casino: Redeem your sensational Luckyland Welcome Bonus now!

LuckyLand Slots Social Casino
LuckyLand Slots Social Casino Bonus
7,000 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Go to LuckyLand Slots
Go to LuckyLand Slots Social Casino
T&Cs apply, 21+
Bonus Details:
Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR):
Last Updated on 21/11/2022
Fact checked by: Sophie McCarthy

We think that you are going to LOVE this latest Luckyland sign-up offer! Take a look below to see how this deal could give you the perfect start at one of America’s most-loved social casinos!

It’s hard to argue with the welcome offer that Luckyland has put on. After all, any social casino that loads you up with virtual credit with no strings attached cannot be bad. Plus, you’ll find plenty more top deals as an existing customer. So keep reading to see what you get with the latest Luckyland sign-up offer!

Why deals like the Luckyland sign-up offer exist

So why is Luckyland giving you a load of free credit? It’s mainly because all other social casinos do similar deals therefore it is in the best interest of Luckyland to remain competitive. This is good news for you as it means that you can take your pick of all of these social casino promos. Let’s have a closer look at how good the deal from Luckyland really is!

Your guide to getting and using the Luckyland sign-up offer

So what do you get with this deal? Well, you get 7,000 gold coins and 10 sweeps coins. What are gold and sweeps coins? They are simply the virtual currency you use as stakes for the games featured at Luckyland. This means that you could sign up to Luckyland for the first time, get your coins and play all of the slots without having to spend any money. What more could you possibly want?

Let’s have a look at how to get this offer. It’s a welcome bonus which means that you can only get it if you have never signed up to Luckyland before. The sign-up procedure is beyond simple. You just need to fill in the registration form with your email address, date of birth and then come up with a password.

Once you have verified your account with some ID, you should find that you have been gifted your coins. Now you can get down to business in playing literally dozens of slots without having spent a single nickel. Not bad!

Five tips for using the Luckyland sign-up offer

We think that even total newbies would have a hard time in making a mess of this social casino bonus. However, we hate to see a good deal go to waste, so here are five simple tips for using your extra wagering credit.

Research each slot

There’s a wide variety of slot games at Luckyland, and some are better suited to certain kinds of players than others. Some gamers might be delighted to play a game with hundreds of ways to win, while other people will be happier with a slot that features just a handful of paylines. So be sure to read the descriptions of each slot at Luckyland so that you can find one that is right for you.

Focus on one game

Sure, Luckyland has dozens of slots, but you will probably be better off if you focus your efforts on just one slot game. This is because each slot is packed with special features and it can take some time to understand how each slot works. After all, you’ll need to figure out what things like cascading wilds do and you will need to see what you need to do to trigger any bonus rounds. Thankfully each slot we played at Luckyland was great fun, so you’ll enjoy using your bonus whatever game you play.

Budget your stakes

All experienced casino gamers know the importance of setting a sensible budget. We’re not talking about any complicated bankroll strategy like the Martingale strategy here, just that you should try and make your welcome offer last as long as possible. This is because everyone loses every now and then, and it’s best to factor in these losses by setting sensible-sized bets.

Read the small print

We realize that Luckyland operates a little differently from a regular casino site. So it might be a good idea to read through the terms and conditions of the Luckyland site so that you can see how a social casino like this works. The good news is that the T&Cs contain lots of handy information about how you can get more coins after the welcome offer has run out.

Don’t worry too much

So let’s say that the unthinkable has happened and that you have somehow managed to use up 7,000 gold coins without landing a single win. Well, you shouldn’t feel too sad. This is because Luckyland has plenty more promotions that will shower you with even more virtual currency. Take a look below and we’ll examine some of the best deals that existing customers at Luckyland can get!

Read our Luckyland promo code FAQ

So this welcome offer is seriously easy to use. Still, we realize that there are gonna be some people out there who’ve never used a social casino bonus before. So check out the following FAQ that’ll help you answer some common questions.

1. Who can get the Luckyland sign-up offer? 

Anyone can get the welcome offer who has never created an account at Luckyland before. This means that as long as you are creating your first account, you could find thousands of gold coins waiting for you. However, you will need to be at least 18 years old to play at Luckyland and playing from one of the permitted states - pretty much any US state with the exception of Idaho and Washington.

2. Is it a no deposit bonus? 

Yes, it most definitely is. You can simply get this deal just by signing up to Luckyland for the first time. In fact, you can go a fair amount of time at Luckyland without having to make any kind of deposit because it’s a social casino that gives you virtual credit for gaming completely free of charge.

3. Are there any time limits? 

Yes, there are. You will only get 60 days to use your coins before they expire and are removed from your account. These time limits apply for all of the other coins that you’ll get when you play at Luckyland.

4. Can you withdraw your coins? 

No, the coins that you get from this welcome offer are merely a form of virtual credit that you can use as stakes for slots gaming. However, if you win games you enter with sweeps coins, any winnings that you make from your gameplay will come in the form of yet more sweeps coins that can actually be withdrawn once your balance reaches at least $50.

5. What can I use the welcome offer on? 

You can use your coins on all of the slot games featured at the Luckyland site. The good news is that there are well over 20 slot games here and they all have cool features like multipliers, respins and so on. Just remember that Luckyland doesn’t feature any table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker, so you won’t be able to use your virtual credit on anything like that.

More deals beyond the Luckyland sign-up offer

While Luckyland doesn’t have anything in the way of a regular reward program, it does have plenty more promotions that’ll keep you stocked up with sweeps coins. Here’s a quick overview of some of the deals that existing customers at Luckyland can get.

Daily coins bonus: This deal is as easy to get as falling off a log. All that you have to do is to log into your Luckyland account and then you’ll get a big batch of coins. Then you can do this tomorrow, the day after, and every following day to get more virtual credit on a daily basis. Surely the simplest social casino promo in the world!

Social media contests: Luckyland has a great track record for putting on social media promotions for those big public holidays. This means that if you take part in one of these slot gaming contests you could win a fair amount of sweeps coins.

Postal requests: OK, so this isn’t really a promotion, but it is a great way to get more coins. All you have to do is to send a postal request to the Luckyland offices in New Hampshire saying that you want to get more coins. If you do this, then Luckyland will hear your wishes and you’ll find lots more virtual credit sitting in your account. Easy!

LuckyLand Slots Social Casino Bonus

What you get with the Luckyland sign-up offer

This welcome offer from Luckyland simply gives you 7,000 gold coins and 10 sweeps coins (it’s a good idea to double-check the site though as these offers do change occasionally). This is a fixed amount that is granted to all new customers who register their first-ever account at Luckyland. So if you got this deal you’d get thousands of sweep coins which act as a kind of virtual credit you can use as stakes on your slots gaming. A suitably enjoyable introduction to a seriously fun social casino site!

Reality test - This Luckyland sign-up offer is so easy to use!

Let’s take a look at how we used this welcome deal from Luckyland. First of all, we just had to sign up to the social casino. This proved to be a pretty straightforward process and it took us just a couple of minutes to enter in details like our date of birth, email address and so on.

Once we had set up our account, we found that we were instantly given 7,000 gold coins to play with. From here we started using these coins as stakes for the Galactic Blast slot. Things didn’t go too well so we moved on to the Forbidden Fortunes slot game where things got better and we started to make some decent wins. However, things really took off when we played Mardi Gras Money as we earned some awesome rewards!

Bonus withdrawal - No concerns with the Luckyland bonus code

Get pretty much any casino promo and you’ll be hit with wagering conditions that are a real nightmare. However, this deal from Luckyland is a real breeze as it has nothing in the way of any wagering requirements.

Obviously, you can’t withdraw the coins from the bonus, but anything you win with the sweeps coins from the deal can be withdrawn without having to roll it over dozens of times. All of which makes for a much more enjoyable social gaming experience.

Pitfalls of the Luckyland sign-up offer

This is easily one of the most user-friendly casino bonuses we’ve come across. This is because you can use the coins on all of the slot games featured at Luckyland with no restrictions. Plus there are no limits on how many coins you are allowed to wager at a time on these slots.

The only thing to be careful of is the fact that this deal has important time limits. These essentially give you just a couple of months to use your coins, which is more than enough for most people. Beyond this, there’s really nothing else to worry about.

Conclusion - Final thoughts on the Luckyland sign-up offer

Luckyland has come up with a deal that serves as a great introduction to this social casino. After all, it doesn’t cost you a dime to get this deal and it can give you lots of wagering credit you can use to see if the slot games are right for you.

Obviously, there are some people who find social casinos fail to have the quality that you get at regular online casinos, but we think Luckyland has done a great job with its games and its promotions. All of this means that you should sign up to Luckyland, get the welcome offer and see what you can win!

Social Casino Bonus
LuckyLand Slots
Social Casino Bonus
7,000 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Go to LuckyLand Slots
Get Bonus

Conclusion - Simply a great Luckyland sign-up offer and much more!

We think that Luckyland has done a great job with all of its promotions. The fact that you get so many different ways to pick up virtual credit means that both new and existing customers at Luckyland are going to feel very happy.

To be honest, we think that each of these deals are equally as good. After all, they are all simple to get and won’t cost you anything (except for a postage stamp for one of the promos).

This means that you can play some amazing slot games without spending a single cent and you could even get lucky and earn some real value rewards. So make sure that you register an account at Luckyland and get a helping hand with your social casino gaming!

Luckyland sign-up offer FAQ 

💰Is there a Luckyland no deposit bonus?

Read our guide to see if you can get the Luckyland sign-up offer without you having to spend any of your own money. After all, if you have read some of our reviews of other social casinos like our Pulsz reviews, you will know that these operators are keen to give you lots of free virtual credit. So our guide will let you know whether you can play at Luckyland without having to put down a deposit.

📱Can I get a promo on the Luckyland app?

Make sure that you read our guide to see whether you can get the Luckyland sign-up offer on the brand’s mobile app. After all, many of the new social casinos are releasing apps that give their customers a much more convenient way to play from a smartphone or tablet. All of which has us hoping that Luckyland has an app that’s packed with great deals!

🎁What do I get with a Luckyland Slots bonus code?

Check out our review of the Luckyland sign-up offer to see what you get with this deal. We’ll examine what kind of welcome promo this is and show you what you need to do to claim this special offer. You’ll also get to see how this deal compares with the promos found in our reviews to see which social casino has the best promotions.

💵 Can I make real money wins with a Luckyland promo?

Be sure to read our guide to see if you can make real money wins with the latest Luckyland sign-up offer. After all, if you know anything about online social casinos, you will know that they will normally only let you play with a kind of virtual credit. All of which could have a big impact on whether you can make real money wins at these social casino sites.

❓How do the Luckyland Slots welcome offer work?

We’ve created an honest and practical guide to using the Luckyland sign-up offer. This will reveal what the welcome offer is and we’ll show you how you can use the deal for wagering on dozens of different slot games. Don’t forget that we also have separate Luckyland reviews that tell you all you need to know about how this social casino operates as a whole.

Social Casino Bonus
LuckyLand Slots
Social Casino Bonus
7,000 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Go to LuckyLand Slots
Get Bonus

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