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Get Even Bigger Bonuses With BetMGM Promo Codes 2021

BetMGM Promo Codes 2021

Promo codes are one of the numerous ways through which new eSports betting sites seek to amass new followers. With the increasing number of eSports betting sites, the competition for punters’ attention gets more serious and these bookmakers utilize different strategies to attract the interest of many punters. One of these strategies is promo codes and bonuses. 

This article will examine the promo codes used by BetMGM, one of the leading eSports bookmakers in recent times. With the success and popularity amassed by the bookmaker in the casino world, we expected an outstanding promotion policy.

What are BetMgM Promo Codes?

BetMGM is the online sportsbook of the popular MGM Resort International. If you are conversant with the hospitality industry in the US, you will understand how important and popular this brand is. The company also has casinos at most of its hotels, allowing their customers to play, enjoy and wager on their favorite casino games. With the online sportsbook, the brand seeks to break into the online gambling scene, which includes the eSports betting industry.

One of the approaches employed to gain the attention of experienced and new punters in the eSports betting scene is the use of bonuses and promo codes. This approach is a popular and very effective one. We’ve all seen how many brands are trying this out.

Offering bonuses and promotions  is  an integral part of any bookmaker’s offering. From welcome bonuses for new signees to loyalty programs for long-standing punters, there are many bonuses to pique the interest of punters. Bonuses and promotions have now become normal in the industry that it seems out of place for a bookmaker not to offer any type of promotions.

This is where promo codes come into play. Promo codes are strings of characters that are used to access bonuses and promotions on eSports betting sites. Each bonus and promo has different promo codes. In this article, we will review promo codes and how they work, especially on the BetMGM eSports betting site.

BetMGM Bonuses and their Promo Codes

There are numerous bonuses and promotions offered by BetMGM for both new and old punters. These bonuses range from welcome bonuses to risk-free bets and loyalty programs. In this section, let’s have a look at these bonuses and their promo codes.

Risk-Free Bet

The first bonus that you get to enjoy on BetMGM is the risk-free bet. After creating an account with BetMGM, you need to make an initial deposit. The minimum deposit that qualifies you for this bonus is $10. After depositing at least $10, you can click on the Bonus code box below the deposit tab. In this box, you need to input the promo code to qualify you for the bonus. This promo code is PLAYBONUS.

When you input this code, you get a series of risk-free bets. What this means is that you get refunded for any bet you lose to the tune of $600. Say you place a bet on your favorite game and lose out on the bet, BetMGM will refund your wager amount up to $600.

However, there are certain wagering conditions that you must bear in mind. The most important of them is the deadline for the bonus. You need to use the free bets (the refunded bets) within one week of getting them or they will expire. 

$25 bonus credit

This is another bonus available for new signees on BetMGM. The eSports bookmaker gives you a $25 bonus credit when you create an account with them. This bonus doesn’t require a qualifying deposit. You get this bonus credit within three days of signing up with BetMGM.

There are, however, certain wagering requirements that you must fulfill to enjoy this bonus. The first one is that you must fulfill the x1 requirement. This means that you must bet an equivalent of the bonus credit before you can withdraw the winnings made from the bet credit.

For instance, if you win $30 with the bonus credit, you need to wager another $30 to enable you to withdraw the $30.

The second wagering requirement is that you have only seven days to meet the wagering requirement or you lose the bonus credit. This bonus doesn’t require any promo code to activate or qualify for this bonus.

100% Deposit Bonus

This is the last bonus available for newcomers on the BetMGM. After creating your account with BetMGM and making your first deposit, you can get 100% of your deposit matched as a free play bonus. All you need to do is enter a promo code PLAYNJFREE, and you will get 100% of your initial deposit as bonus credit. However, it is important to understand that the minimum deposit amount that qualifies you for this bonus is $10. You should also know that only the first deposit is matched, therefore you should deposit as much as you are comfortable with.

There are, as expected, certain wagering requirements that must be met. These requirements include:

A 15x wagering requirement means you need to wager fifteen times your bonus winnings. What this means is that you need to wager up to $1500 if you deposited and got $100 in bonus credit.

The second requirement is that you must complete the first wagering requirement within 14 days of receiving the bonus credit. You will forfeit the bonus credit if you don’t do this.

Lastly, this bonus credit is available for the different gambling experiences offered by BetMGM. Thus, each of these forms of gambling has different wagering requirements. The requirements discussed in this article work for the eSports section. You can check the BetMGM sportsbook for more details on other forms of gambling offered by the bookmaker.

Five Ways to Make the Best of BetMGM Promo Code and Bonuses

If you are familiar with the gambling scene, whatever the form, you will understand that there is more to betting bonuses than simply winning them. It is never enough to get bonuses. You need to find a strategy that allows you to manage your bonus credits to ensure that you make the best out of it. The failure to put an effective bonus management strategy into place usually leads to the loss and forfeiture of the bonuses in the long run.

This is why this section will examine five expert tips for managing bonus credits and making the best out of them. These tips have been used, tested, and trusted by eSports betting experts in the past. And it is needless to say that the tips worked wonders for them. Without any further ado, let’s get into these tips:

1. Know Your Games

If there ever is a piece of age-old gambling advice, it will be this tip. As a punter, you must understand the games or eSports title you are placing a wager on. This is very important to ensure that you don’t lose your bets based on a poor decision. It becomes even more important in a time where there are wagering requirements bonus credits.

Many bonuses have wagering requirements which usually include you staking a certain amount of money on games so that you can withdraw your bonus credits or winnings you made from them.

Generally, there are two reasons why you should understand and know the eSports title very well before wagering. The first one is because of the bonus credit. Most times, eSports bookmakers require you to wager your bonus credits before you can withdraw them. If you lose this wager, your bonus credit is most likely gone. One of the ways of avoiding this loss is understanding the game in which you are playing.

The second reason is due to wagering requirements which have been explained earlier. After winning the bets made with your bonus credits, you need to place a certain amount of money (usually a multiplier of the bonus credit) in a wager. Winning this wager means that you get to withdraw the winnings made from the bonus credit. Losing the bet means that you have to try again before you get to withdraw the winnings.

Therefore, you must have experience playing the eSports title before placing a wager on it. If you’re a newbie, meet up with experienced punters to put you through the intricacies of the game. Read up and watch videos on the gameplay. And most importantly, do not wager until you get a hang of the game.

2. Higher Risks Brings More Profit

As the very nature of most bonus credits and free play bonuses, they are usually very small. Now, because these bonuses are small, the only way of raking in huge winnings from them is to wager them on betting markets with high odds. When you wager your bonus credits on high odds, your winnings also get to increase considerably.

For instance, imagine wagering your $25 bonus credit on a 10 odds game. This wager will give you $250 in total. This is a considerable amount of money compared to wagering on a 2 or 3 odds game.

However, as much as betting on high odds is very lucrative, there are certain things you need to bear in mind, especially when it comes to managing your bonus credits.

The first point is that games with high odds are usually risky and you are less likely to win them. In fact, the higher the odds, the harder and less likely it is to win the game. Therefore, you understand that your quest for huge winnings can lead you to lose your bonus credit.

The second point is that you get to bet more on wagering requirements if you have a lot of initial winnings. To understand this point, consider the following instance. Let us assume that you won the $250 on your bonus credit as used in the first point. If the wagering requirement is 15x, it means that you need to wager about $3750 before you can withdraw your $250. The amount of money is high and very risky.

Therefore, it is not safe to chase high odds with your bonus credit, especially if you are a newbie or do not have enough financial backing to take on that type of wager.

3. Never Wager based on Emotions or Sentiments

The last thing you want to do as a punter is make gambling decisions based on sentiments or emotions. That means you are simply setting yourself up for the loss. Whether you are wagering with your bonus credit or your real money, it is risky and not advisable to place a bet based on emotions. When making gambling decisions, your head and mind should be clear and level. This means that you must avoid favoritism.

Favoritism: Almost all punters have their favorite teams and players. However, experienced punters set aside feelings of favoritism when wagering on their favorite teams. If research shows that your favorite team is more likely to lose the game, you will be making a big mistake to ignore the research and wager that the team will win. The same thing goes for games involving individual players.

Once your analysis of performance and form indicates the likely winner, you should go with the analysis rather than your emotions. If you feel like you cannot bet against your team, you should then avoid wagering on games involving them.

In summary, you must avoid these emotions while making gambling decisions, especially with your bonus credit.

4. Watch Out for Deadlines

As you must have noticed, a common feature with eSports bonus credits is the wagering requirement.

Wagering requirements are obligatory terms and conditions that you must fulfill before you can enjoy the bonus credit or the winnings gotten from it. One of the most common wagering requirements is that you must meet other wagering requirements within a stipulated period.

This is why you need to pay utmost attention to the timeframe of your bonus credits. You should ensure that you understand the other wagering conditions and start working on them as soon as you get your bonus. Usually, the deadline for most bonus credits from BetMGM is seven days or fourteen days.

Some eSports brands offer as much as 30 or 60 days grace for punters to claim their bonus credits. Whichever it is, you need to make sure that you are well ahead of the deadline in fulfilling the wagering conditions.

5. Promo Code

We saved one of the most important tips for last. This tip seeks to remind you about the importance of promo codes when it comes to eSports betting bonuses. While some eSports betting sites do not use promo codes for their bonuses, BetMGM and a lot of other eSports bookmakers use promo codes. This means that you need to input the promo codes for these bonuses before you can claim and enjoy them. Failure to input this promo code may lead to the loss of the bonus.

It is important to state here that there are many promo codes for different bonuses.

While some of these promo codes come from the bookmakers themselves, many promo codes are from the affiliate website, running an affiliate program with the bookmaker. Using the promo codes from affiliate websites is as effective as using the codes from the bookmaker itself.

The only difference is that using promo codes for affiliate websites results in earning and monetary rewards for these websites. Thus, you will be helping these websites make money by using their promo codes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bonus

Are there payment restrictions with the bonus?

As popular with most bonuses that have to do with deposits, you need to make the deposit that qualifies you for the bonus through a certain payment method. If you don’t use this payment method may lead to you not getting the bonus. This is why it is important to pay attention to the allowable payment methods for the bonus.

With BetMGM bonuses and promo codes, there are no payment restrictions. This means that you can use any of the acceptable payment methods to make your first deposit, qualifying you for the bonus credit. The same rule applies to the withdrawal of the bonus or its winnings. They can be made through any method.

Is there a minimum allowable deposit amount that qualifies me for the bonus?

Again, it is important to know the minimum allowable deposit that qualifies  you  for the bonus. This is a common feature with eSports welcome bonuses. As such, the failure to deposit a certain amount of money as an initial deposit makes a punter lose out on the bonus.

However, when it comes to the BetMGM Welcome bonus, the minimum deposit allowable is $10. Depositing this amount of money qualifies you for the two free bets and the 100% match deposit bonus.

It is, however, important to state that for the second bonus, the higher the initial deposit the more the bonus you get. Remember that the bonus is in percentage (100%).

What happens to the bonus if I don’t use it before the stated time limit?

The time limit attached to a bonus is as important as the bonus itself. If you wish to take advantage of any betting bonus, it is in your best interest to consider the time limit given for the bonus. With the BetMGM bonus, the same rule applies. If you fail to use the bonus within a stipulated time frame, you will lose the bonus.

Is there a wagering condition for the BetMGM bonuses?

It is a tradition in the betting industry to have certain conditions surrounding the usage and withdrawal of betting bonuses. Even if a punter gets the bonus, as long as they don’t comply with these conditions, they will not be able to use or withdraw the bonus. These conditions are known as wagering conditions and are different from one bookmaker to another.

BetMGM didn’t fail to honor this tradition, as it has certain conditions that must be met before you can claim and withdraw the bonus credits and the winnings made from it.

Is there a promo code for the bonus?

In some cases, punters will not be able to access the bonus without using the promo codes. And in some other cases, the promo code is not that important.

For the BetMGM eSports bonus, there is a promo code and it is very important. The promo code, as stated by BetMGM, is PLAYBONUS and PLAYNJFREE, and the failure to use them may lead to the forfeiture of the bonus. However, you may find different promo codes on affiliate websites and review pages.

Overall Conclusion and Verdict

BetMGM is a betting site that is dedicated to providing an awesome eSports betting experience to punters. Although it is a newcomer in the industry, it follows the footsteps of industry leaders by offering welcome bonuses to new users signing up on the betting site through its promo codes.

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