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Chumba Casino
Bonus Details:
Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR):
Chumba Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Bonus Code
Go to Chumba Casino
Go to Chumba Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Chumba Casino Social Casino Facts
Social Currency:
Gold Coins
1 USD = 120000000 GC
Cashout available:
Daily Rewards:
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VIP Program:
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Here at, we’ve seen more than just a few social casino bonuses in our time. But the Chumba Casino sign-up offer really made us sit up and pay attention, and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

Join us as we explore the promotional offer from Chumba Casino and examine what makes it stand out from the crowd. We’ll let you know whether any Chumba Casino promo code is needed to activate the bonus, and what it can be used for. We’ve even got some tips to help enhance your social gaming experience too.

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Last Updated on 12/09/2023
Fact checked by: Sophie McCarthy

Here’s why social casinos offer an introductory bonus

The Chumba Casino sign-up offer isn’t a one-off. This is something that all social casinos offer as a matter of course, as they attempt to make themselves heard above all the online noise. A quick online search for online social casinos will yield hundreds of results, but how do you know which operators are trustworthy? And with so many to choose from how can you possibly come to a decision about the best one to sign up to?

Every social casino operator is well aware of the sheer number of options available to you. So they compete with each other to offer tempting bonus promotions that can’t fail to capture your attention. You won’t be playing with real money at a social casino, but the virtual currency you’ll be playing with – known as Gold Coins – needs to be generated somehow.

Dive straight into a world of free games

Social casino operators have come to realize that there’s nothing like a tempting bonus to persuade people to take a look at their collections of games. Just about every social casino is prepared to give away some Gold Coins so that you can start enjoying their games, but the Chumba Casino sign-up offer is definitely more generous than most!

It’s a promotion that comes in two parts:

  • Sign up, create your Chumba Casino account and you’ll receive 2,000,0000 Gold Coins, plus 2 free Sweeps Coins
  • If you decide to purchase a Gold Coin package and extend your game-playing accordingly, you’ll receive a discounted offer of 3,000,000 Gold Coins for just $10. And to add to the fun, Chumba Casino is giving away 30 free Sweeps Coins too!

Is Chumba available in your state?

Check our table below to see if Chumba is available in your state so you can get your state-exclusive promo code and begin to take advantage of their bonus offers available today:

State: Bonus Offer:Bonus Code: Get Bonus:
Arizona 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino AZ
California 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino CA
Colorado 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino CO
Florida 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino FL
Georgia 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino GA
Iowa 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino IA
Illinois 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino IL
Indiana 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino IN
Louisiana 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino LA
Maryland 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino MD
Michigan 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino MI
North Carolina 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino NC
New Jersey 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino NJ
New York 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino NY
Pennsylvania 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino PA
Tennessee 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino TN
Texas 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino TX
Virginia 2 million Gold Coins
Go to Chumba Casino
Join Chumba Casino VA

How to use the Chumba Casino sign-up offer

Just about all new social casinos throughout the US offer an introductory bonus, but few of them are quite as spectacular as the one from Chumba Casino. And best of all, there are no boxes to check or bonus codes to input – just create your brand new account and watch as those two million Gold Coins arrive to give you an incredible starting balance. It means you can start spinning slots and playing table games almost immediately!

Everyone who creates an account can benefit from the first part of the Chumba Casino sign-up offer, so your 2,000,000 Gold Coins are absolutely guaranteed, along with two free Sweeps Coins. But if you decide to make a Gold Coin purchase – which is completely optional – there’s a further bonus waiting to be activated.

For the special discounted price of just $10, you can claim an astonishing 3,000,0000 Gold Coins, and Chumba Casino will also give you 30 free Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coin wins can be redeemed for cash prizes, giving you access to another layer of fun and excitement!


Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the Chumba Casino sign-up offer

Some websites tell you about the latest social casino bonus promotions, then leave you to explore them on your own. But here at, we do things a little differently. We want all of our site visitors to have the best possible gaming experience when using social casino bonuses, so we’ve put together a collection of our top tips to help you.

Take a close-up look at Chumba Casino

No matter how generous a bonus promotion happens to be, it’s only really of benefit if it gives you access to the games that you enjoy playing. And everyone has different tastes, so what seems a good fit for one gamer might not be so suitable for another.

We recommend you spend some time exploring all aspects of our informative Chumba Casino reviews. By the time you come to the end, you should have a good idea whether it’s the right operator for you. And you can easily use our comparison guides to make sure your preferred social casino ticks all the right boxes.

Don’t blow the Chumba Casino bonus all at once

The sight of two million Gold Coins sitting in a Chumba Casino account has the potential to turn heads. It gives the instant impression that you can play games like a high roller, with no concerns about how long those Gold Coins will last. And since they have no cash value, there’s no harm in going for broke – is there?

It’s true that you won’t be wagering any dollars on your gameplay, but a degree of caution is still advised. Not only is it a great habit to get into, but it will ensure you get the maximum value from your Gold Coins balance. Yes, you can purchase more Gold Coins anytime you’re running low, but it’s perfectly possible to only ever play for free – and what could possibly be better than that?

Use the Chumba Casino sign-up offer to help inform your gaming choices

It’s important to be clear about your prospects when playing games at a social online casino, such as Chumba Casino. The Gold Coins have no equivalent cash value, so you’ll be playing the games exclusively for entertainment purposes. And that gives you some outstanding opportunities to improve your knowledge and understanding of how casino games play out over time.

Playing the slot machines and table games at Chumba Casino can be incredibly useful for developing gaming strategies. You’ll get to see how all of the games operate, so you can experiment with your wagering and see if it’s possible to help yourself to an advantage. And there’s no better way of finding out all about gaming mechanics than by experimenting with some free games

Log in to Chumba Casino regularly and claim all additional Gold Coins

Those two million Gold Coins awarded as part of the Chumba Casino sign-up offer will be ready and waiting in your account just as soon as you’ve finished setting it up. And as we’ve already explained, they should last you for quite some time, depending on how much you wager and how many games you play.

But there are plenty more Gold Coins available, and not only via the coin purchase option. Absolutely no purchase is necessary to play at Chumba Casino, as there are plenty of ways to add to your Gold Coin collection, just by interacting with the website. Log in regularly to receive additional Gold Coins, and complete challenges for even more chances to scoop some freebies!

Connect up your Facebook account to Chumba Casino

You’ll be eligible to receive the Chumba Casino sign-up offer whether you sign up using your Facebook account or you opt to use your email address. Either method will qualify you to receive your two million Gold Coins and two free Sweeps Coins just for signing up. But we strongly recommend connecting via Facebook to gain the full functionality of the site.

Connecting through Facebook will give you access to exclusive prize draws and giveaways. There are always some extra Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to be claimed, and if you don’t follow Chumba Casino on social media, you’re bound to miss out on a raft of exciting offers.

Frequently asked questions about the Chumba Casino sign-up offer

Can I win real cash prizes using the Chumba Casino bonus?

Gold Coins don’t have any cash value and can only be used for playing games at Chumba Casino. Gold Coin winnings are stored in your account to be used exclusively for accessing even more games.

Can I withdraw the Chumba Casino sign-up bonus?

No, Gold Coins at Chumba Casino have no value in the real world, and they cannot be withdrawn, redeemed or transferred.

Can I purchase Sweeps Coins at Chumba Casino?

No, Sweeps Coins are free gifts that are given away by Chumba Casino, but they can’t be purchased. You can use Sweeps Coins to play any of the games at Chumba Casino, with winnings paid in Sweeps Coins. These can be redeemed for cash prizes once you’ve collected a sufficient number, according to the site’s terms and conditions.

Is there a time limit for using my Chumba Casino sign-up bonus?

Your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins don’t have an expiry date, so you can use them whenever is most convenient for you. However, we recommend you start playing the games just as soon the bonus arrives, as there’s so much to discover across the social casino website!

Do I have to purchase more Gold Coins at Chumba Casino?

No, there’s absolutely no obligation to ever make a Gold Coin purchase at Chumba Casino, as there are loads of ways of adding to your account balance for free. But there are usually a few bonus Sweeps Coins included as free gifts in the Gold Coin packages, which makes them a tempting prospect!

Social Casino Bonus
Chumba Casino
Social Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Go to Chumba Casino
Get Bonus

Ongoing promotions and rewards at Chumba Casino

Check out our Pulsz reviews, and you’ll see that some social casinos have their own rewards program and loyalty tiers, with exclusive benefits as you climb up the levels. Chumba Casino has chosen not to go down that route, but we’re so impressed by the Chumba Casino sign-up offer that we don’t feel in any way let down by that decision!

And there are absolutely loads of ways in which you can boost your Gold Coin balance at Chumba Casino, so you definitely won’t feel you’re being short-changed! Simply logging into your account regularly can result in some generous rewards, as does persuading friends and family members to join in the fun. Check out the Chumba Casino website for the full details of the different ways you can claim additional Gold Coin rewards – there’s a lot to discover!

The Latest Chumba Casino Sign Up Offer

Chumba Casino is waiting to give you two million reasons to sign up and become a member of their social casino site. That’s how many Gold Coins they’re giving away just as soon as you verify your account, with a special price for your first Gold Coin purchase on the site – and there are some free Sweeps Coins to add to the fun too!

We put the Chumba Casino sign-up offer to the test

Signing up to Chumba Casino was quick and convenient, with just an email address, name and cell number needed to get started. Once we’d clicked on an email link and inputted the activation code sent to our cell, 2,000,000 Gold Coins arrived in our account and we could get straight down to exploring the games available across the site.

Next, we decided to take full advantage of the second part of the bonus, so we activated our discounted coin purchase. For just $10 we received a staggering 3,000,000 Gold Coins, plus an extra free gift of 30 Sweeps Coins. We’d received 2 free Sweeps Coins along with the first part of the offer so now we had the choice of playing games using Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins.

Gold Coins can’t be redeemed

Gold Coins are a special virtual currency that can only be used at a social casino. They don’t have any cash value, and you can’t redeem them, transfer them or withdraw them. Use them to spin the reels of all your favorite slots, or power up some games of Blackjack or Roulette. Winnings are also paid in Gold Coins, so your account balance will rise and fall accordingly, but you can’t use it for any other purpose than playing games at Chumba Casino.

Sweeps Coins can be redeemed

Sweeps Coins are given out as free gifts when you purchase Gold Coin packages, although you can also receive them in prize draws and giveaways posted on Chumba Casino social media channels. You can’t buy Sweeps Coins, but you can use them to play games on the site. Any prizes will be awarded in Sweeps Coins too, and you can redeem them for cash prizes once you’ve fulfilled the necessary terms and conditions.

Take care with your Gold Coin purchases

There’s no obligation to ever make a purchase of Gold Coins at Chumba Casino, as the site gives them away on a regular basis. Claim coins from bonus giveaways, log into your account regularly and invite friends to sign up to claim even more Gold Coins. But if you do decide to purchase any coin packages, be sure to keep to realistic limits, and don’t get carried away!

Our verdict on the Chumba Casino sign-up offer

There’s no denying that the Chumba Casino introductory bonus is one of the most generous we’ve come across. Not only will you receive two million Gold Coins just for creating your account, but there are 2 Sweeps Coins awarded as free gifts too. And if you decide to make a Gold Coin purchase, there’s a massive discount the first time around, as well as a very special gift of 30 Sweeps Coins – which could be redeemed for real-money prizes further down the line.

Social Casino Bonus
Chumba Casino
Social Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Go to Chumba Casino
Get Bonus

Our overall verdict on the Chumba Casino sign-up offer

Here at, we think the Chumba Casino sign-up bonus really speaks for itself. Two million Gold Coins is one of the most generous bonus promotions we’ve come across – and you don’t need to input a Chumba Casino bonus code to get started - just create your account and start playing those games!

Whichever way you examine it, there’s no denying that this is a truly spectacular bonus from Chumba Casino. And it’s one that we think deserves a closer look. So pay the site a visit, check that it offers plenty of the games you love, and prepare to start having fun!

Chumba Casino Sign-Up Offer FAQ

💰 Is the Chumba Casino bonus genuine?

Come and pay us a visit at, where we’ve got the full details of the latest Chumba Casino sign-up offer. We’ve put together a comprehensive operator and bonus review, giving you all the facts you need to know, including whether the offer is genuine. If you’re thinking of signing up for a social casino, you need to check this out first!

✨ Does Chumba Casino have the best sign up promotion?

Choosing your perfect online social casino is very much down to personal taste, but we’ve got incredible resources that put you firmly in charge! Read what we have to say about Chumba Casino, compare our findings against our reviews, and decide which option is right for you. We’ve even got useful tips to help you make the most of your social casino experience – come and see!

❓ What’s on offer with the Chumba Casino bonus?

Come and check out our informative reviews and comparison guides to discover the social casino that’s perfect for you. We’ve got the complete details of every offer, including what you get and how you claim it. We’ve even got advice that will help you make the most of your gaming opportunities, so don’t miss out!

Social Casino Bonus
Chumba Casino
Social Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Go to Chumba Casino
Get Bonus

User Reviews for Chumba Casino Bonus

5/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Love this game
    Char char

    If anything goes wrong it gets fixed pretty quick

    The cash games should all start out low in cost

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Social Casino
Chumba Casino
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Chumba Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Bonus Code
Go to Chumba Casino
Go to Chumba Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+
Chumba Casino Bonus Details
Social Casino
2 million Gold Coins
Type: Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR): -
Min. Purchase: -
Cashable: No
Bonus Code
Go to Chumba Casino
Go to Chumba Casino
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