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League of Legends (LOL) Esports

Currently, League of Legends (often referred to as LOL) is one of the most popular eSports in the worl, with a life span of over 12 years.

In League of Legends, teams begin on opposite corners of the map, the winning team at the end of the match will have destroyed the other team's Nexus. In order to do this, they must destroy the other team's players as well as AI controlled enemies, known as "minions", populating the map.

Each map in League of Legends is split into three lanes. These are walkways that lead to each team’s Nexus. They are designed to funnel players towards one another and towards enemy turrets dotting each lane. Turrets are large structures that will attack an enemy if they come too close. Each team will have their own strategy when it comes to which lanes they focus on and the tactics they use to push forward.

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