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Is Mr Play Legit or a Scam?

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Mr Play is a relatively new bookmaker. Created in 2017 by Aspire Global International LTD, Mr Play was designed to become the number one spot to bet with. However, questions have been raised about Mr Plays legitimacy.

The bookmaker has exceptional odds that seem far too good to be true. A dedicated casino, excellent sign up bonuses and more. Still, many question if Mr Play is the new bookmaker for them, or another scam they should avoid. That’s why this Mr Play review is here to give you a breakdown of the site. Our eSports betting reviews aim to give you the clearest picture on what is best for you.

Mr Play bonus offer

  • Very good odds compared with other betting sites.
  • A good selection of eSports in their sportsbook.
  • Great sign up options that make them worth trying.
  • Customer support is not 24/7.

Mr Play comes with a very good bonus offer for new sign ups. Players who are new to the book maker can claim 100 spins for free, plus a match of 100% up to $200 on your first deposit.

That means you can claim a huge bonus to play with on your first deposit at Mr Play, which is free to use on any of the services that Mr Play provides.

So if you’ve got a confident bet coming up, or you like the look of Mr Play’s various slot machines and casino games, this is the time to sign up!

This is a really awesome deal, and one we would recommend taking advantage of.

We are always on the look out for Mr Play promo codes too.

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The Mr Play website

On first impression, Mr Play doesn’t look like much.

The site takes a long time to load, whilst also looking very old. The spinning chip in the centre of the screen indicates loading, and it takes a long time to disappear, although the website appears loaded behind it.

On the actual site, things are laid out in a simple way. There is a strange graphic above the banner, indicating the welcome offer. The graphic could be seriously improved to indicate a more mature and serious experience to the user.

Below this, all of the slot machines on offer are displayed in rows.

However, the website functions well from a usability standpoint. The banner is simple enough and all of the options are clearly laid out. You can access multiple games of your choice straight from the home page, and despite being plain, the website being white makes it easy to read.

The casino is just as simple, you simply pick the game you want to play from the Home Screen and it will take you right to the game. Although incredibly simple, Mr Play is efficient in its layout.

Moving onto the sportsbook, it is genuinely impressive. Every sport, today’s events and highlights are all clearly displayed and simple to navigate. It’s so simple to find the bet you want to place, browse top odds and see your bet slip without much trouble.

There are also several ads letting betters know about Mr Play promotions and things they can take advantage of to get the most out of their bet. We would recommend keeping an eye on this section to see how to get the best out of your bet.

For example, currently Mr Play are advertising their bet play boost, which means you can get up to 77% more out of your bet- something we’re sure you’d want to take advantage of!

Overall, Mr Play’s website does a lot of things well, but also suffers from looking very dated in places. We liked the simple layout of the sports book and the website, but dated pop-ups and ugly graphics really hold the experience back.

With some improvements, Mr. Play could be a solid all around betting experience, but as it stands, there is a considerable way to go.

How to pay on Mr. Play

Payment methods on betting websites are crucially important. Not only do users want to be secure, but there needs to be an inclusive range of payments.

Mr Play does have a lot of payment options, however, not all of them are viable for all customers. 

In the US, your only payment options are:

  • Visa/MasterCard transfers: instant deposit, 0-6 days withdrawal.
  • Skrill: instant deposit, 0-2 days withdrawal.
  • Neteller: instant deposit, 0-2 days withdrawal.
  • MuchBetter: instant deposit, 0-2 days withdrawal.
  • ecoPayz: instant deposit, 0-2 days withdrawal.
  • AstroPay: instant deposit, 0-4 days withdrawal.

As you can see, there are a range of options for US customers to choose from. We were pleased to see that they all have minimal withdrawal times, and every option is an instant deposit.

We didn’t see any information that made the US payment options ineligible for bonus payments.

We also didn’t see a minimum deposit limit on any of the payment options, although there are minimums on the bonus deposits.

The next step for Mr Play would be to bring payment options such as Paypal to the US, as it is a hugely popular and safe way to pay for all customers. Right now Paypal is only available in the UK. 

It is good to see Mr Play including more options like AstroPay and ecoPayz into their options as this gives customers a wider range of security to place their bets with.

All payment screens come padlock secured and Mr Play has a guarantee that their website is safe to put your card details into.

Customer service & support

Sometimes your betting experience isn’t as smooth as it could be, and you’ll need to talk to someone about your issues.

Mr Play customer support is available 7 days a week, from 8am-12am on live chat. These long periods for the live chat mean that whenever you have an issue, Mr Play’s support team is there to help you.

Mr Play believe in C.A.R.E, or ‘Customers are really everything’, so they say that they should always be there to help their customers. However, customers report that reply times are slow and sometimes that the customers are not much help.

When we spoke on the live chat, we did experience long wait times, but our customer advisor was happy to help with our small problems on the site.

Mr Play’s customer service isn’t bad, and in our experience it was fine, but we have seen that many customers have not had a good experience.

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Mr Play Licences & Security

We have already covered that Mr Play has several secure payment options, but is their licence as a betting site legitimate?

Mr Play’s ownership group, Aspire Global are owners of several popular sports books across the world such as William Hill, Betfair and 888 casino. As such, Mr Play has a credible venture behind it, and Aspire Global has all relevant security measures in place.

As for Mr Play, there is relevant betting insurance in place and they hold relevant betting commission licensing in the UK and Europe.

What holds Mr Play back is it being a relatively new casino. 

Other sports books and online casinos have a long history and a reputation behind them across the world. Many are common names that are heard and trusted. When placing money down, you need that security in that you trust a brand.

Mr Play does not have this. And for as long as it continues to look outdated, the promise of competitive odds and variety will not get it much further than a risky sports book.

While all documentation is there and legit, and we like Mr Play for its variety, there are plenty of customers who have found it to not be for them. As such, Mr Play currently sits in a difficult place as to if it is completely secure and legit to use.

Is Mr Play legit?

Claims aside, Mr Play is a completely legit online casino. Their operator: Aspire Global International, is fully registered in the UK and internationally with both a UKGC and an AGCC.

Many people questio if operators such as Partypoker are legit.

From our research we can see that  Mr Play is legit, and we  trusted the operator's licence.

These licences call for total transparency when operating, and betting commissions only authorize them when they feel a casino is completely fair and safe to use.

Getting an AGCC is understandably not easy to obtain and requires the operator to completely cooperate with the betting commission. It’s safe to say that if your sports book is accredited by these organizations, it is safe to use.

Many sites are accused of scamming customers for being unfair.

Like this example: there is no reason to believe there is a Sportingbet scam.

That isn’t to say that user’s claims of unfair gaming aren’t unwarranted.

Mr Play’s TOS does constrict the player slightly, and compared with other big sports books, you can feel like you are at a disadvantage when using Mr Play, but there are several things to like about the operator too.

We cover this and more in our Sporting Index rating and review!

mr.play Sports Betting

Mr Play sports betting

To complete Mr Play’s varied sports book, there are a great number of regular sports on offer too.

From Premier League soccer to horse racing, you’re sure to find something on Mr Play.

We like the variety that Mr Play has gone for, instead of focusing on something specific like other larger book makers do successfully, Mr Play have opted to offer several sports to customers and the odds to go with it.

Betting Odds

The odds on the sports book are some of the best you will find online. Not only are there many sports to choose from, but you do well to bet with Mr Play.

Looking at the Champions League Qualifier between Prague and Monaco, odds for a Sparta Prague win are 3/1, at competitor Sky, they are 14/5.

This is similar for much of Mr Play’s sports book, and should you be into sports betting over casino games, Mr Play could be the sports book for you.

Live Betting and Limits

There is no live betting or streaming for any of the traditional sports that Mr Play offers. Something many betting fans will be upset about, and a huge issue for the usability of the site.

To counter this, Mr Play do have an option to look over statistics from an affiliate website on some sports such as soccer. An interesting counter and one that other websites would be wise to adopt, but still does not fix their streaming problem.

We would recommend using your promotional offer at Mr Play to use some of these odds that the bookmaker offers, and see what your feelings are on the site following this.


We wanted to like Mr Play’s sportsbook, because the odds are fantastic, and the variety is some of the best in the industry. There is also a great variety of options in terms of what games players can place a bet on. We'd love to see them bring live streaming to update their offerings!

mr.play Esports

Mr Play eSports

From our eSports betting reviews, we know it takes a lot to get esports betting right. 

Luckily, Mr Play is on the right path. 

There are a wide range of sports on offer too, meaning whatever you like should be covered by Mr Play.


We scrolled through the options to find 42 eSports matches to bet on. This covered events such as the League of Legends LPL (Chinese league), the French LoL league, League of Legends UKLC (UK league), the DotA 2 champions league, and the Rainbow Six European League.

This amount of options was massively impressive, covering a wide range of eSports titles and leagues that some of the largest sports books wouldn’t carry.

If League of Legends isn’t your thing, then Mr Play still has you covered. Various CS:GO tournaments are covered, from the We Play academy league all the way up to the Major finals.

You’ll find plenty of options within these too, such as map count, round count and overall winner.

Other shooters such as Rainbow Six Siege and Valiant are also covered by the sports book. Rainbow Six has a large presence, with leagues in several countries like France and North America being covered.

Valorant, still in its early stages as an eSport, only has the VCS (Valorant Championship series), which Mr Play offer.

The OWL (Overwatch league) and Starcraft 2 GSL, also have a place in the sports book.


As said earlier, Mr Play have some great odds on their sports books.

Navigating the sports book is surprisingly simple. When you click on sports on the home page, you will be taken directly to Mr Play’s sports book. From this page you can see highlighted or popular options, and the current games it has on offer are clearly displayed and easy to find.

Odds for eSports were good also. Taking a look at the UKLC game between London eSports and MnM Gaming, London are clear favourites for the game as they sit at the top of the standings with a 9-6 record, whereas MnM are bottom of the league.

The odds reflect this. A win for MnM is currently 3/10, whereas betting on London is 33/20. Betting on MnM would yield a huge reward, whereas London is the safe bet.


You can also customise the bet with Mr Play. As the UKLC uses a best of 5 series, you can bet on outcomes in map count and individual map winners. Whilst the options don’t go much further than that, the odds are great and worth experimenting with.

Mr Play could in future add further customisation options to make its eSports betting that much more appealing, especially against competition like Novibet.

Want to compare operators? Read our Novibet review!


So no matter your game of choice, there’s definitely a reason to bet with Mr Play. The immense variety makes this one of the most exciting eSports books around, we really were impressed with the great range of eSports and including less featured eSports like Starcraft is impressive.

Mr Play Conclusion

Looking over Mr Play, we have found many things we like about it. The eSports section really stood out to us as being a competitor to some bigger sports books, and the odds for the matches were fantastic.

The Mr Play rating has a lot to do to increase, but right now, it is in a good enough place to try out.

The sports book is the best feature of Mr Play. It looks and feels modern to use, and the odds compete with the most popular books in the world. We also love the variety it presents to the customer, and its eSports options are worth the sign up alone.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the critical flaws Mr Play bring up. It’s reputation among customers is not good, presenting an instant challenge to new customers wanting to try out the service for the first time.

It’s sad that the site’s first impression is also unprofessional, as Mr Play’s service looks severely outdated and like it could be a scam. Under this surface, Aspire Global is actually running a very fun sportsbook and casino, with hundreds of gaming options to try out.

It’s just unfortunate that many customers will choose not to get to that point.

It means that Mr Play is a difficult site to place. It has many negatives, but positives to counter them.

We would recommend trying out Mr Play, and seeing what it can offer you, and making your own decision from there.

FAQ Mr Play Reviews

✅Is Mr Play legit?

Overall, we found no evidence to suggest Mr Play were illegitimate. However, we understand some customers have expressed displeasure about the site and its terms of service.

🤩Is there a sign up bonus with Mr Play?

Yes, and it is a very good one. You’ll be treated to 100 free spins and a 100% bonus match on your first deposit up to 200$, we’d recommend using this.

💰Where can I use Mr Play?

Mr Play can be used in some states across America, but betting laws apply. You can also play in the UK and across Europe.

📱Is there a Mr Play app?

Yes there is a Mr Play app. However, this is only available on Android. There seems to be no plans to release an iOS app any time soon.

🚀Can I live stream sports with Mr Play?

No. There are no live streaming or live betting options on the site as of right now. We cannot find any information to suggest they will include this feature.

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