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Best Browsergames / Play Grepolis online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Play Grepolis online for free on PC & Mac: Review, Gameplay & Costs 2024

Last Updated on 09/02/2024

Grepolis Guide & Gameplay - Is it free to play?

Have you ever wanted to have your own Greek empire? If you play Grepolis online, this MMO browser game will let you live out your fantasies of building and managing your very own ancient Greek city.

Put your city planner hat on and build your personalised Greek city with this free-to-play, browser-based strategy game from InnoGames. Draw from the strength of ancient Greek gods and the power of famed Greek heroes to keep your city afloat and growing. In this article, we will highlight all that there is to look forward to in this game.

Grepolis Online
Pro and Con
  • Cross-play between browser and mobile
  • Cross-server competitions
  • A large suite of customizable gods and heroes
  • Gets more complex as you progress
⭐️ Rating 4.4/5 💵 Genre MMO
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic City-building/History
🕹️ First founded December 2009 Developer InnoGames
🔒 Active players +16 million 📱 Devices PC & Mobile

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Who developed the Grepolis PC game?

The massively multiplayer Grepolis game was developed by the German game development company InnoGames in 2009. Since its inception, the game has quickly grown in popularity and is one of the best strategy games in this genre of city-building games.

The name is a combination of the words Greek and metropolis, symbolizing a metropolis that is Greek and is being built with the use of ancient Greek gods and heroes.

Grepolis Online
Grepolis (4.4/5 ⭐️)
  • Browser and mobile friendly
  • Cross-server competitions
  • Great customizable gods and heroes
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Grepolis review – exciting and history-driven plot

For lovers of Greek history and mythology, Grepolis is one of the best browser games you can play. The plot is driven by ancient Greek history and mythology, while all the in-game characters and features are linked to ancient Greek society.

The objective of the game is both simple and complex. You need to develop and build a powerful city in ancient Greece and win wars that lead your people to victory and a peaceful life. For that, you are expected to build an army, gather valuable resources, and conquer other city-states with the help of your army and Greek heroes.

Given that Grepolis is an MMO game, you can also team up with other players to form alliances and combat enemies to secure victory. To produce the resources that you will need to raise your army, you also have to build a strong economy.

We love this kind of unique storytelling that brings together the worlds of history and strategy-driven gaming.

Is Grepolis free to play? Grepolis costs discussed

Have you been curious to find out how much Grepolis costs? We have some fantastic news for you! Grepolis is completely free of charge. You can play Grepolis for free online on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device.

We are happy to report that our Grepolis review didn’t uncover any sneaky or hidden charges for the game. As is standard for even the best browser games, there is an in-game cash store where you can purchase different powers and resources to enhance your gameplay.

Grepolis Online
Grepolis (4.4/5 ⭐️)
  • Browser and mobile friendly
  • Cross-server competitions
  • Great customizable gods and heroes
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What are some of the main highlights of the Grepolis browser game?

We had such a fun time trying this game out. There is a lot to like about the Grepolis PC game, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share these highlights with our readers:

🏛️ Immersive gameplay that is driven by history and mythology

The storyline of the game is largely influenced by Greek history and mythology which helps to keep the game interesting and adds value to it.

🇬🇷 Build your army of Greek heroes

As a leader of the army, there are a lot of considerations that you need to manage. Which cities will be part of your conquest? How will you feed and train your army? What resources do you need to ensure that your army continues winning? These are some questions you will be tackling.

🥷 Form alliances with other players of the game

The Grepolis game allows you to form alliances with other players so you can combine forces and conquer the territories that you want. This multiplayer aspect keeps the game fun and engaging, while allowing you to mingle with other players.

A-Z on the Grepolis gameplay – build your city-state

We tried out the Grepolis gameplay and reviewed it based on the following three parameters. Here is an overview of what we thought about the Grepolis gameplay:

🕹️ Gameplay Element 📝 Our Notes ⭐️ Rating
Game design The game design is inspired by ancient Greece and we love the aspect of city-state building. Players have to choose from one of the following city-states: Athens, Sparta, Argos, and Thebes. Each state’s design corresponds with its real-life design, which is a big credit to the game developers. 10/10
Game mechanics The game mechanics of Grepolis revolve around fundamental skills such as resource management, time management, technology research, skill-building, and more. It allows the player to develop these skills and improve their ability to strategize. At times, these can be a little complex to manage. 9/10
Sound effects From arrows flying through the air to the sounds of a horse galloping, there are plenty of realistic sound effects in the game to keep it realistic. Sometimes the effects are a bit much but you can mute the sound whenever you want. 7/10

Form alliances with other players and conquer new territories

One of the most crucial elements in the Grepolis gameplay is the ability to liaise with other players. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to request another player to combine their army with yours and take down your enemies together?

This strategy game reflects a very prominent policy in the real world – strength lies in unity! If you can unite and form alliances with your fellow players, you will be able to conquer the territories you want quickly and efficiently.

Browser Games Guide: Fun is guaranteed

Where can I play Grepolis?

Since Grepolis is a browser-based strategy game, you can play it on your web browser from any kind of laptop or computer. For those who want a Grepolis download, you will be happy to know that the game can also be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. You can play the game from your phone, on the go, any time you want!

Grepolis Online
Grepolis (4.4/5 ⭐️)
  • Browser and mobile friendly
  • Cross-server competitions
  • Great customizable gods and heroes
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Are there in-game purchases in Grepolis?

Like most other browser games, you can play Grepolis online for free, but the game does offer the ability to purchase extra resources or coins from its in-game cash store. You can buy things like building materials, gold and silver, points for research, unit training and healing speedups, attack/defense boosts and so much more. Check out the in-game store for more information on the pricing for these purchases.

Final verdict on Grepolis – excellent strategy game

In our Grepolis review, we found out that it is a game that goes beyond the typical browser game. With the judicious mix of history, mythology, and strategy, Grepolis has created a fantastic strategy-based browser game that teaches you the principles of life.

From boosting your economy to building your army, there is a lot to look forward to in this game. By participating in strategy making, you will be able to develop serious analytical skills, while having a great time gaming. We give Grepolis a big thumbs up!

Grepolis review FAQ

❓Is Grepolis free to play?

Browser games are often free to play, with the option of players boosting their gameplay with in-game purchases. If you want more information on Grepolis and whether or not it is free to play, we invite you to check out our complete Grepolis browser game review.

📲Can I download Grepolis app?

Grepolis does have a mobile version, which can be downloaded in the form of an app. However, this app is only compatible with certain types of devices. If you want to find out whether your device is compatible with the Grepolis app, check out our Grepolis browser game review.

⁉️How do I play Grepolis?

Before you play Grepolis, you will need a good understanding of Grepolis’ gameplay. You will need to have a strategy, which will be based on whether or not you are capable of making alliances with other players. To find out how you can play Grepolis and what the gameplay is like, give our Grepolis game review a read.

⁉️Who developed Grepolis?

Some of the best browser games have been developed by the same developers who built Grepolis. To find out about the developers behind the Grepolis browser game, check out our full Grepolis browser game review.

Grepolis Online
Grepolis (4.4/5 ⭐️)
  • Browser and mobile friendly
  • Cross-server competitions
  • Great customizable gods and heroes
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