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Want some great bonuses to improve your odds and boost your bets? You came to the right place. Welcome to our Spreadex sign-up offer and promo codes review!

Spreadex has a great sports betting section, being a very popular bookmaker around the world. To help you make the best out of the site, and enjoy some great promo codes, the Strafe team selected the best bonuses for you, some awesome tips and everything you need to know about Spreadex. Keep reading!

Spreadex bonus offers

Formed in 1999, Spreadex is one of the most traditional bookmakers in Europe. The company has a very established reputation when it comes to trading and gambling, being one of the favorite betting sites of many players.

The big difference between Spreadex and other bookmakers is the Spreadex trademark: offer spread-betting and fixed odds betting from the very same account. 

Overall, if you love the adrenaline rush or if you like a more conservative game, Spreadex has bets and great bonuses for you. The site will offer promotions to fixed odds, spread-bets, social media followers and also a refer and earn program. Let’s see more about it next.

You can also find out more about other operators' promo codes here at Strafe.com. Check our review on Betregal sign-up bonus!

How to use Spreadex bonuses

Spreadex offers its players some great bonuses. Basically, they will be divided into welcome offers and bonuses for existing clients, and also in fixed odds and spread-betting.

You can also check our Spreadex review and know more about this bookmaker!

Spreadex welcome offer

Spreadex sign-up offer provides to new users 2 types of welcome bonuses. You won’t be able to use both offers, so be smart when you choose.

The first one is the fixed odds bonus. Basically, you will earn 5 bets of £5 each during five consecutive days. The bets will have fixed odds, but to claim the Spreadex welcome offer you will have to:

  • Create a new account on the Spreadex website.
  • Deposit £25 and claim the bonus within 28 days.
  • Place a smaller bet with a minimum of £10 and odds of 1/2.

The second one is the spread bonus for new accounts. This one is very attractive because it will give you 2 free spread-bets of £5 each and also a £300 cashback on selected spread betting markets. To claim this Spreadex welcome offer, you need to:

  • Create a new account on the Spreadex website.
  • Make your first deposit, minimum £10.
  • Place a fixed odds £10 bet with minimum odds of 1/2.

A fun thing about this bonus is that instead of earning £300 cashback, you can choose to receive an iPad if you bet £300 within 28 days. All you need to do is get in touch with the Spreadex customer team through email or phone.

Spread-free bets

Spread-bets are one of the most popular types of bet, especially between veteran players, and also one of the highlights of Spreadex. The spread-free bonus is proof of that.

Designed for players that like to make regular bets, this bonus will let you bet inside the spread, which can be very interesting for some players. All you need to do is place 3 sports spread-bets within 10 minutes. The 4th one will be qualified for the bonus.

The best part of this bonus is that it has no limitations, you can claim many times you want. But be careful: not all the sports spread-bets will be available to this bonus. The site has a list of spreads that qualifies for this type of bonus, but mainly are the special groups' games or supremacy leagues.

Social media and blog

For those who like to be updated and follow the news, Spreadex has a blog and social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, posting content about sports betting marketing. Besides that, the bookmaker also shares some occasional promo codes on the blog and through social media. Totally worthed to check it out.

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5 expert tips to use your offer in the best way

If you want to use your bonuses and take advantage of them in the best way possible, check some of our expert tips!

1. Be smart while using your bonuses

There will be many options for promo codes in the betting market. So you need to make smart choices. After all, some bookmakers will allow you to pick only one bonus, or maybe your budget is a little tight.

Before cashing out the bonus, remember to check all the factors that involve your choice, like the betting strategy that you are using, how the market is going, what are your options, and especially if the regiment demands some tricky demands to withdraw your winnings with the bonus.

2. Think twice before change your strategy because a bonus

So every good player has a good strategy, right? After all, you need to know how to improve your chances and have better results, and there are a lot of ways of doing that.

It’s already hard to find a good strategy, one that works for you. So keep in mind that the bonus needs to help you to do that. We’re not saying that you need to stay in your comfort zone. Just calculate your odds and don’t look only at the size of the bonus, but if it fits into your strategy. Sometimes it’s better to choose a small value and have better chances at winning instead of risk and lose big.

3. Always read the terms of the promo code

All promo codes will have rules that will establish the terms for you to use the bonus. It’s very important to read all the terms and clear all your questions on it, so you don’t have any problems while using it.

Some bonuses, for instance, will give you a very short period to use it. Others will not allow you to withdraw if your winnings didn’t achieve a certain number. And a few promo codes will be available only to certain types of bets. So be smart!

4. Look at all offers before picking one

A few betting sites will give multiple new customer offers or many options for VIP members but will allow you to pick just one. In those cases, it’s important to be smart and think at the strategy, and not only on the value.

Big bonuses usually are very attractive, but they may have some tricky rules. And if the withdrawal is connected to the size of the bonus, you may have some problems seeing real money and will be forced to bet multiple times, until you achieve the minimum amount.

Besides that, some bonuses will be better depending on the strategy that you use. If you like to build bets, a parlay promo code might be good for you. If you like small bets, choosing a big bonus may not be the smartest choice.

5. Take notes and track your bets

Some promo codes will have a limited space of time for you to use them. Others will allow you to use it for 5 days in a row.  Some bonuses will demand a minimum profit to allow the withdrawal.

For most players, keeping track of rules might be difficult and having to remember everything can be exhausting. A good way to prevent you from missing something or making a mistake and losing your bonus is making notes of your bets to be sure that you are respecting the terms of use of the bonus.

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Frequently asked questions about Spreadex bonuses and how to use them

Betting with a new site can be a little tricky and leave you with a few questions. But no worries. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Spreadex sign-up offer and a few tips so you can use them in the best way you can!

1. Do I need promo codes to activate Spreadex offers?

That will depend on the offer. In some cases, you won’t need a promo code, like with the refer and earn. But to cash the bonuses offered through Spreadex social media campaigns, you probably will need a promo code. Just be aware and pay attention to the rules of the bonus. That way, you won't miss anything.

2. Are all the payment methods eligible for Spreadex bonuses?

Yes! So far, all Spreadex bonuses have no restriction to payment methods. But if you want to be sure if the payment method of your choice won’t interfere with your bonus, all you need to do is read the terms of use and check if there will be any problem.

3. Which is the best Spreadex promo code of the moment?

Spreadex has some very good promo codes that will offer you free spread-bets, risk free-bets and great bonuses. However, the best bonus will be the one that fits better with your betting style and strategy. 

So if you like high stakes and take a risk sometimes, the risk-free bet from the refer and earn the bonus is right for you. And if you like spread-bets, Spreadex offers some good promo codes for you.

4. Do the sports promo codes work for eSports and casino betting?

Currently, Spreadex doesn't offer an eSports section and the Spreadex Casino is closed temporarily.  However, in most cases, the promo codes are different and, in the cases where they are available for the entire site, are specified in the terms of use of the bonus.

You can check here the best bookmakers to bet on eSports online!

5. What if I forget to put the promo code before I pay?

Promo codes are essential to the bonus system. So if you forgot to put your promo code before pay, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do.

You can try to speak with the customer service team and see if they allow you to deposit again or if they grant you the bonus without the promo code. It works sometimes but is not guaranteed. So be careful before finishing your deposit and don’t forget your promo code!

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Does Spreadex have a loyalty or rewards program?

Spreadex doesn’t have a specific loyalty program or a VIP section. However, the site has a rewards program based on referrals. We will explain how it works next.

Refer and earn

The refer and earn bonus will give you a risk-free bet of over £100 for each friend that became a client on Spreadex after your indication. Seems good, right? However, the rules to get your bonus can be a little tricky, so pay attention:

  1. Spreadex doesn’t use a promo code for referrals. So you need to make sure that your friend mentions your name when the welcome team calls them.
  2. Your friend needs to place at least 5 spread-bets, and they need to have a £2 minimum stake and with the odds able to win £20.
  3. After that, a “Claim as free bet” button will show on your bet slip. This means that you will be able to place a £100 bet risk-free. If you lose the bet, you won’t actually lose any money, earning a second chance.
Spreadex Sports Bonus

Spreadex Sports bonus

Spreadex is a great bookmaker for sports betting, offering some pretty good bonuses. The highlights are the Spreadex welcome offer and the spread-free bet, ideal for players that like high risks. 

The site also has a referral program and a few bonuses for social media followers, which can be really great for you. For players that like to play safe, Spreadex sign-up offer gives a fixed odds bonus for new users.

However, is the Spreadex sign-up offer easy to use? How can you get the best out of the promo codes? Let’s take a better look.

Reality test on Spreadex Sports bonuses

So Spreadex bonuses are not very easy to use. Actually, they have a lot of conditions, which can be a little tricky. But no worries. The site doesn’t have any catches, it just requires you to be careful.

The Spreadex bonus code will be very good for spread-bets and for those who like to bet on fixed odds. Otherwise, there will be betting sites that will provide better bonuses for you.

Check our review on Bethard new customer offers and meet new bookmakers!

Bonus withdrawal

Many bookmakers will have rules that will prevent you from withdrawing your winnings if you don’t deposit a certain amount or they set some kind of limit to withdrawal. This won't happen while betting on Spreadex. The rules mostly involve the conditions to earn the bonuses and use them. They have no connections with withdrawals.

To withdraw your earnings on Spreadex, all you need to do is to cash a minimum of £50, go to your account, select the “Withdraw Funds” option and follow the instructions on the screen.

Spreadex also allows you to request a withdrawal via email or through the back office phone number. You can choose to withdraw your money using a credit card, bank transfer and deposit fund.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming your bonus

To get your Spreadex bonus there’s no secret. All you need to do is go to the regulation page of the Spreadex bonus code and follow the rules. However, here are some pitfalls that you need to be careful:

  • The spread-free bets don’t have a limit of use. However, the chosen sports market needs to be on the promotional list and the bonus will be applied only on the 4th bet placed at the same market.
  • After you refer a friend, they need to place 5 qualifying bets before you are able to claim your bonus.
  • For new users that choose the up to £25 bonus, you need to place a bet of £25 at minimum odds of ½.

Need to know about promo codes and how to use the best bonuses in the sports betting market? Check our review on STS promo codes!

Verdict on Spreadex Sports bonus

Overall, the Spreadex bonuses are good and totally worth giving a try. If you want to try spread-bets, this might be the right bookmaker for you. You won’t get free bet money, but that doesn’t mean bad bonuses. Actually, the Spreadex promo code will help you to raise your odds and improve your winnings. 

However, it’s important to read the rules, keep track of your bets and what you need to do to use your bonuses, so you don’t have any problems later.

Spreadex Casino Bonus
Spreadex Esports Bonus

Our final thoughts on Spreadex sign up offer and promo codes

Spreadex is a reliable bookmaker, with a great reputation and good promo codes, for current clients and new ones. The spread-bets are definitely a highlight and the bonuses around it are really attractive.

The site also has good bonuses to loyal customers, through social media and the referral program. Spreadex is focused on sports betting, so there will be a few seasonal promotions for specific championships.

Overall, Spreadex is a good choice for players that like to take risks and also for those who don't, offering betting options and promo codes for all kinds of players. However, we would like to see an eSports section in the future on the Spreadex website.

Spreadex bonus code FAQ

🚀How does the Spreadex “bet 25, get 25” promo code work?

Spreadex “bet 25, get 25” is a promo code offered for new users. The sign-up bonus will give you $25 to free bet after you deposit $25. But remember: you won’t be able to use the bonus all at once. The site allows you to use $5 every day for 5 consecutive days.

🎰Does Spreadex have a casino?

Yes! Spreadex has a casino section. However, the site is currently unavailable. According to the bookmaker, they are doing some improvements on it, and soon the Spreadex casino will be available again.

🥇Does Spreadex offer bet builders options?

Yes! The site will offers many options for players who like to build bets, like handicaps, booking points, corners, and more.

✅Are the Spreadex promo codes any good?

Spreadex will offer some good bonuses and excellent promo codes for new players and current users. The site has many betting options, allowing you to bet on ports and also play at the casino. Check our review on Spreadex promo code and find out more about this bookmaker bonuses.

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