Best Esports Betting Odds 2022

An Esports Odds-essy

With the esports betting scene on the rise, an increasing number of bookmakers now offer various selections of esports markets. To be a high-quality esports betting site, operators must offer some competitive betting odds for us to consider them for our esports betting experience. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best esports betting odds and presented them right here.

When it comes to esports betting, we all want the best odds in order to get the best value for our esports wagers. So, whether you’re looking to find odds on League of Legends, or CS:GO, we’ve got you covered.

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Best Esports Betting Odds? Look No Further!

Here at Strafe, we are committed to presenting you with the latest information when it comes to esports odds. On top of that, there’s the latest esports betting news available on our site, keeping you up to date with all of the esports gossip.

We’ve also done a comprehensive esports betting odds comparison, one feature that will definitely benefit your esports betting experiences. If you’re looking for a particular game’s odds, we’ve even curated dedicated articles to some of the major esports titles’ odds around. Click here to see the best Dota 2 betting odds around.

Find Your Favourite Bookmaker

Researching to locate your preferred bookie is absolutely crucial for your esports betting experience. It will play a major part in the difference between you enjoying your esports betting, or forgetting about it altogether because you’re not satisfied with the site you’re using.

There are a range of factors you may want to consider when choosing the bookie for you – we discuss a number of these influential factors in our esports betting guides, so be sure to refer to all the different pages we have on our site.

We know there’s a lot of choice out there, with more bookmakers offering esports markets than ever before. Taking time to evaluate and assess your options is very beneficial, and in the end, you’ll have found your chosen operator, and that’s what everyone wants.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bookmaker

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1. live betting options

Esports live betting markets are becoming increasingly popular with esports punters, which has increased the number of live markets available on bookie’s sites. On top of that, some of the top esports betting sites offer a free live streaming service for all of your favourite esports matches and tournaments.

If live betting is something you’re after, you may need to ensure that your preferred operator offers some live betting features. On our site, we also have live betting guides for you to dive into to benefit your live esports betting strategies.

2. What esports titles are you after?

Most bookies nowadays will offer the major esports titles to customers – we’re talking League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2. The biggest esports names around. However, if you’re after an alternative esport to place bets on, some sites may have a scarce selection of available markets.

Therefore, researching multiple betting sites to see which operators have a wider range of esports odds will benefit your decision.

3. Are you looking for a generous welcome bonus offer?

Almost every bookmaker around will offer a form of sign up offer that acts as an incentive to attract new customers to create a betting account with the bookie.

It’s a factor that you should definitely take advantage of when you first sign up to a particular operator. Welcome bonuses are definitely a factor to consider when you’re looking for your favourite bookie.

If you’re looking for more information about the best esports betting sites, we suggest you take a look at our bookmaker reviews. We discuss everything you need to know about each reliable operator, and have an extensive look into their esports selection. You don’t have to search for all of the available options – everything you need to compare bookmakers is right here at You’re welcome.

Three Forms of Betting Odds

There are multiple types of betting odds – three to be exact – all of which are available on all bookies’ sites.

Pretty much every bookmaker will give you the option of your preferred odds display, where they will adjust all odds on the site to your own account. So, for example, if you select your preferred display as decimal odds, then all the odds shown to you and your betting account will be in the same decimal form, which is a great benefit for every punter.

Below we will show you examples of each odd form, which will hopefully explain how each of the odds look.

Decimal Odds

Probably the most common way of odds being displayed is through decimal display. The decimals reflect the pay-out of a successful bet in comparison to 1.0. Therefore, if the odds were 1.2, and you placed a £10 bet, your returns would be £12.

Decimal odds are arguably the easiest odds to understand, as the numbers are simple to read and make it clear for all customers. As many punters will bet whole value bets, such as rounding up or down, using decimal odds is an easy way to compare the odds in comparison to a value of 1.

Fractional Odds

Popular with UK customers, fractional odds show what your returns will be in relation to £1. For example, a 3/1 odd will return more than a 2/1 odd. With a successful £10 bet on both of these odds, your returns would be £30 and £20 respectively.

American Odds

Also known as ‘moneyline’ odds or ‘lines’, American odds show customers the favourites and underdogs with positive and negative odds. There are two main factors to consider when reading American odds.

The first is the positive or negative sign in front of the odd. If positive, the odd shows your return in relation to a $100 bet. In contrast, the negative sign will show that your investment will need to be that particular value for a $100 return.

In basic terms, American odds show how much a $100 bet would return. In an example, an American odd of -150 would mean you have to bet $150 in order to win $100. In contrast, a +250 odd would mean your successful $100 bet would return $250. The number in front shows your returns from the initial bet.

Betting Strategies

If you’re looking to place some wagers on your favourite esports titles, we think it’s important that you build a strong betting strategy that you stick to throughout your betting experience. This will benefit your betting massively, and could be the difference between winning and losing a particular bet.

Sticking to a strategy will ensure your bets are rational and you have had a clear decision-making process, which results in responsible gambling, a necessity when placing any form of bets.

Not only have we completed an esports betting odds comparison, we’ve also looked at two examples of different common betting strategies that are popular with some bettors.

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Sometimes abbreviated to ‘arb’ betting strategy, this method is a traditional way of claiming back some of your initial bet. This strategy involves placing multiple bets on the same game, match or event. So, in terms of esports betting, you will place a number of bets on the same esports match.

This way, you’ll be placing wagers on different outcomes of the match, and that means at least one bet will come in. If you’re an experienced bettor, you will know that betting odds vary from bookie to bookie.

So, by finding the most competitive odds on a single esports match, you will be able to place bets on different outcomes of the match and win one of your bets. This is where an esports betting odds comparison will come in handy.

Matched Betting Strategy

Another popular strategy used by many bettors is the matched betting strategy. With this method, you are looking to take advantage of a bookmaker’s welcome bonus and sign up offers that are available.

A common welcome bonus includes free bets, or bonus funds for you to use in your betting account. This is also a relatively easy form of betting to understand, and you should have minimal issues if you look to utilize this betting strategy.

This method means placing the free bet on one outcome of the match, whilst using your own betting funds to place a bet on the alternative outcomes of the esports match.

Here, one bet is guaranteed to be successful, and you will always win something, which also reduces the risk of your bets. With that said, it’s always worth checking the welcome bonus’ terms and conditions to make sure the deal you get is fair.

So, if you’re looking for some generous and appealing welcome bonuses, but you’re overwhelmed by the choices, take a look at our page dedicated to finding the best bookmaker sign up offers around – just another great feature for you to enjoy courtesy of yours truly.

Our Final Thoughts About Esports Odds

We hope that now you know enough about the absolute basics when it comes to esports betting odds that you can get involved with esports betting. There’s no need to try and read the different forms of odds – just ensure you’re comfortable with one and understand it well so you are able to recognise competitive odds, as well as your returns.

We also think it’s vital that you find the best bookmaker for you – we all have our different priorities and needs from a bookie, so only you can make the final decision. There’s plenty of choices and plenty of opportunities for you to get started, too.

Meanwhile, if you’re after the latest esports betting tips for some of the most popular esports titles to bet on – stay on our website and explore what we have to offer at

Esports Odds FAQs

💯 What are American odds?

Also known as ‘moneyline’ odds, American odds are a popular form of odds display in American. This type of odd shows the returns of a single bet in relation to a $100 bet. Read more about it on our esports betting odds page.

🎮 Which bookmakers offer esports odds?

With the esports world on the rise, the esports betting scene has also increased in popularity in recent times. As a result, many bookmakers offer some form of esports markets and odds. Find out which operators we think are the best for esports betting in our bookmaker reviews.

❓ What is the matched betting strategy?

The matched betting strategy is a popular form of betting that involves a bookmaker’s welcome bonus/sign up offer. To find out more about how it works, take a look at our esports betting odds page.

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