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Looking for some GG.BET promo code bonuses? We can help with that! Keep reading to see what deals you can get at this awesome crypto betting site!

GG.BET promo codes are one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck when online gambling - especially if you’re into esports - so we’ve put together this guide to help you find the very best options of the GG.BET website. Dive in and get some true value!

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Intro to bonus offers

GG.BET sign up offers are a win-win situation: the operator gives potential punters a reason to check into their website, so the big guys win, and we (the loyal punters) get way more value for our bets, so we win as well.

How To Use The Bonus

Fairly simple this one: all customers of GG.BET have to do to activate the bonus is make an initial deposit of at least $8, make a minimum bet of $8 on football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, boxing or MMA, and you’ll get your bonuses.

Yep, that’s right, we said bonuses, as this particular offer is a two-in-one. Punters who receive this bonus will get two rewards for the price of one, meaning that when it comes to value this is definitely one of the best promotional offers out there.

As GG.BET sign up offers go, this is a great one. There are some stipulations you need to adhere to as a player, so make sure to give the conditions of the bonus a proper read before you start planning how you’re going to spend your winnings. In fact, terms and conditions on bookmakers websites change all the time, and sometimes very quickly, so it’s not just about this bonus offer - we recommend you ALWAYS READ the terms and conditions of any offer you’re looking to activate - this way you don’t get any nasty surprises or accidentally waste a bonus offer.

One more thing: GG.BET states that players looking to claim this bonus will be subject to a review of their play, in order to stop any potential cheaters from manipulating the bonus. Be aware that you may have to wait a few days or so for this review to be completed before you are able to claim your bonus reward.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer

Don’t make the wrong qualifying bet:

One of the most important aspects of claiming this bonus is that you need to make your initial qualifying bet on one of the sports mentioned above. Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, boxing and MMA. Any bet made on markets other than these will not qualify to activate the bonus and so will go to waste. Also, the qualifying bet you make on these sports must be at least $8 - we know, you were probably never going to put any less than that down for your first bet, but we still thought we’d mention it in case there was someone out there thinking about sticking a couple of dollars on a random match just to activate the bonus - unlucky.

Make sure the odds are right:

In addition to the stipulations we’ve already laid out for your qualifying bet, there are minimum odds you need to bet on. As long as your first bet is over $8, you’ll be able to claim the first part of this offer perfectly fine, but the second part has to be claimed in a certain way. Part 2 of this offer gives punters a chance to take 10% cashback on their first wager after activating the bonus, the only caveat being that it must be claimed on a wager that has odds of 1.75 or higher, so make sure to adhere to those rules.

Don’t forget to activate:

One of the weirder rules of this bonus is that you need to activate your GG.BET esports bonus before every play session. You can do this by signing into your account on GG.BET and finding the offer on the betting page. This is an extremely important one, as if you forget to activate the bonus before one of your play sessions, you could be wasting your time, and more importantly, your bankroll.

Be quick:

Probably the MOST IMPORTANT TIP we can give you in relation to this GG.BET esports bonus is that it is a limited time offer. This deal will run throughout February 2021, so make sure to get on it quickly if you want to make the most value out of this. Having said that, these kind of promo codes happen all the time on GG.BET, so if you miss out on this one you’ll probably want to check their website soon after to see if it has been replaced by another great value deal.

Know the limits:

The last thing we need to draw your attention to is the limits in play. The cashback amount received as part of this bonus has a limit of $200, so don’t expect to be getting cashback on all your bets throughout that session. Make sure you don’t put any mega bets on expecting to get cashback with this offer, as you may be left simply down on funds.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bonus

Who are GG.BET?

There are so many online operators nowadays, you’d be forgiven for not hearing of GG.BET before today. Anyone interested in esports betting online should definitely start paying attention though, because it would be an understatement to say that they are esports based. GG.BET promo codes have a unique focus on esports, and their markets are just the same.

Is this their best offer?

GG.BET sign up offers come thick and fast, so if this promo isn’t really for you, there’s plenty more where that came from. They change their offers regularly to attract as many punters as possible, so we highly recommend checking GG.BET every now and then to see what bargains you can grab that week.

Do I need to use real money?

To qualify for a bonus offer, you almost always need to use real money. Life would just be too easy if you could just chain bonus offers and bonus rewards together, apparently, so you’ll have to use cold hard cash on your wagers in order to win the rewards.

Can I bet live?

Can you bet on esports on GG.BET live? What kind of a question is that? These guys are one of the best online esports gambling hubs around, so you know you’re going to have the option of live betting and live streaming while you’re on their platform. It doesn’t get better than that: esports betting is at it’s very best when you can live stream and bet at the same time, giving you a chance to watch your wagers play out on the big screen.

Is this offer available to all customers?

Most GG.BET sign up offers will only be open to new players. There’s usually different offers available to veteran punters, so don’t go thinking there’s nothing available at all, but these kinds of one-time deals are usually only open to newcomers. This one is not, though. The double February bonus is for everyone.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like GG.BET has any kind of reward program, which is something that definitely will come as a disappointment to prospective esports punters out there. A reward scheme is great for punters, as it allows them to build up loyalty and preference with their operators.

This is definitely one area where GG.BET could improve its service. Although they have an excellent catalogue of markets and odds, there are other online operators out there that do offer rewards for loyalty, so although their bonus offers are very good, you can’t defend the lack of a program like this.

GG.Bet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - A super deposit match

GG.BET certainly doesn't do things by halves - especially when it comes to their sports betting bonuses. Right now, new customers can get a 200% match across their first three deposits. The amount you'll receive will depend on your location, but we can tell you with confidence that it will most definitely be worthwhile!

Reality Test - Pretty simple

As with any typical deposit match bonus, the set-up is fairly simple. You'll receive your bonus funds in three batches, split across your deposits. The percentages are distributed as follows:

  • 1st deposit: 100%
  • 2nd  deposit: 150%
  • 3rd deposit: 200%

Bonus Withdrawal - Using your extra funds

There are no tricky wagering requirements here as you can't withdraw the bonus funds straight out as cash - instead, you'll only be allowed to use them on future bets.

Pitfalls - Remember the odds

There's not a lot to trip up on with this bonus, but you will need to remember that the extra funds can only be used on markets with odds of at least 1.75 - single bets only.

Verdict on Bonus - Worth picking up

Overall, we're impressed with the current sports betting offer from GG.BET. If you were already planning on placing a couple of bets, it's a great way to boost your funds.

GG.Bet Casino Bonus

GG.BET Casino Bonus

Although mainly focused on esports, GG.BET also offers a handy casino bonus for players who love their table games. These GG.BET promo codes will give you a 100% deposit bonus, which is amazing, and 25 free spins on virtual slots to boot. These spins are available on Lady of the Lake and Lord Merlin games, and while this could obviously be a slightly larger selection of games to pick from, you can’t turn your nose up at this.

Reality Test

In reality though, this bonus is not as easy to claim as it seems. For starters, you can only activate the bonus between Tuesday and Thursday every week - so if for whatever reason you can’t play on those days, you’re going to miss the offer. Any winnings from this offer are also subject to massive wagering requirements, to the point that we think you’ll probably have trouble.

The deposit you need to make to qualify is also quite high and it must be made in one lump sum, so honestly, it’s not as easy to get value out of this offer as it looks.

Bonus withdrawal

Withdrawal with this bonus IS possible, but very unlikely. We say this because there is a max amount that you are allowed to withdraw (so your potential winnings from this bonus are capped), and also it’s subject to a massive wagering requirement - 40x to be exact. The reality is that with wagering requirements this high, you’re probably not going to win anything that can be withdrawn from this offer. 40x is absolutely massive, especially if you’re thinking about putting some decent money down.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

The wagering requirements are the biggest pitfalls you need to look out for - because there’s nothing worse than ignoring these reqs, successfully activating the bonus, actually winning credit, before realising you need to meet some unbelievably high limits to be able to touch your winnings. This happens more often than you might think, so don’t be that person.

Also, once the bonus is activated, you actually only have 5 days to spend the bonuses you receive, or they’ll be deducted from your account. These are absolutely massive traps you have to avoid completely to get any sort of value out of these GG.BET promo codes.


At the end of the day, we have to appreciate that GG.BET have included a casino section and go to the effort of including promotional offers for it. To be honest though, there are definitely better offers out there. If you’re a new player - maybe exclusively an esports gambler who wants to dip their toe into casino gambling - go for it. It definitely could be worse than this casino offer. But it definitely could also be better.

GG.Bet Esports Bonus

GG.BET Esports Bonus

GG.BET Esports Bonus

GG.BET’s esports bonus currently running gives punters double their first deposit, which is great value. For anyone making their first deposit to the website, the double deposit means you just have more money to play with. As if this wasn’t enough though, you also get a chance to take 10% cashback on your first wager on the sports listed above.

Reality Test

In reality, if you were actually trying to claim this bonus, there are a few more loopholes in it than first appears. It’s not a game changer, but for starters, you can only place qualifying wagers on any of the sports we listed before. This isn’t exactly perfect, as you’d like to be able to put your bankroll on whatever market you enjoy the most.

Also, there are wagering requirements and verifications you must complete before you receive anything. As we already mentioned, you’re better off reading the exact terms and conditions on the offer before you activate, as GG.BET promo codes change all the time, as this is the only way to be absolutely sure you get no nasty surprises.

Bonus withdrawal

Usually there is no withdrawal option for the bonuses won on these offers. GG.BET aren’t messing around though, and have actually made it possible for you to withdraw anything you win with this offer. Seriously, this is not something that happens all that often, so we can’t understate how impressed we are that punters get this kind of choice on GG.BET.

They do state however on their website that any withdrawal must be made by request, and will also probably be subject to some kind of verification (they just want to make sure you’re not a cheater, don’t worry). This means you may need to wait a few days for the withdrawal to process should it be approved, but like we said, it’s not something you even have the chance to do on all operator websites.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

Honestly, your best bet when trying to make the most of this bonus is to read the Ts and Cs very carefully. There are limits to the qualifying bet you need to make (minimum amount, restricted markets etc) and these can change at any time. One of the things we think most new punters will miss is that you MUST make the qualifying bet one of the traditional sports mentioned earlier.

Once the bonus has been claimed you can use those funds to bet on whatever you want, so just get the qualifying bets in first.


When all is said and done, this bonus is a very good one. The steep wagering requirements are present on so many bonus offers nowadays that it’s not enough to disclude these GG.BET promo codes. Esports fans will likely be very happy with the two-in-one offer here as well, as you’re just one qualifying bet away from having bet credit with one of the best esports betting websites around.

Overall Conclusion/Verdict - A top crypto betting bonus

At the end of the day though, despite all the slight down sides to the GG.BET service as a whole, they’re minor things. This offer is great, as it gives you double your deposit to play with and also offers cashback. You don't get offered two bonuses in one very often, so if you can get past the wagering requirements we think this deal is 100% worth it for punters new to GG.BET. If you’re into esports gambling at crypto betting sites, we think this one is an absolute no brainer, as GG.BET has all the infrastructure in place for you to enjoy playing.


😎 Who are GG.BET?

GG.BET are a specialised esports online gambling website with amazing live betting and live streaming options. Their offerings are great, but for more or the same see our Luckbox promo code review here.

Is GG.BET legit?

One of the biggest concerns for punters when gambling online is their own safety. It goes without saying that GG.BET is a very well established website with a number of security procedures to keep their punters safe. For more information on totally safe places to play with your money, see our Betfair promo code review and our Bet365 promo code review here.

Can I live stream on GG.BET?

These guys are one of the coolest esports betting dudes around, so it goes without saying that live streaming and betting is a massive part of their service. Read our full guide for more on esports live streaming, or alternatively check out the Unikrn promo code review and Winners.Bet promo code review for more on the best esports operators around.

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