The Future of the Esports Betting World - Introducing Fortnite

Who Are Fortnite and What Do We Know About Them?

When it comes to battle royale (BR) games, you will have a hard time finding a more popular game than Fortnite. While games such as Fire Fight and Apex Legends are also popular, they cannot compare favorably with Fortnite.

As of 2019, Fortnite garnered about 2.3 million viewers worldwide — reinstating its place as a foremost battle royale game. Due to this popularity, the game has found its way into the esports betting world. This article seeks to explain how to gamble on Fortnite and all other information about Fortnite esports betting.

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The popularity of Fortnite continued in the betting and esports community. Today, the only battle royale game that could stand toe to toe with Fortnite is PUBG. Other games are either too young to meet up with Fortnite’s popularity or simply not as interesting as it is.


However, the popularity of Fortnite is not by luck; it is due to a certain feature. In fact, all other successful battle royal games have this feature, only to varying degrees. This feature is watchability.

The ability of a game to provide viewers and players with immense entertainment is its watchability. This feature determines the level of live streaming that the game garners over time, which in turn leads to its popularity among players and punters. The characters of the game, weapons, and every other aspect of the games seem to be on point, which makes it no surprise to see it rise to the top rank among other battle royale titles.

Unique Gameplay

Another reason for the widespread popularity of Fortnite is the unique gameplay of the title. Due to its nature battle, royal games have nice gameplay, and for Fortnite, there was no exception. The game genre allows many players and contestants to feature in the last man contest. Whether you are playing individually or as a team, the gameplay is the same; you loot and kill other contestants till you are the last man standing.

The game is very interesting and requires a high ceiling of skills. It is not a strange sight to see both players and viewers on the edge of their seats whenever they are playing the game.  All of these features make that game a proper title for betting and gambling, and we were not surprised to see it emerge in the esports betting world.

Impressive Odds

Apart from its interesting nature and unique gameplay, the high betting odds with Fortnite is another reason why you always see it on esports betting sites. The gaming events on Fortnite attracted huge odds, providing the possibility for punters to win lots of money.

However, you shouldn’t be deceived by the huge odds. If you plan to gamble on Fortnite, you should understand that it is a fairly simple but tricky exercise. This is due to the number of contestants (or better still, possible winners) in an average Fortnite game. There could be up to 100 players in a solo game, 50 players in a duo game, and 25 players in a team-based game.

Therefore, while the odds are high, you will be playing or betting on a large number of people — making it seemingly difficult to win at the end of the day, though not impossible if you know the game and scene inside and out.

Big Events and Prize Money

The last reason why Fortnite is so popular among esports betting sites is the massive events that the game has. In 2019, the game had a World Cup tournament that promised $30 million in prize money, which, so far, has been the largest prize money in any esports game.

Imagine that! With this type of big reward, it is only normal that almost everybody would want a bite, hence its popularity.

Fortnite Gaming Events

There have been two major gaming events in the Fortnite game, apart from the World Cup Finals. The first one is known as Summer Skirmish. This event is an 8-week tournament where contestants compete for their share in prize money of $500,000. This tournament takes place only on weekends and alternates between solo and duo games every week. The players with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

The Pro-Am tournament is another big Fortnite event that occurred recently. This tournament involved 50 players paired with 50 celebrities to battle out for $3 million charity money. The winning pair gets to choose which charity the money goes into. The tournament involves three different games, solo practice, duo practice, and the final match.

Fortnite Esport Betting Sites

With over 250 million players globally, the esports community around Fortnite is developing as fast as it should. And while it is not yet a full-fledged esports title, it is only a matter of time before it attains this status. Now, you don’t want to wait till then to start learning about the Fortnite esports betting world and how to make money from it. This is why we bring you this review of Fortnite esports betting sites.

The first and most important means of making money on Fortnite is through betting, and the Fortnite esports betting sites make this possible. There are numerous betting sites out there, and a good number of them are of questionable reputations. To ensure that you steer clear of these dubious sites, you need to understand important factors to consider when choosing Fornite esports betting sites.

How to Choose the Best Fortnite Esports Betting Sites

Punting is fairly easy when you use a trustworthy and excellent betting platform. While the platform will make its profits, it also ensures that you smile at the bank when the outcome of the game goes in your favor. Apart from the money-making aspect, you will need to provide personal and financial details with most betting sites. You want to ensure that the platform with access to such important information is safe, secure, and not of questionable reputation.

The following are some of the important factors you must consider when choosing a Fortnite esports betting site.

Licensing and permission

The first thing you should check out on the site that allows you to bet on Fortnite is the licensing it holds. Is the betting company allowed by law to operate in your country of residence? Does the site have a physical office in your country of residence? Are you protected by law to deal with this betting company?

These questions are vital questions that you must answer before proceeding to register with any Fornite esports betting platform. They are important because you will need the law on your side in case of any problem while dealing with this betting site. Also, if the company is not allowed to operate in your country, you will not be able to claim winnings earned while betting on the platform.

Many countries have betting regulatory commissions whose job is to issue licenses to betting companies. You can check the legitimacy of any betting platform with your country’s regulatory body. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the most regulatory body in the world. This means that any betting site cleared by the UKGC is usually of great reputation.

This is not to say that the betting companies regulated by other bodies such as Curacao are dubious. You may simply have to do more research on such companies before putting your money and personal details with them.

Consider the Bonus Offers

Due to the large number of Fornite esports betting sites in the business, one of the ways these sites try to appeal to a larger audience is through the provision of bonuses. With these bonuses, punters have a chance of increasing their earnings on a game. Usually, the site with the most generous bonus usually gets the highest numbers of punters.

The bonus offered by most sites is usually a signup bonus, first deposit bonus, or free bet. The signup bonus is one that you get when you register as a new user on a betting platform. It could be in the form of free money or a percentage increase in money deposited, which brings us to the second type of bonus.

The first deposit bonus is also for new users, and they get some percentage increase on their first deposits. This means that if the bonus percentage is 100%, you will get $200 in total if your first deposit is $100. The free bet bonus entails allowing punters to bet without using their money.

However, another vital thing you should look out for is the eligibility requirement of the bonuses. While these bonuses sound enticing and all, there are certain things you must do before you can claim the bonus. Without meeting the terms of these requirements, you will not be able to claim these bonus winnings, no matter how big they are.

Payment and Banking Options Also Matters

As with almost all other industries around the world, the financial industry has evolved over the years, and one of the results of these evolution’s is a myriad of options through which people can send and receive money all over the world.

Now, because the esports betting industry involves sending and receiving money, it makes sense that the industry works in line with the numerous innovations of the finance world. For this reason, many betting sites use options such as Credit and debit cards, Online banking solutions, cryptocurrency, and many more.

An ideal Fortnite esports betting site will allow you to use many, if not all, of the payment and banking options available to the gambling industry. It is not out of place to see a betting platform with over five options cutting across credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency, and others.

However, apart from the availability of these options on the site, you need to ensure that these payment options are also allowed in your country of residence, especially with regards to gambling. Some countries have lauded embargo on some banking options, so this is an important factor to consider.

Lastly, you should check for the speed with which the betting site processes payments and their banking policies. These policies include regulation on refunds, withdrawals, failed transactions, delayed transactions, and the likes.  You should also consider the cost of depositing or withdrawing your winnings. The last thing you want to do is register with a site that charges almost half of your winnings to allow you to withdraw. Trust us; there are betting sites like that!

Let the Odds Be In Your Favor

The extent to which you win when you bet on Fortnite games depends largely on the odds attached to the game. This is why it is very important that you choose an esports betting site with impressive and huge odds. Remember what we said about the huge odds Fortnite games have naturally. So, you should ensure that the betting site isn’t cheating you out of the lucrative possible winnings available on Fortnite.

In line with checking the odds, review the profit margin of the site too. Whenever you win, the betting site also makes some profit off your winnings, which is legal, seeing as they provided you with the platform to punt and win in the first place. However, the profit margin should not eat too much into your winnings.

Customers Support

For most businesses, customers come first, and this rule holds for bookmakers and esports betting sites too. Before choosing a Fortnite esports betting site, you should ensure that the customer support system in place is excellent and effective. This means that the betting company has numerous means of communication for punters where the problem arises. And not only are these means of communication easy to use, but they are also fast, and punters will get a response as fast as possible.

With systems like these in place, it becomes easy to convince punters that the bookmaker has their best interest at heart and is always ready to provide help whenever it is needed. If you are wondering how to know what the customer support service is like before signing up, the answer is gaming forums. At these forums, you will be able to see what other punters say about the bookmakers and their services.

If you are a bit skeptical about people’s opinions, you can always put the sites to test by yourself. This means asking them about their bonuses or sign up process before registering with them. The speed and manner of response received will give you an idea of the state of their customer support service.

Choosing the ideal Fortnite bookmaker can be a bit stressful, as you have to consider many factors and do a lot of research. However, the stress is worth it at the end of the day because it saves you from signing up with a fraudulent betting site.

Some Best Fortnite Esports Betting Sites

However, should you be looking to eliminate the stress involved in researching different bookmakers and betting sites for Fortnite games, this is the place to be. We have researched the industry and came up with this list of reputable Fortnite esports betting sites.

Spin Sports

Spin Sports is the foremost bookmaker that allows you to bet on Fortnite games. The betting sites have all the features of an ideal Fortnite betting site, which includes generous odds and bonuses, numerous payment options, and awesome customer support service. For instance, the site offers about 100% bonus on deposits up to 200 pounds.


Betway is a relatively new bookmaker, having burst into the industry around 2006. Since then, the betting company has continued to deliver excellent punting services to lovers of esports titles. Betway’s bonus offers include about 30 pounds in free bets. What’s more, it allows up to eight payment and banking options.


The features offered by 22Bet allowed the site to attain the status of a foremost Fortnite betting site easily. Its features include an impressive bonus offer, 100% bonus on 122 pounds deposit, live streaming functionalities (which is very important for esports titles like Fortnite), and many other features.

These three are some of the outstanding betting outfits that allow you to gamble on Fortnite games. There are many others, but the limited scope of this article won’t allow us to cover them.

Fortnite Betting Markets

Due to the few Fortnite tournaments and events, the betting market isn’t as elaborate as other esports titles. However, there are few betting markets that you should know.

Match Winner: This represents the player with the first kill on the map, the highest kills, or the last man standing.

Tournament Winner: This represents the players with the highest points to win the tournament.


Fortnite is a popular game and it is already making its way as one of the popular esports titles. This article introduces punters into the world of Fortnite betting, explaining how to bet on Fortnite, the best Fortnite esports betting sites, and many more.


Is It Safe To Bet On Fortnite?

You have nothing to fear if you are planning to gamble on Fortnite gaming events, as long as you have a licensed esports betting platform. You can learn more about licensed betting sites that allow you to bet on Fortnite games here.

Where can I Get the Best Fortnite Betting Tips?

With the popularity of the game, there are many betting sites and bookmakers who offer betting tips for Fortnite esports betting. However, the best Fortnite betting guide is provided by Strafe. Click here to get the best betting tips on Fortnite.

Can I Gamble on Fortnite on my Mobile Device?

There are not many bookmakers with mobile apps or avenues for online Fortnite betting. However, this seems to change soon with the increasing popularity of the game. The list of betting sites that allows you to bet on Fortnite on your mobile phones is here.

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