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The Ultimate Guide: Which Esport Games are Cross-Platform?

The Ultimate Guide: Which Esport Games are Cross-Platform?

21 Feb
Andre Guaraldo

Step into the exciting world of esports, where cross-platform gaming is making waves, transforming how gamers connect and compete across different devices. This guide is your ticket to exploring the universe of cross-platform esports games, highlighting the standout titles that are at the forefront of this gaming revolution.

Understanding the magic of cross-platform games

Imagine a gaming utopia where friends armed with different gaming gadgets seamlessly dive into epic battles together – cross-platform gaming turns this dream into a thrilling reality! Picture a world where Xbox, PlayStation, PC players and other gaming platforms unite in a shared extravaganza, breaking down the walls that once separated them.

In this digital realm, the traditional barriers crumble, allowing gamers from diverse platforms to join forces, celebrate victories, and share defeats. It's not just about playing the same game; it's about forging connections and friendships that span the digital horizon, creating a dynamic environment where every player, regardless of their preferred platform, contributes to the collective narrative of the gaming community.

Playing in the cross-platform arena

Apex Legends - Xbox, Play Station, PC, Switch

Jump into the free-to-play battle royale world of Apex Legends, where teams of unique characters with special abilities battle it out for supremacy. It's a fast-paced and strategic showdown set in the Titanfall universe.

Call of Duty - PC, Play Station, Xbox

The iconic Call of Duty series is back with Vanguard, offering a thrilling World War II narrative and intense multiplayer modes. With cross-platform play, you can engage in epic battles across generations and platforms.

Genshin Impact - PC, Play Station, Android, iOS

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Teyvat with Genshin Impact, an action RPG where you switch between characters with elemental abilities. The cross-platform feature elevates the cooperative multiplayer experience.

Overwatch - PC, Play Station, Switch, Xbox

Join the Overwatch 2 saga with new maps, heroes, and game modes. Teamwork, strategy, and diverse character abilities remain key in this team-based shooter, creating a thrilling multiplayer experience across platforms.

Paladins - Xbox, Switch, PC, Play Station

Enter the world of Paladins, a free-to-play hero-based shooter with a fantasy theme. Choose from a diverse roster of champions and engage in epic objective-based battles, with cross-platform play adding a spice of variety.

Rocket League - Xbox, Switch, PC, Play Station

Rocket League by Psyonix combines soccer with rocket-powered vehicles for an exhilarating sports experience. With cross-platform play, teams from different systems can compete in high-flying and goal-scoring matches.

Tekken 8 - Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

The legendary fighting game franchise Tekken is back with its eighth installment, offering intense one-on-one battles between iconic characters. Enhanced graphics and mechanics bring the thrill of martial arts combat to the latest gaming platforms.

Hurdles and high-fives on cross-platform games

Cross-platform play brings exciting opportunities, but it's not without its hurdles. The challenge lies in balancing gameplay across different devices, each with unique capabilities and controls. Developers are actively working to ensure a fair and inclusive playing field for all, demonstrating their commitment to overcoming these challenges.

Through ongoing efforts and innovative solutions, they aim to create a seamless gaming experience that fosters equality and inclusivity, turning obstacles into stepping stones towards a more interconnected future for cross-platform gaming.


Get ready to redefine your gaming experience with cross-platform esports games, where inclusivity and connectivity take center stage. As technology advances, cross-platform play will keep growing, promising a future where skill and passion shine. The journey to a truly inclusive gaming community is well underway, painting a thrilling and interconnected future for esports enthusiasts. Let the games begin!

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