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Boxi : "We've been better"

Boxi : "We've been better"

Dota 2
18 May
Harrison Htet

Team Liquid's time has come to an end at PGL Wallachia Season 1. They have been one of the most consistent teams, finishing in the top five placements at every LAN they attended for nearly two years. Liquid's journey at PGL Wallachia Season 1 was also the same.

PGL Wallachia The Banter for PGL Wallachia.
Credits: PGL

They showed some inconsistent performance during the group stages. Nevertheless, they found their way to playoffs and defeated their regional rivals, Gaimin Gladiators. Team Liquid did not have much success after that.

Team Falcons sent them to the lower bracket, where G2.iG eliminated them. Following the team's elimination, the support player of Team Liquid, Samuel "Boxi" Svahn, reflected on their tournament journey. The player suggests what they did wrong and reveals what they had in store for the upcoming tournament, DreamLeague Season 23.

Boxi on the elimination of Team Liquid

Boxi Boxi at PGL Wallachia Season 1. (Image Source: Twitter.@PGL)

G2.iG eliminated Team Liquid after a two-hour-long series. Game 1 was back and forth. However, when Team Liquid gained a footing, they were caught off guard by a Weaver with a Divine Rapier, who successfully defended G2.iG's high ground. The Divine Rapier purchase was enough to turn the tides in G2.iG's favour. Looking back at game 1's results, Boxi admitted he and his teammates from Team Liquid could have played better.

" I think the game was pretty tough for some time, like 20-30 minutes. Then, I think the game was pretty good. What went wrong is we played the team fights a bit poorly. When we pushed high ground, I didn't manage to save my Monkey King. I think we did like some fight in the end when the Weaver had a surprise Rapier and he killed our Pango. We could have Roared him, if we coordinated more nicely. So, probably bad team fighting. Otherwise, it was pretty nicely played because the game was a bit tough and we kind of made it, I think." 

Liquid was in a worse spot in game 2. G2 iG found their groove since the start of the laning stage. Despite Michael "miCKe" Vu's best attempts to bring his team back to the game, he did not have much success.

Boxi on the performances of Team Liquid so far

Boxi At Ti11. Credits: Valve Boxi At The International 2022. (Credits: Valve)

Liquid had placed in the top five spots at nearly every LAN they've been a part of. The team had had one of the most consistent performances for two years. Reflecting on the team's 2024 Dota 2 season performances so far, Boxi admitted Team Liquid had seen better days. Additionally, the player suggested they lack some aspects and should work on their weaknesses to achieve better results.

 "We've been better. There's some lacking individual performances from five players in the team. We've some good stuff, some stuff that we know were bad right now that we need to improve on. In Birmingham, we were worse at other things and better at other things. Every tournament you play, it shifts. Now, we will work on this things, which will go unnamed, and we will hopefully keep all our other skills intact."

Boxi on DreamLeague Season 23

DreamLeague Season 23 The graphic of teams participating at ESL One DreamLeague Season 23.
Image Source: Twitter.@ESLDota2

PGL Wallachia Season 1 will end in the next two days. The next tournament after PGL Wallachia is DreamLeague Season 23. It will start on May 20th. Boxi revealed how Team Liquid has prepared for the upcoming DreamLeague tournament.

" I think this tournament is like a good warm-up. It slips into the DreamLeague nicely, and we're pretty warmed up right now. We were not so happy with how yesterday and today went, but in comparison to where we were a few weeks ago or a month ago, it's much better. It's fun to play a lot of different teams from different regions. It's nice to play the Chinese teams - they play very different from European teams. So, it will be fun, new teams in DreamLeague as well."

G2 iG also followed a fate similar to Liquid following the series. Team Spirit took a clean victory off them. Team Liquid took home 60,000 USD in prize-winning, and G2 iG took home 80,000 USD in prize-winning following their exit from PGL Wallachia Season 1.

Featured Image Source: Valve

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