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[UPDATED] VCT EMEA Kicks off 2024 Split 1: What to expect from Day 1

[UPDATED] VCT EMEA Kicks off 2024 Split 1: What to expect from Day 1

2 Apr
Foo Zen-Wen

The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) is Riot’s most competitive global circuit for professional VALORANT. Including a year-round calendar of competitive tournament, the best teams in the world compete both domestically within one of the four main regions, as well as internationally with three available international tournaments a year.

VCT EMEA is one such region/league, catering to the top 11 EMEA teams who will compete across 2 splits and across a minimum of 30 series in 2024 for a chance at earning championship points and qualification to said international events.

VCT EMEA will run across 2 splits, the first of which is set to begin tomorrow (3rd April to 12th of May). The top 6 teams within the league will advance to Playoffs. There, they will compete for one of the three available slots to VCT Masters Shanghai.

This comprehensive viewer guide will list opening matchups for Week 1, the complete schedule, information on how to watch the streams live, as well as details on how the format will operate in 2024.

As the season goes on, the schedule will be updated with the latest matchup links.

Format and Details on VCT EMEA Split 1 2024

VCT EMEA will take place over 2 splits in 2024. The two splits will provide qualifications to VCT Masters Shanghai and VCT Champions Seoul respectively.

However, the combined performance of a team across both splits will be taken into account in crowning the 2024 VCT EMEA Champion, meaning winning one Playoffs will not be sufficient to dethrone Team Liquid.

VCT EMEA Split 1 will run from 3rd April to the 12th of May.  

The 11 competing teams this year have been separated into 2 groups for the Group Stage – Group Alpha and Group Omega.

The group placings were determined based on VCT EMEA Kickoff performance.

Group Alpha:

  • Karmine Corp
  • Fnatic
  • Team Vitality
  • Team Liquid
  • BBL Esports

Group Omega

  • Team Heretics
  • Natus Vincere
  • KOI
  • FUT Esports
  • Gentle Mates

The Group Stage will be played in single round-robin format with the top 3 from each group advancing to Playoffs. Teams from each group will compete in cross-group play, meaning teams from Group Alpha will match up against teams from Group Omega.

Playoffs will be played in hybrid-elimination format. Meaning, there will be a knockout round (single-elimination Bo3) consisting of the 4 worst-performing teams from the qualified pool of teams. Onwards, it will be double-elimination.

All matches excluding the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final will be Bo3. The two mentioned, will be Bo5. The top 3 performing teams from Playoffs will qualify for Masters Shanghai.

VCT EMEA Split 1 2024 Opening Matchups

Wednesday // 3.4.2024

Karmine Corp vs GIANTX [4pm BST]

KOI vs Team Liquid [7pm BST]

Thursday // 4.4.2024

Team Vitality vs NA’VI [4pm BST]

Fnatic vs Team Heretics [7pm BST]

Friday // 5.4.2024

Team Liquid vs FUT Esports [4pm BST]

BBL Esports vs Gentle Mates [7pm BST]

VCT EMEA Split 1 2024 Full Schedule (Week 2 onwards)

Moreover, you can also check the tournament page for the full updated matchups as they come.

Wednesday // 10.4.2024

Karmine Corp vs FUT Esports [4pm BST]

Team Vitality vs Team Heretics [7pm BST]

Thursday // 11.4.2024

Team Liquid vs NA’VI [4pm BST]

BBL Esports vs KOI [7pm BST]

Friday // 12.4.2024

Fnatic vs GIANTX [4pm BST]

Karmine Corp vs Gentle Mates [7pm BST]

Wednesday // 17.4.2024

Gentle Mates vs Fnatic [4pm BST]

Karmine Corp vs NA’VI [7pm BST]

Thursday // 18.4.2024

BBL Esports vs Team Heretics [4pm BST]

Team Vitality vs FUT Esports [7pm BST]

Friday // 19.4.2024

Team Liquid vs GIANTX [4pm BST]

Fnatic vs KOI [7pm BST]

Wednesday // 24.4.2024

Team Liquid vs Team Heretics [4pm BST]

Team Vitality vs Gentle Mates [7pm BST]

Thursday // 25.4.2024

Fnatic vs FUT Esports [4pm BST]

BBL Esports vs NA’VI [7pm BST]

Friday // 26.4.2024

Team Vitality vs GIANTX [4pm BST]

Karmine Corp vs KOI [7pm BST]

Wednesday // 1.5.2024

BBL Esports vs GIANTX [4pm BST]

Karmine Corp vs Team Heretics [7pm BST]

Thursday // 2.5.2024

Team Vitality vs KOI [4pm BST]

NA’VI vs Fnatic [7pm BST]

Friday // 3.5.2024

Team Liquid vs Gentle Mates [4pm BST]

BBL Esports vs FUT Esports [7pm BST]

Where to Watch VCT EMEA Split 1 2024?

VCT EMEA live-streams all the games and can be watched on Twitch and YouTube in English. Here is a full list for streams in other languages.

Information cited in this article can also be found on Riot Games' official statement in preparation for VCT EMEA 2024.

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Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

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