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MSI 2024 Grand Final: Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming Preview and Prediction

MSI 2024 Grand Final: Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming Preview and Prediction

League of Legends
19 May
Foo Zen-Wen

One more match. One more series to cement one team in the immortality of League of Legends history. Gen.G versus Bilibili Gaming. Neither has won an international event in the history of their organization. After today, that statement will no longer be true for one of them.

The MSI 2024 Grand Finals will kick today (19/5/24) at 11am CET // 6pm KST. The two teams are set to take on each other in a Bo5 series to crown the first international champion of 2024. Let’s take a look at their journey to reach the Grand Finals Stage.

Setting the Stage

The Azure Dragon

Powerful in a word, Bilibili Gaming is the Dragon of the West. They came into MSI 2024 as the top seed from the LPL, frequently overwhelming their opponents with equal measure skill, power, and aggression. Flexible in draft and suffocating on the Rift, BLG make their way to the finals from the Lower Bracket.

Starting out in the Bracket Stage, BLG had a semi-cold start against PSG Talon, with the Pacific team pushing the LPL roster to Silver Scrapes to kick off their MSI run. Despite the latter’s best efforts however, BLG walked away with the win.

They next faced T1, fresh off their own close victory against G2. Despite T1 managing to take a game off BLG, the series still ended 3-1 for BLG. Faced against the top LCK seed, many expected BLG to run away with the series after a powerful start. However, Gen.G proceeded to win three straight back to send BLG down to the lower bracket.

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There, they met a familiar face in T1, who themselves found a resurgence of form and had battled back through the Lower Bracket after defeating G2 3-0. In an intense series, BLG ultimately walked away with the win, earning them another chance to face Gen.G and potentially bring it home with a win.

The White Tiger

The apex predator, the White Tiger is Gen.G. Coming into MSI 2024, they looked very much like one of the best teams. Post-Upper Finals, they looked like the team to beat. In terms of construction, this is most certainly the most complete the team and players have ever looked. Chovy looks like the best player in the world at this stage, and it shows in Gen.G’s dominating path to the Grand Finals.

With the start of the Bracket Stage, Gen.G faced Fnatic. While pressured on certain fronts, Gen.G showed little signs of cracking as they packed off the LEC 2nd seed in quick 3-0 fashion.

When next faced against Top Esports, Gen.G truly looked challenged, with the series pushed to Silver Scrapes. Despite that, Gen.G eventually managed to find victory, having now defeated both 2nd seeds from their two rival regions.

Faced against BLG, this was the promised finals for many, with most speculators agreeing that they looked like the two best teams coming into MSI 2024. The first game going the way of BLG looked incredible for the LPL seed, especially as Gen.G appeared stumped for answer in-game. But heading into games 2 and beyond, Gen.G re-found their footing and never let it off BLG’s throat, ending the series 3-1 in their favor.

The MSI 2024 Grand Finals Match-up

There was a reason this particular matchup of teams was so incredibly hyped for the spectators. Both Gen.G and BLG had ended their respective Spring Split with incredible form, displaying in full force that there was no dispute that they were the current best in their region.

Both teams especially have an incredibly strong Mid-Jungle synergy. BLG has Knight-Xun. Gen.G has Chovy-Canyon. These duos, throughout MSI, have displayed a breadth of champions, piloting through with incredible versatility and confidence.

And then there are the tops. Kiin enters MSI 2024 the same time he re-entered the conversation for best top laner in the world. Quietly, silently working in the LCK, now on Gen.G, he has his moment to shine, finally winning the LCK after over half a decade of professional play. In the other corner, we have Bin. Last year, he was one of the best top laners. Second only to players such as 369 (who defeated him domestically and internationally), and Zeus (who ended up winning the MVP for T1’s Worlds 2023 victory).

This year, however, he has indisputably cemented himself amongst the all-time greats. Not only have both these laners shown incredible versatility, being whatever their team needs them to be, but when the call was made, they answer in the strongest fashion, carrying their team to victory.

The Storylines Converge

Defending MSI Champion

Last year, Knight lifted the MSI trophy with JDG. This year, he has returned to the Grand Finals stage to once more bid for championship and cement himself as one of the greatest to ever to do it.

A China victory in China

What better way for an all-Chinese roster to bring home an international trophy, than with their home crowd cheering them on? BLG bring the heat to this Grand Finals, and they are determined to keep the trophy in Chengdu.

Choky No More?

For years, Chovy has attained the accolades domestically and is globally recognized as one of the most talented and skilled individuals to ever touch League of Legends. And yet, internationally, the team never seems to quite deliver on the promise. Winning MSI would be the first time Chovy lifts an international trophy and go a long ways towards squashing allegations.


-So, who do you have winning today?-

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Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

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