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GenG triumphs over BLG at MSI 2024: Key Takeaways

GenG triumphs over BLG at MSI 2024: Key Takeaways

League of Legends
16 May
Antonio Cinotti Ballarte

In a riveting showdown at the Mid-Season Invitational, GenG emerged victorious against Bilibili Gaming. Having won the semifinals with a decisive 3-1 victory, GENG secures their spot in the finals while BLG faces a tough battle in the lower bracket against the winner of the T1 vs G2 series.

How the Series went

GENG displayed a great deal of strategy in their drafting and playmaking. After a surprising loss in the first game, where BLG's aggressive play and objective control initially caught them off guard, GENG recalibrated their approach. The following games highlighted Korea's #1's seed capacity to adjust their draft effectively, turning the series around with decisive victories.

The standout performances came from Kim "Kiin" Gi-In and Kim "Peyz" Su-Hwan who were pivotal in shifting the momentum back in their team's favor. Kiin's ability to absorb pressure and make space for his team was complemented by Peyz's high damage output, particularly noticeable in the fourth game where he dealt a staggering 42k damage. These individual performances were underpinned by excellent jungle support, which ensured superior map control and object securing.

BLG, on the other hand, showed they could punch above their weight but struggled to maintain consistency against the opponent's adaptive strategies. Their initial win showcased their potential, with a strong early game and effective use of power spikes. However, sustaining that level of performance proved challenging as GENG's experience and composition depth came to the forefront.

Looking Ahead

As GENG heads into the grand finals, their adaptability and team discipline set them up as formidable contenders for the title. The team's ability to bounce back from adversity and close out games efficiently speaks to their championship pedigree.

BLG faces a critical trial in the lower bracket. Their path forward will require not just replicating the brilliance of their game one victory but also finding a way to sustain it across multiple games against other top-tier teams. The upcoming match against either T1 or G2 will be a true test of their ability to perform under the pressure of potential disqualification or facing GENG for round 2.

MSI is coming to a close this weekend with the battleground leaving many casualties and fewer victors. With GENG at the forefront of the action, they are signaling their strong intent to claim the international title. Meanwhile, BLG will have to regroup and refocus as their journey is far from over. The coming games in the lower bracket will determine if they can overcome their inconsistencies and make a deep run in the tournament.

Featured Image Source: Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

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