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Upcoming Rocket League Matches

Schedule for upcoming Rocket League esports matches.

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Rocket League World Championship Schedule

On this page, we proudly feature the Rocket League World Championship schedule, ensuring fans stay informed and connected to the action-packed competition that brings together the best Rocket League teams from around the globe. Our platform offers comprehensive coverage of the World Championship Rocket League esports tournaments, including up-to-date match schedules and live scores, allowing you to plan your viewing experiences and track the progress of your favourite teams and players throughout the tournament.

With Strafe, you won't miss a moment as the world's most skilled Rocket League competitors vie for the title of World Champions, showcasing their talent, teamwork, and jaw-dropping plays in this unique esports event. Turn to our platform for all your Rocket League World Championship scheduling needs, and be part of the excitement as history is made in one of the most thrilling events in esports.

Rocket League Scoring System

The Rocket League scoring system is designed to reward players for their in-game actions and contributions to their team's performance. Points are awarded for a variety of actions, such as scoring goals, making saves, and assisting teammates. A standard goal is worth 100 points, while assists – contributing to a goal by passing the ball to a teammate who scores – are worth 50 points. Saving a shot on goal by deflecting the ball away from your net earns 50 points, and epic saves, which involve stopping a ball that is extremely close to scoring, are worth 75 points.

Players can also earn points for smaller actions, such as clearing the ball from their team's half of the field (20 points), making a centring pass (20 points), and demolishing an opponent's car (20 points). Additionally, aerial touches, bicycle hits, and other skilful plays earn a player extra points. The scoring system in Rocket League encourages teamwork, diverse playstyles, and skilled execution of various techniques, making it an engaging and exciting game for both players and spectators.