Best Esports Free Bets 2021

FREE BETS! Everyone likes free bets, and there’s plenty of opportunities across a number of sites to get your hands on them. As well as the leading bookmakers, you’ll be able to find free bets on multiple betting sites.

In this section, we’re going back to the basics. As well as defining and describing what free bets are, we’re also going to tell you where to find the best free bets that are currently available. If that wasn’t enough, we also have some expert tips on hand for you to take advantage of when using your free bets.

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What Is A Free Bet?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. A free bet is a bet that is given to punters for free. For nothing. No cash will be needed to buy this bet, it will be given to you for free. There may be criteria required to get your hands on the free bet, such as a minimum deposit placed into a betting account.

When online bookmakers offer free bets to their customers, there’s usually terms & conditions involved that punters need to adhere to in order to receive the free bets. However, it’s usually fairly straight-forward for the majority of bettors, and you’ll be enjoying free bets in next to no time.

In terms of esports betting, free bets can be used on most of the esports markets offered by betting sites, which is great news for all us esports punters. A number of the best esports bookmakers offer free bets as a generous incentive to help kick-start your esports betting experience.

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Esports Betting Sites

With the esports world continuing to increase in popularity, esports betting has now been introduced to multiple bookmaker’s sportsbooks. There’s a wide range of esports markets available for punters, and depending on the bookie, there are plenty of opportunities for your esports betting needs.

As the trend of esports betting increases, there has also been an introduction of some betting sites that focus solely on esports markets almost exclusively. There are a number of bookies that specialise in esports odds, as opposed to sports and/or casino services. If you’re looking for some recommendations – you can check out our bookmaker reviews, where we look at the best bookmakers around.

There’s a lot of choice, and there’s plenty of options for you to choose in terms of betting sites. Some may see it as a negative thing, but try not to feel overwhelmed – there’s something for everyone! If anything, it’s great that esports punters can choose their preferred operator from a plethora of available bookies.

Free Bets vs. Welcome Bonus Offers

The main difference between free bets and sign up offers is that welcome bonus offers are only available to those new customers. In contrast, free bets can be offered to the majority, whether they’re a new customer, or an existing customer that is signed up to their site.

Some betting sites will offer free bets regularly to their existing customers. On top of that, some bookies have loyalty programmes that will offer exclusive free bets to those loyal punters, as well as rewarding those who engage with their site regularly. Meanwhile, welcome bonus offers are only available to new customers.

Free bets can also be offered as ‘risk-free’ promotions – a bonus offer that is common in the online gambling world.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are involved mainly for new customers, in a way where the customer will not lose their first bet on the bookie’s site. So, if a risk-free betting option is available, new customers will need to deposit funds into their betting account and place a qualifying bet.

If the new customer’s first bet is successful, then happy days! The winnings will be received as normal and bettors will be able to use those funds as they wish. However, if the qualifying bet is unsuccessful, bookies will refund the customer with free bets equal to the value of the initial bet.

Therefore, the free bets will have to be wagered again before any funds can be withdrawn. However, it’s a beneficial opportunity for those newbies to get involved and not be stressing too much about the first ever bet.

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Top 5 Tips to Take Advantage Of

When it comes to free bets, it could be easy for some punters to get carried away. However, we’re here to remind you that a strategy like that isn’t very sustainable, and will give you a minimal chance of success. Here’s five things we think you should consider when using a free bet.

  1.       You better read those terms & conditions

The terms & conditions are the best place to find all of the information you need to know and understand for free bets. This way, taking just two or three minutes to have a read through could be the difference in your free bet being able to be withdrawn successfully or not. On top of that, the terms & conditions will vary from each betting site you visit, as it will be specific to that bookie only. Therefore, we think it’s vital that you take the time to ensure you have the knowledge of what you need to do with your free bet.

  1.       Consider upcoming esports events & tournaments

With the majority of bookmakers, most free bets available will have a specific time limit on their availability. Therefore, if you’re wanting to make the most of a free bet on a particular esports match, or tournament, then you may need to remind yourself of the time period that the free bet is eligible. Where would you find such information? The terms & conditions of course! So, you’ll want to time it just right so you can use your free bet on your preferred esports market.

  1.       One opportunity – don’t waste it!

When you see the phrase ‘free bet’, it can be very easy to get carried away with some individuals who think it’s just a random freebie. However, if you’re wanting to actually use this generous opportunity wisely, then we suggest not just wasting it. If you’re thinking about signing up to a certain bookie to claim a free bet just to place a wager on something you have no idea about, then think again. Instead, how about using it on a certain market you enjoy placing bets on, or exploring the possibility of introducing yourself to a new form of betting? In the long-term, it will be much more beneficial to your overall esports betting experience.

  1.       Take advantage of live betting options

Live betting in particular has risen in popularity in recent times. As a result, bookmakers from around the world have introduced live betting markets for a number of the biggest esports titles around. We think that if you’re wanting to introduce yourself to some live esports betting, then using free bets are a great opportunity to do so! Here, you’ll be able to have a go at placing a live wager using your free bet to test the waters almost. Then, you can decide if live betting is a form of betting for you.

  1.       Create your own esports betting strategy

One thing that is very beneficial to any bettor’s wagers is to design a customised betting strategy that will help you and your general betting. This way, you’ll have a much clearer plan of action and know what you’re doing, and you’ll be less inclined to start betting irrationally. In terms of free bets, planning what you’re going to use it on can be a great way to give yourself a higher chance of success. For more information about particular betting strategies, you can head to our esports betting strategies page – where we dive into much more detail about.

The Latest Top Free Bonuses For Esports

Looking for the best esports free bets? Of course you are – that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? Well, you’re in luck. At, you’ll find all of the best bonus offers, including free bets, from a variety of online betting sites.

If you take a look at some of the bigger names in the gambling industry – bet365, 888sport, William Hill – there are some bookmakers that offer free bets regularly, so it won’t matter if you’re a new customer or not. Usually, there will be a qualifying bet/deposit required for you to get your hands on a free bet, but it’s important to keep an eye out for all of the available promotions.

As well as free bets, bookmakers may offer alternative promotions and bonuses for their customers. To find some of the best bookmaker sign up offers, you should head over to our offers page, where we explore some of the best available welcome bonus offers.

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Free Bets & Other Considerations

As well as using all of the expert tips we showed earlier on, it’s also to remember a few key considerations when using free bets on any esports markets. It’s always best to take your time with bonus offers of any form, whether that’s a free bet, or a deposit match for example. This way, you’ll be able to build the best understanding possible, knowing what is needed to be done so you can reap the rewards of utilising the free bet successfully.

One factor to consider as you’re looking for the best esports free bets available to you is esports odds. As we mentioned earlier, there are some online betting sites that focus exclusively on esports markets and will therefore offer some competitive betting odds. You can find that latest esports betting odds right here at!

Esports Betting Free Bets Conclusion

Free bets sound very exciting, right? Well, if you’re looking to get involved with some of the top bonuses for esports, then you’re in the right place. Here at Strafe, we’ve got almost every bookie covered on this site, including the best esports betting sites for you to try out.

There is a wide range of free bets out there for you to get your hands on, so what are you waiting for? It’s key to read the terms & conditions for each bookmaker, ensuring you know everything you need to do in order to retrieve the free bets available.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also keep up to date with the latest esports news on We’ll bring you all the news from in and around the esports world – when it comes to esports, we’ve got you covered.

Esports Free Bets FAQs

🎁 What is a free bet?

Plain and simple - a free bet is a bet given to customers by bookmakers for free. There is no need to place any funds for free bets if offered by operators. You can find out all about free bets on our esports betting free bets page.

✔️ Which is the best betting site for free bets?

There are a number of bookmakers that offer bonuses to customers, some of which includes free bets. This way, it gives an incentive for punters to use their betting site to get their hands on a free bet. Find out which bookmakers offer free bets on our bookmaker sign up offers page.

🎮 Can I use free bets on esports markets?

Many operators now include esports markets as part of their online sportsbooks. As well as that, there are select betting sites that specialise in esports betting markets exclusively, meaning that all of their bonus offers, including free bets, will be eligible for esports markets.

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