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Esports Betting / Esports Betting News

Strafe Esports Betting News 2022 - On Another Level!

You may have already seen the headlines saying ‘DraftKings hacked’, so we’ve prepared this guide to show FanDuel users what to do. ...
Sophie McCarthy
IEM Rio Major for CS:GO - Odds & Predictions -
It’s time for one of the most highly anticipated CS:GO events of the year, the IEM ...
Sophie McCarthy
PSG.LGD v OG at PGL Arlington Major – Battle of the Titans
The PGL Arlington Major is set to start in just a few days, and the two ...
Sophie McCarthy
PGL Arlington Major 2022 - Stiff Competition
The PGL Arlington Major tournament is coming ...
Sophie McCarthy
Fnatic v G2 Esports in LEC 2022 - High Stakes
The Fnatic and G2 Esports rivalry is ...
Sophie McCarthy
WardiTV Summer Championship – SC2 elite battling out
Another great SC2 tournament is only days ...
Sophie McCarthy
Excel Esports vs Astralis – LEC 2022 just got a whole lot better
Excel Esports and Astralis are two of ...
Sophie McCarthy
VCT Masters Stage 2 is on – Copenhagen awaits a new champion
The VCT Masters Stage 2 is currently ...
Sophie McCarthy
SC2 NationWars Tournament 2022 – Teams are ready for the main event
The Starcraft 2  Nations tournament has already ...
Sophie McCarthy
Rocket League Championship Series – Spring Split Major is Here
The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is back for its 21-22 Spring Split Major. Sixteen of ...
Sophie McCarthy
What to watch this week - Dota 2 DPC League Season 18
As the Dota 2 DPC leagues heat ...
Sophie McCarthy
BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 CS:GO Finals are Ready
We finally reached the finals with everything ...
Sophie McCarthy
Apex Legends Global Series 2022 – Championship is starting
After the Split 2 Playoffs phase is ...
Sophie McCarthy
Dota 2 Patch 7.31d: A Bettor’s Patch Review
Dota 2 7.31d is here, and you know what that means! The status quo has just ...
Sophie McCarthy
RLCS EU Regional event 3 – Ready, Set, Go!
Rocket League Championship Series is a big part of the Rocket League game, and every team ...
Sophie McCarthy
Dota 2 DPC WEU 3: Final Tour Before TI11
The DPC league is due to kick ...
Sophie McCarthy
DH SC2 Masters in Valencia 2022 – Who will be the crowned king?
As we all know, the Dream Hack ...
Sophie McCarthy
BLAST Premier CS:GO – Get ready for the Spring Finals 2022
With the PGL Major tournament over, it’s ...
Sophie McCarthy
Dota 2 Patch 7.31C - A Balance Before Stockholm
With the Dota 2 Stockholm Major quickly ...
Sophie McCarthy
League of Legends: Knockout Stage Begins Today!
The European Masters Spring 2022 for League ...
Sophie McCarthy
PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe Tournament Preview
PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe will start ...
Sophie McCarthy
Final Days of DPC Dota 2 League Tour 2 Are Underway!
The Dota 2 DPC League’s second tours ...
Sophie McCarthy
Looking Ahead to the PGL Major Antwerp for CSGO
Here’s a tasty one for you. This ...
Sophie McCarthy
Valorant Masters Reykjavik: What’s in store for the playoffs?
One of the most exciting events on ...
Sophie McCarthy
OG & Gaimin Gladiators to Face Off Today
The Dota 2 DPC 2022 is well ...
Sophie McCarthy
Looking Forward to the ESL Pro League Season 15 Playoffs
After another thrilling CS:GO ESL Pro League ...
Sophie McCarthy
NaVi vs EG: A look ahead to one of the hottest upcoming matches
As we speak, the CS:GO ESL Pro ...
Sophie McCarthy
Gladiators To Take On Secret in Dota 2 WEU Season 17
After storming through the initial stages of ...
Sophie McCarthy
RLCS 2022 Winter Split Major: A look ahead
It’s kicking off in the Rocket League ...
Sophie McCarthy
Fortnite New Season Update - Shaking Things Up!
Season 3 Chapter 2 of Fortnite dropped ...
Sophie McCarthy
DPC SEA Tour 2 Division 1: A look at BOOM Esports’ chances
Off the back of their huge LAN ...
Sophie McCarthy
The CSGO Pinnacle Cup 3 is Underway!
An in-depth look at what to expect ...
Sophie McCarthy
Can FaZe Clan Continue Their Win Streak? ESL Season 15
Two heated rivals clash again in the ...
Sophie McCarthy
Dota 2 Champions League Season 8 playoffs - Let's Get Started
As the Dota 2 Championship League heats ...
Sophie McCarthy
LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs: What’s on the cards?
It’s that time of year again. The ...
Sophie McCarthy
ESL Season 15: The big CS:GO pro league about to kick off
Here we go! The next CS:GO pro ...
Sophie McCarthy
Call of Duty: LA Thieves v Toronto Ultra
Let’s revisit the historic rivalry between these ...
Sophie McCarthy
LCL Open Cup Spring 2022: Looking ahead to the next tournament
The next League of Legends spring tournament ...
Sophie McCarthy
NBA 2K22: What to expect from Season 5
The world has just seen the highly-anticipated ...
Sophie McCarthy
Live Call of Duty Tournaments are Back in March 2022 with the 1st Major
As the qualifiers come to a close, ...
Sophie McCarthy
IEM Katowice Playoffs Final: A preview
This Sunday (February 27th) sees the final ...
Sophie McCarthy
Latest Dota 2 Patch Update: What’s new, and how will it play out?
February 23rd saw the release of the ...
Sophie McCarthy
Match round-up: IEM Katowice/Projection of Winners
The Intel Extreme Masters. One of the ...
Sophie McCarthy
What Valorant Patch 4.03 Brings to Online and Competitive Play
Player feedback is essential to up the ...
Sophie McCarthy
CS:GO - Patch 2022.02.01 is Here to Shake Things Up!
The latest CS:GO patch adds more exciting ...
Sophie McCarthy
Latest Rocket League Patch Update: What can we expect?
February 9th, 2021 saw the release of ...
Sophie McCarthy
Six Invitational 2022: Predictions for the finals
With not long to go until the ...
Sophie McCarthy
DPC North America Tour 1 Finals Begin This Weekend!
As the Dota Pro Circuit heats up, ...
Sophie McCarthy
Super Bowl LVI: What are we about to witness?
It’s finally happening! The Super Bowl is ...
Sophie McCarthy
Call of Duty League Preview - Online Qualifiers are Underway
The Call of Duty League is about ...
Sophie McCarthy
IEM XVI Katowice 2022: What’s in store?
We’re counting down the days until the ...
Sophie McCarthy
Latest League of Legends 12.03 Patch Update
What the 12.03 patch means for your ...
Mike McKean
What are you limited to betting on in NY?
what can I bet on in New ...
Mike McKean
Can you bet on college sports in NY?
Betting on College Sports in New York ...

Finger on the pulse - the latest esports betting news!

Are you after the latest esports news? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re bringing you all of the esports headlines from around the world, meaning you don’t need to look far to get your esports news fix.

As well as covering all of the latest news, we’ll constantly be updating this dedicated news section with features, reviews – pretty much everything you could want from a news page. If there’s a story to tell about the esports world, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to find out about it here.

Keep Up to Date With All the Esports News

Here at Strafe, we don’t just give you the best bookmaker reviews and betting guides - we also strive to keep you informed about all the latest news and gossip. Knowledge is power, after all.

We will cover all of your favourite esports titles, with all of the top news stories as they happen. To read some of the latest esports news, coming to us at Strafe is the correct decision – well done, you’re doing it right with the best esports betting app and site.

If you’re wanting to find out any updates in regard to a particular esport, then our news section should be your first port of call. We love presenting all of the latest esports betting news for you to read about.

Betting News

As well as keeping you up to date with esports news, we’ll also cover any developing betting headlines, because that’s the other reason why you’re here, isn’t it?

News regarding operators will be constantly updated, with the number of bookmakers on the rise, alongside the improvement of select bookies’ esports markets. There are even some betting sites that exclusively offer esports markets, which is great news for us avid esports fans.

If you’re wanting to find out more about the range of bookmakers available, be sure you check out our bookmaker reviews – luckily for you, we’ve ranked them based on our reviews and ratings, in the hope that helps you find the perfect bookmaker for you.

A Brief Introduction to Esports Betting

As we are all aware, the esports world has grown all across the world, and is now increasingly popular amongst millions of gamers. Well, along with that, the esports betting scene has taken off in recent years, with bookmakers offering many more esports markets and odds than ever before.

With a variety of betting options available to you, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with esports betting. The growth of esports markets has grown rapidly in a relatively small period of time, and will continue to do so as more punters place wagers on esports matches and tournaments.

The most popular esports titles that most, if not all, bookies offer includes the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA) games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. On top of that, the action-packed first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive (also known as CS:GO) usually features as a major title in an operator’s esports coverage.

Dedicated esports betting sites offer all this and a lot more, which is a huge benefit for your betting experience, and give you so many different opportunities to bet on esports.

At Strafe, we’ve dedicated a lot of our time to bring you all the essential information regarding esports betting, with pages of information you maybe didn’t even know you needed. So, feel free to explore our betting section as well as our latest esports betting news.

You can check out the latest bookmaker promo codes and sign up offers on our site too, as we’ve done an extensive research into all of the best operators for you to place your esports bets with.

League of Legends Latest News

The League of Legends Worlds is arguably the biggest esports tournament there is in the world. It’s certainly one of the most watched esports competitions around, and is the biggest event of the year for pro League of Legends gamers.

With multiple teams battling it out in the LoL arena for the Summoner’s cup and the multi-million-pound grand prize, there’s certainly a case for it to be the number 1 esports event worldwide.

As well as that, regional LoL tournaments such as the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) – the top league for LoL in China – and the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) – the highest level of pro LoL in North America – will have a lot of news coverage due to its sheer popularity.

At Strafe, we’re going to bring you all the latest news, results, and just general information for various League of Legends competitions, so keep a look out for all of that.

Find the Latest CS:GO News Right Here

We’ll look to cover all the breaking news and latest bits of information about all the different CS:GO tournaments and competitions that take place all year round. So, if you’re wanting to know about general CS:GO news, then of course we’ll have that as part of our esports news section.

If you’re looking for select CS:GO tournaments, such as the upcoming PGL Major hosted in Stockholm, or the regional DreamHack Open competitions that take place in each continent, then don’t worry. You’ll be able to find the latest news in this section.

Looking for some Dota 2 News, too?

Dota is another popular MOBA esport that is played all over the world, and is widely popular in the esports community.

If you’re wanting to find the latest news regarding The International – Dota’s biggest annual tournament – then you should know by this point that this is where you can find it (hint: the correct answer is right here).

As well as that, the Dota Pro Circuit takes place every year, with the best Dota teams battling it out in the Dota map for a large portion of the year.

For more information about placing a bet on Dota, you could have a look at our Dota betting guide – there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with esports betting, and if Dota is the game for you, then what better place to start?

Any more Esports Titles?

Wow, we’re being really generous here, aren’t we? Covering all the latest news around the major esports. Well, we don’t just stop there. If there’s some news that we think is important for you to know about, you best believe we’ll do our best to cover it.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the latest news on StarCraft, Overwatch, Rocket League, Call of Duty, or Valorant – we’re going to bring all the information we can find straight to this section for you to see. Keep a lookout on our dedicated esports news section as we bring you the latest esports betting news.

Esports News From all Around the World

The biggest esports tournaments and competitions are held in many different parts of the world, and there’s teams coming from numerous countries, all competing at the highest level of esports competition.

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a number of worldwide competitions across multiple esports titles, and our esports betting news will keep you informed of all the latest major esports.

Whether it’s a regional season, or an international tournament, we’re going to do everything we can to show you the latest news right here.

Our Esports Betting News Will Benefit Your Betting

It makes sense, don’t you think? The more up to date esports news and information you know about, the better your decision-making will be when it comes to esport betting. The more informed decisions you make, the more likely you will be successful when placing wagers. Simple.

Doing some research on all of the latest news and headlines will also build a greater understanding of the players and teams involved with each esports. From here, you’ll be able to follow team form and statistics, which will all be useful pieces of information for your esports betting.

Take Advantage of our Esports News

If you use all of your esports knowledge, and combine it with the information we’re discussing in our esports betting news, then you can utilize this to build your own esports betting strategy. With all of the up-to-date news and features, you are essentially giving yourself the best opportunity to make quick and instinctive decisions based on accurate information and data.

On top of all of that, the latest esports news and features we show will go hand in hand with our esports betting tips for each game. To benefit your esports betting experience, using all of the information we provide – all of which is at your disposal – will help you get started with esports betting, and turn you from a newbie to an expert in next to no time.

Our Final Thoughts

Before you head off and take a look at all of our news pieces, we recommend you take a look at all of the live betting guides we offer, with a page dedicated to each of the most popular esports titles. If you’re looking for further information in terms of esports betting odds, then all you need to do is follow the link. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about esports odds – you’re welcome.

We show the latest esports betting news to keep you updated with all the newest esports news stories and topics – you won’t miss anything.

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IEM Rio Major for CS:GO - Odds & Predictions -
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