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Last Updated on 02/05/2023
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If you are looking for the best crypto betting sites for Esports, then look no further. Our expert team has done the searching for you and has managed to round up some of the best operators from around the globe which accept cryptocurrency betting.

While there are many different kinds of crypto esports bookmakers out there, not all of these Bitcoin sports betting sites can be trusted. So we’ve ranked and rated each of them so that you can bet on competitive gaming with confidence. Keep reading to see who the best Esports crypto betting sites are!

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Compare the Best Crypto Betting Sites out there!

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Why everyone should compare sites for crypto esports betting

Like cryptos? Love esports? Then you’ll adore our comparison of crypto esports betting sites, also known as Bitcoin betting sites. We’ve worked hard to build this comparison with the aim to instantly show off the best cryptocurrency betting operators that make crypto esports betting safe, fun, and easy.

We’re aware of the fact that both cryptocurrencies and esports are relatively new to the online betting scene, and so we created this guide to get everyone up to speed. This means that those new to esports crypto betting can instantly find a suitable betting site. Even experienced esports fans and crypto betting aficionados will find a crypto betting site that they might have overlooked or underestimated.

Esports focus

Our comparison will take into account which esports are featured at these crypto betting sites. No site will feature here unless it features those early big-hitters of the esports world like Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2. However, as we also focus on other esports options on each crypto site, we help you find your perfect crypto site if you're more interested in betting on more recent esports like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Valorant, and much more.

You should know that we’ll also be ranking cryptocurrency betting operators according to the cryptocurrencies featured. No prizes for guessing that Bitcoin features heavily in all of the crypto betting sites featured here. In fact, the industry often refers to crypto betting sites as Bitcoin betting sites for this reason. However, our experts make sure that users of other cryptos like Ethereum, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin find their perfect crypto sports betting sites too.

All of this means that you can use our comparison to find an operator that gives you all of the benefits of the crypto esports betting revolution. So you could load up your crypto wallet and sign up to one of these featured cryptocurrency betting websites and make a free and instant deposit across borders. This deposit could be used to fund your bets on esports tournaments taking place worldwide, and if you get lucky, you can make a speedy withdrawal of your winnings directly back to your crypto wallet. Easy!

Five essential features of the best crypto betting sites

Our reviews of crypto betting sites will always put your online safety first. This is why we are always brutally honest if a betting site doesn’t treat your security seriously enough. Here are just five things that we’d hope to see in every crypto betting site that we review:

SSL-level encryption

We’d expect each crypto betting site to have a minimum 128-bit SSL encryption. This basically means that all of the data that passes between your browser and the betting site is completely scrambled and unreadable by anyone else. We look at SSL encryption when we review all online betting sites and not only crypto sites, as it provides a layer of safety for any sensitive information and transactions.

Secure wallet technology

You should feel confident in making deposits from your crypto wallet to the betting site. Crypto deposits and withdrawals are automatically more secure than, for example, using your credit card. However, we always like to see reassurances about how the betting site keeps any deposits made separate from its own finances and protected by all of the relevant firewall technology.

Some online crypto casinos, including Bitcoin casinos, provide a section similar to FAQs or terms and conditions dedicated to explaining payment safety and secure wallet technology to customers, which always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Responsive customer support

It’s always nice to know that you are being taken care of at a crypto betting site. This is why we look for 24/7 customer support that you can access via live chat, email, or telephone. Perfect for getting help should that crypto deposit not go through.

Something else we find very useful for customers is a comprehensive FAQ section where they can look up general queries. This lightens the load on customer support while simultaneously providing a handy, go-to area for new and experienced customers on crypto betting sites.

Clear terms and conditions

Just because it’s a crypto betting site doesn’t mean that it can afford to hide how it operates. This is why we always like to see clear terms and conditions that cover everything from how the bonuses work to how the actual betting site operates.

An online betting site's terms and conditions shouldn't contain any jargon that customers would not be able to understand, especially legal jargon. Furthermore, the T's & C's should be clear, concise, and non-ambiguous. These requirements set the benchmark for proper terms and conditions at all online crypto gambling sites.

Decent reputation

It’s a good idea to do some online research to see what other people think about a crypto betting site. After all, people are more than happy to share their opinions if they feel that a betting site isn’t meeting their standards! Decent may be a bit of a soft term, as we prefer onine crypto casinos with stellar reputations and a clean legal and regulatory record.

In other words, it should function according to law and prioritize customer needs. A bad customer experience is bound to happen here and there, and it's up to the reader to decide if the complaint should be taken seriously or with a grain of salt.

How to find and vet the best crypto betting site for esports

Our guide has shown you that there’s an ever-expanding number of crypto sports betting sites for sports out there. As such, it might be hard to find a site that’s perfectly suited to your own needs. This is why we are dedicated to conducting in-depth reviews of each crypto betting site we deem above-board and provides quality crypto betting options. Here are a few things you may discover by reading our reviews:

  • Cryptos featured: You’ll quickly get to see what cryptos are featured at the betting site in our in-depth crypto betting site reviews. We pride ourselves in crafting the perfect guides and reviews for understanding whether you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Cardano, DogeCoin and much more and details about different cryptocurrencies.
  • Esports odds: We’ll let you know which esports you can bet on and how good the odds are. A great way of seeing whether that crypto betting site can give you a decent price for betting on anything from Call of Duty and Rainbow Six to Overwatch, Hearthstone and StarCraft 2.
  • Betting bonuses: Everyone loves a good betting bonus, but it’s a question of finding the special offer that’s right for you. So by reading our reviews you’ll be able to see where you can find matched deposit bonuses, losing bet refunds, matched bet offers and other crypto betting sites offers.
  • User interface: Some people like to bet on esports from a laptop while other people prefer to bet from a smartphone or a tablet. Our reviews will always examine the basic betting interface at a crypto betting provider so that you can see how easy it is to put your bets down.
  • Live esports betting: As if esports betting wasn’t exciting enough, you can enjoy live esports betting at all good crypto betting sites. Read our reviews to find those operators with the fastest and most enjoyable live betting platforms and discover where you can get free live streams of the biggest esports tournaments.

The best crypto gambling sites for Esports around!

Five top tips for crypto sports betting and esports betting

Not only do we reveal some of the best crypto betting sites to those looking for top options, but you also get some helpful tips that you can use to take your esports betting abilities up a few notches. Here are some handy pointers you can start with:

Bet on the biggest esports tournaments

If you want to get the best odds, then you will probably need to be betting on the biggest esports tournaments. After all, it is tournaments like the LoL Worlds Finals, The International and ESL that attract the greatest number of bettors and you know that the Bitcoin betting site operators will be lowering their margins in a bid to put on evermore attractive odds. Plus you’ll commonly see more odds boosts for the biggest esports competitions which mean that you’re essentially getting better odds for certain markets.

Give live esports betting a try

Not only is live esports betting great fun, but it can also be an excellent way of getting extra value from your bets. For example, you might want to bet on a real favorite to win a CSGO game, but the prematch odds weren’t too great. But if you wait until well into the first map before putting down a live bet, you could potentially find even better odds. Don’t forget that many crypto esports betting sites will also include free live streaming to make sure that you get a more accurate and entertaining way to put down your live esports bets.

Try alternative betting lines

Don’t fall into the trap of only putting down money line bets on which team is going to win that esports contest. You’ll find that there can be plenty more value from seeing what other betting lines are available. Each game will have its own unique lines that could give you the chance to bet on things like the first team to five kills or the first baron slayed and so on. Plus we have to remember that handicap betting or spread betting can be a great way of getting superior odds for the favorite or more wins for the underdog.

Use any available bonuses

You’ll find lots of bonuses and promotions at all good crypto betting sites and these can be a great way of getting more from your esports bets. The most common deals are matched deposit bonuses that simply give you extra wagering funds dependent on how much you initially deposit. However, we’ve found that risk-free bet bonuses can be equally good as they can give you a decent amount of insurance which is essential for betting on something as unpredictable as esports. Our advice is to always read through the terms and conditions of each special offer so that you don’t get caught out by any of the small print.

Check the best-suited payment methods

Each crypto betting site will normally feature a wide range of cryptocurrencies that you can use for making your deposits and withdrawals. It’s worth reading through any payment methods articles on the betting site as it’s here that you’ll see whether any cryptos featured could have any advantages or disadvantages. After all, you might find that you can only make Bitcoin deposits from a high minimum deposit amount or there might even be fees for making withdrawals via Ethereum. So be sure to read through the small print of the betting site to make sure that your payments go smoothly.

Our pick of the 5 best crypto/bitcoin sports betting sites for esports - Mini-reviews

Gave a gander below to learn a little more about our top-rated esports platforms. Each offers a first-rate beeting experience.

1. – The leading crypto gambling site at Strafe

From the moment you load up on this crypto gambling site, Stake makes it easy for you to make your choice between their online casino options and their sportsbook. Of course, if you want to use any of the platforms, you’ll need to sign-up. Just make sure that when you do, you opt-in on our exclusive 200% deposit match up to $1,000 by entering the promo code: STRAFECASVIP (for the online casino) and STRAFESPOVIP (for the sportsbook) in the relevant field in the form.

Stake does not differentiate between its esports betting line-up and the rest of the sports bets on the site. So, you’ll need to know your stuff if you’re looking to bet on video games, as you’ll need to pick the category from among all the mainstream sports.

However, when it comes to esports, they cover a good variety of options. You can place sports bets on Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six. What’s more is that all these games are available for live betting, too.

Here are a few highlights of betting at

  • Payments: It supports all major forms of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, and Dogecoin.
  • Reputation: Stake is a verified operator by the Crypto Gambling Foundation
  • Brand associations: Stake is the official betting partner of the UFC, Everton FC, and Watford FC.
  • Diversity: The brand boasts a great online casino, too
  • Exclusive bonus: 200% up to $1,000 is only for Strafe readers.

2. BC.Game – Simply more than most crypto betting sites

BC.Game feels a lot similar to The dark background with bright icons provides an awesome-looking site, but one that feels a little busy and cluttered. Nevertheless, it isn’t rated second on our list for nothing.

There is one of two ways to find the esports betting option of choice. You can either browse the menu on the left of the screen for individual match options, or find the esports menu (also on the left) and open that. Should you opt for the latter, you’ll find a list of all the up-and-coming esport betting options with their odds. You can scroll through the markets at the top of the screen.

There are numerous esports markets up for grabs. These include Counter-Strike, Dota 2, eShooter, League of Legends, Valorant, Starcraft, Rainbox Six, FIFA, NBA 2K, Rocket League, and more. Of course, there are plenty of mainstream sports too. The largest market selection is for soccer, but you can bet on both European and North American sporting favorites.

 Here are a few highlights of betting at BC.Game

  • Brand associations:Game is a sponsor of the Argentinian national soccer team.
  • Diversity: They have a fabulous online casino platform.
  • Large Esports selection: Yes, it’s even larger than Stake’s.
  • Crypto acceptance: Supports 18 different cryptocurrencies for betting.
  • Community:Game runs a chat group to the right of the screen at all times. Boast of a win or congratulate a winning bettor.

3. Thunderpick – A notable leader in esports crypto sports betting sites

Unlike other cryptocurrency betting operators, Thunderpick makes Esports their primary platform. As a result, you can bypass traditional sports betting and casino gameplay and head directly to the esports betting platform from the welcome page.

The interface is one of the best we’ve seen. While attractive, it does not feel cluttered at all. To top things off, there is a dedicated promotion page available for you to grab what’s hot in the bonus department. Take note of the latest welcome offer in the bonus tab below this mini-review.

Now when it comes to esports betting options, there are few crypto sports betting sites that rival Thunderpick. There are 19 selections set along the left of the screen. Those with live betting markets available today will be highlighted in color, while the others are faded out.

Prominent markets include CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Rainbow Six, Starcraft II, Rocket League, King of Glory, E-Soccer, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite, NBA 2K, FIFA, and others.

Here are a few highlights of betting at BC.Game

  • Exclusivity: The fact that Thunderpick has a separate esports platform is convenient.
  • Coverage: 19 different gaming categories are impressive.
  • Diversity: There is a great online casino and sportsbook as well.
  • Accessibility: Live streaming is possible
  • Live betting – In-play betting is state-of-the-art

4. – Exclusively sports

If you are looking for a crypto sports betting site that concentrates mainly on betting, then this is the operator for you. You get the vibe that they want you to enjoy sports betting first, as this is where they place you when you land on the site. If you want to play casino games, you have to navigate there with the menu to the far left of the screen (on desktop).

Among other things, values customer retention. As such, they offer an exciting VIP club and rewards program. Then, of course, they offer competitive welcome bonus offers. Just look at the bonus banner below for the latest deal from the site for esports.

Once you have loaded up on the esports betting page, you’ll be able to choose from all of your favorites. The main attractions are Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, FIFA, and eNBA. However, they do also cover categories like LOL, Kings of Glory, Valorant, Starcraft (1 and 2), Rainbox Six, and Wild Rift.

Here are a few highlights of betting at BC.Game

  • Usability: The site offers a dedicated esports page for ease of use.
  • Rewards: Offers a VIP program and frequent betting bonuses.
  • Club House TV: Members can make use of a dedicated TV channel offering betting tips and match commentaries.
  • Versatility: You can bet on casino games, sports bets, virtual sports, and esports on this site.
  • Payment options: Accepts crypto and some fiat currencies.

5. CloudBet – Making crypto sports betting easier

Like all the top crypto sports betting sites out there, CloudBet offers its selection on a dedicated page on the site. All the leagues are neatly displayed, and the categories are easily accessible down the left sidebar menu (on desktop).

There are 12 esports betting categories. These include Arena of Valor, CSGO, Dota 2, FIFA, League of Legends, NBA 2K, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Starcraft, Valorant, and some other virtual games.

Where CloudBet excels is in the rewards and bonus section. Simply head to the Marketplace to pick up great promotions and more. They also cover numerous cryptocurrencies for sports bets. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin, Binance, Solana, and Altcoin. In fact, you can select your currency of choice in the footer menu system and the entire platform will be converted to your crypto of choice.

  • Currency: This platform makes playing in specific crypto very easy.
  • Diversity: CloudBet offers casino games and regular sports betting too.
  • Odds: The odds are competitive and compare with all sites on this list.
  • Community: Discord channel available for members.
  • Live bets: In-play betting on games is allowed.

Conclusion - Stick with us to find the best crypto esports betting sites

Cryptocurrencies and esports are two of the most significant additions to have hit the betting world in years. While they both were treated with skepticism to begin with, we can see that competitive gaming and cryptos are here to stay. Plus, it seems that more and more sites are popping up that allows you to deposit with cryptos and also gives you the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies to bet on esports.

So, we'll be keeping this page updated with all of the new Bitcoin esports bookmakers, Ethereum sports betting sites, and much more. Whether you’re into crypto sports betting or esports betting, keep it here to make sure that you are always playing with the best crypto betting sites!

Crypto esports betting FAQ

🏅Which are the best esports betting sites?

Read our guide to see the best crypto esports betting sites. Each of these sites has been tested by us to make sure that it’s up to the task of betting on anything from CSGO and LoL to Dota 2 and CoD. All of which means that you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin or any other top crypto to try your luck when betting on your favorite games. Don’t forget that we can also show you the best crypto casino sites for a different kind of wagering.

⭐How do I put down an esports bet online?

We found that crypto esports betting is surprisingly easy. However, there are a few things about betting on esports with cryptocurrencies that might catch some people out. So make sure that you download a good crypto betting app and then read our guide that walks you through what you need to do to put down an esports bet online. Next you’ll just need to make your predictions and hope that you get lucky!

👀Where can I get some Bitcoin betting tips?

Make sure that you read our guide where we will give you some great tips that you can use to take your crypto esports betting to the next level. Our guide pays special attention to Bitcoin but there’s enough here for users of other cryptos like Litecoin and Ethereum. Plus we can even show you some great DogeCoin sports betting sites. All of which means that you’ll get all of the help you need to succeed with your crypto bets.

❓How do crypto betting odds work?

Check out our guide that reveals what kinds of odds you’ll see when you enjoy some crypto esports betting. We’ll carry out a quick explanation of these odds so that you understand what they are referring to at the best Litecoin betting sites. All of which should help you see what your likelihood is of winning that esports bet, and you’ll get a good idea of what kinds of returns you could make too.

🕹Which are the best esports crypto users can bet on?

Make sure that you read our guide to the best crypto esports betting sites where we will reveal which games you should be wagering on. Whether it’s a classic battle arena game, an iconic first-person shooter or a new battle royale title, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Thankfully our guide does a great job in pointing out which esports you should be wagering on at the best Bitcoin betting sites

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