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Best Crash Gambling Sites 2023

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Last Updated on 24/05/2023
Fact checked by: Sophie McCarthy

Crypto-based casino sites are becoming more well-known as the gambling industry expands. Our team at has opted to provide you with a comprehensive guide to Crash gambling sites, as the game is so popular right now in the crypto space.

If you want to know how to choose the best Crash gambling sites with real money so that you can enjoy the crypto game, be sure to explore the content in this guide. Our experts deal will explain exactly what features to look out for at the best operators.

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What is Crash Gambling? An overview

If you’re new to the business of the best crypto gambling games online, you may not be aware of the new Crash gambling game. It’s a super easy title to learn to play. In most iterations of the game, it mimics a stock graph. At the start of the game, a line will begin to rise diagonally across the screen. As the line grows, the game multiplier increases. At some random point in its upward trend, the market will crash. If you still have a wager on the table, you will lose the money.

As such, the point of the game is to make sure that you pull your money out before the crash, while still gaining benefits from the ever increasing multiplier. For instance, if you elect to wager 1 BTC on the line reaching a 2x multiplier and it crashes before that, you lose your stake. However, if it reaches that mark or surpasses it, you will receive double your stake back. In this case a 2 BTC win will be yours.

The best Crash gambling sites with real money are not accessible across all mainstream online casinos. They are generally found at crypto casinos, instead. The Crash gambling game begins every few seconds and the entire lobby will wager on the same round. This makes the game more interesting, as you'll be able to watch who fails and who succeeds with each passing round.

How to Play the Crash Gambling Game

As we said before, gameplay is extremely simple. While it may marginally differ from casino to casino, on the whole, the process is very similar. The Stake Crash gambling game works as follows:

  • Register and account and claim your welcome bonus.
  • Start playing Crash games
  • Find the Crash gambling game in the title library and open it up.
  • Place your wager in the relevant field.
  • Set the limit at which you wish to pull out at.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • Watch the line rise and collect your winnings.

If you are lucky, the game you play will be provably fair. This means that you can view the open source code from the RNG to determine that the round was perfectly random and 100% fair.

How to choose the best Crash gambling sites with real money

If you're reading this review and considering opening a casino account that offers the Crash gambling game, we highlighted some key points to determine if the platform is suitable for you and your online casino player needs.

Crypto payment options

Online casino sites with a Crash gambling game option should allow you to pay in one or more digital coins. The most common payment method is Bitcoin, but you may also choose between Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Tether in many online casinos. So if you're someone who prefers to use an alternative to Bitcoin, compare the many platforms that offer a crypto payment selection. In addition, we suggest you look into the minimum deposit amounts needed for whichever cryptocurrency you choose, as they vary. The stakes are similar to fiat currencies on average, ranging between 10-20 EUR equivalent to start with.

Latest gaming updates

Suppose you've found a potential online casino to create an account with. We suggest you look into their game portfolio and discover if they even offer Crash gaming or other new crypto-only gaming experiences. Some platforms may be great for fiat currency users as they can get the most from reliable software developers. However, some of these software providers, like Microgaming and NetEnt, might not have the game in their collection yet. Whereas other less popular developers do, double-check the site's legitimacy and if it keeps up with the latest crypto-based casino games.

Exciting crypto features

In addition to having the latest crypto games available on an online casino, you want to choose a site that offers crypto-based games with exciting cryptocurrency-only features. This could be exclusive crypto rewards in the form of a VIP program or specific advice designed for crypto bettors. As cryptocurrency is one of the most efficient ways to make payments online, your casino should also have the latest internal processing features to meet the standard. Crash gambling is exclusive to crypto gamers, so it can be considered rare in the online casino gaming world. But it may include different features like an auto cash-out option for bettors who are more comfortable predicting when the line in the market will crash or stick to a manual cash-out option for those who need more practice.

Simple account registering process

In addition to having the latest Crash gambling games available, the best crypto casino sites will also have an easy to use platform. If new customers want to join, they will find it easy to input their details, connect their payment method and start using the casino instantly. This is ideal for casino players of all skill levels, so if you're unfamiliar with setting up an account, the operator should have handy features to help you. And if you want to enhance your online casino experience using cryptocurrencies, it shouldn't be more difficult than using fiat currency deposits and withdrawals.

An attractive layout

As a customer, you want to be excited to use the platform. So having an attractive layout and design is essential to your performance. If you wish to navigate different game types like table games, live dealer options or slot machine games, it should be easy to do on the platform. Or, if you're looking for a site that doesn't distract you with its color scheme and images throughout the site, compare some of the top choices that offer Crash gambling before deciding.

Our top 5 crypto casinos

Key Crash Gambling features to consider when online gambling

Like the best bitcoin blackjack casinos offer for blackjack, each online crypto casino may have a different variation of the Crash gambling game. So we wanted to detail some key features to consider to help you choose the most suitable casino for you and your betting needs.

1. Anonymous play

Some sites are happy to take on new customers to use their Crash gambling game. They even encourage users to create an account without registering their email address, which makes it easier to access the game. It ties in with the anonymity of cryptocurrencies as they are found on an unregulated service where no third party or central authority can have information on your crypto transactions.

2. Multiplier online gambling game

The Crash gambling game is an excellent example of a multiplier game. Let’s say you start with a small deposit going into your bet. This can increase as the market line you’re following will go up until a certain point before it crashes. If you’re familiar with how the crypto market works, you may know when the right time is to cash out to avoid losing what you put in and more. We advise potential customers to start betting with what they can afford as this may not have the outcome you want.

3. Lack of game tactics

The game is pretty straightforward to understand, so if you have gaming strategies you use for other casino games, you may not need them for Crash gambling. Some sites will give you a video to watch with a step-by-step tutorial on how to play the game, which can be helpful in the long run. It can be a game of chance for many users, so try it out and see what the outcome may be.

4. Bonus fun

Of course playing games in conjunction with bonuses is a fabulous way to start off in unfamiliar territory. Sites like Stake offer our readers exclusive promotions, including a 200% matched deposit bonus up to $1,000 and Rakeback against your losses. Simply sign up using the code: STARFECASVIP

5. Provably Fair Crash Gambling Sites

Want to make 100% sure that every single Crash game round is perfectly fair? That is reasonable enough and there is a way to do it. The best Crash gambling options provide access to the RNGs open source code. This is thanks to provably mechanisms enabled by the blockchain. This provably fair feature, is therefore, only available at crypto operators

The 5 Top Crash Gambling Site Operators

There are numerous crypto casinos offering a unique derivative of the Crash casino game titles. However, our experts have earmarked five of the best ones for you below. Explore our mini-reviews of the top Crash gambling site operators to find out what you can expect from your Crash game experience at each.

1. – The Best Crash Gambling Site has grown into the leading crypto casino across the world. Their diverse platform offers both casino games and sports betting, which means players needn’t go elsewhere if they enjoy both forms of crypto betting. The operator has also made a prominent name for itself when it comes to original-style crypto games, like the Crash game. In fact, our experts believe it to be the ultimate Crash gambling site around.

Stake’s Crash game format and imagery resemble that of the stock market. The aim of the game is to place your wager on where you believe the market will still be stable or ascending. As long as the market crashes after the point at which you placed your stake, you will receive a multiplier reward in accordance with the level of risk you took. If the market crashed before reaching your guess, you will lose your bet. Lastly, Stake's crash is provably fair, so you can make sure that each game round is 100% random and unbiased.

We are running an exclusive bonus offer alongside Stake, which we urge you to use to boost your bankroll prior to loading up the Crash game. If you use the code: STRAFECASVIP when registering your account, you will unlock a 200% deposit match bonus of up to $1,000 + you’ll trigger 5% Rakeback against your losses incurred while playing this or any other game on the site.

Stake Crash Gameplay

2. BC.Game – Play Crash gambling like the stock market

BC.Game is a modern crypto casino with a great presence in Canada. It ranks second on our list of Crash Gambling site operators. While the format of the game differs slightly from that of, the theme is very similar. It also takes a stock market theme, but there are quicker loading times between games.

The interactivity in this Crash game is increased by the leaderboard/paytable on the right. You can clearly see who was successful and who was not in the past round. The stake range is between $0.01 and $100,000 with the possibility of winning up to $1 million. The RTP for this Crash game is 99%.

The game is played in either Classic mode or Trenball mode. In classic mode, you can cash the money after wagering and the winnings you can make depend on how many people are playing alongside you. Trenball requires you to bet on a specific line color (there are three). Each line color is more volatile than the other, offering better returns.

BC.Game crash casino game

3. Bitstarz – Rocket-themed Crash casino game

Bitstarz has been in the gambling game for longer than any of the other Crash Gambling site operators on this list. They offer both crypto and fiat money wagers. However, the Crash game is a crypto-only title. Bitstarz is a marvelous place to sign up if game variety is something important to you. Their library is bolstered by some of the best gaming studios on the market.

The Bitstarz Crash game is an original Rocket-themed adventure. Upon take off, it is a certainty that the rocket will not meet its end destination. Your job is to try and guess how far it will go before it explodes and crashes.

Multipliers vary from 1x bet to a whopping 100,000x bet. The maximum wager you can make is $20,000 (USD/EURO) which will yield a capped payout of $/€100,000 if you hit the maximum multiplier. For the sake of fairness, Bitstarz will allow players to verify every game round thanks to the provably fair protocols built into the game.

The interface is super user-friendly. When you play the Crash game, you can view the rules, live stats, and history with the click of a button. You can also set hotkeys to make the gameplay easier for you.

Bitstarz Crash game

4. – Offering the Aviator Crash Game

Unlike Stake and Bitstarz, employs the help of game provider, Spribe, for its Crash gambling game - called Aviator. While the general pattern of play mimics all the other Crash gambling games, there is actually no crash in this game.

The trajectory is carried by airplane that takes off from the runway. Instead of placing your bet before the crash, you need to make sure that your guess is pinned before the plane flies off the screen. The further the plane flies without leaving the screen, the higher the multiplier will climb. So, be sure to cash out before it disappears.

The game limits include bets as low as 0.1 USD up to 100 USD. The maximum payout in any one round is 10,000 USD. Like most top Crash casino game titles, Aviator is also provably fair. As such, players can access the RNG’s source code to verify that the outcome of the round was completely random and was not tampered with. This is the benefit of blockchain-based games.

Aviator Crash game by Spribe

5. 7Bit Casino - Crash Gambling Site Offer a Space-Themed Crash Casino Game

If a delightful deposit bonus + free spins does not entice you, maybe the fact that 7Bit offers two crash gambling games will do the trick. We have already covered the Aviator game by Spribe in the mini-review. So, instead, we’ll unveil BGaming’s Space XY Crash game here.

The graphics in this game are by far the best of the Crash casino games on this list. While also rocket-themed, the game plays out a little differently from the Bitstarz option. And the explosion looks so realistic, and the sound effects are engaging.

Simply set your bet and manually pull out before the Rocket explodes to collect in accordance with the given multiplier on the screen at the time. The RTP of this game varies between 96.88% and 98.92% depending on your strategy. Be sure to play in FUN mode before resorting to real money wagering. This way, you can practice your runs and familiarize yourself with the controls.

But 7bit casino does not only revolve around their Crash game. In fact, they boast games from all the top gaming studios, with a strong collection of slot games leading the way.

Space XY - 7bit crash gambling game

Conclusion - Give Crash gambling sites a go with crypto

Overall, we found Crash gambling an exciting up and coming crypto-based casino game. The aim is simple to follow, as you’re hoping to cash out before the market crashes. We found the best Crash gambling sites with real money a rare find, however, we've done all of the legwork to ensure that they are only a sign-up link away. Now that you know how to vet them properly, you should be able to filter our list to a few personal favorites.

Be sure to pair your gameplay with one of the many spectacular bonuses available through this site. Simply click a link, register and account, make your first deposit, and you are on your way.

Play Crash games with these bonuses

Crash gambling sites with real money FAQ 

❗Is crash gambling legit?

Crypto-based casino sites are becoming more popular for new online casino users and more advanced players. The best Crash gambling sites with real money may exist, but are they reliable options for you and your betting needs? Check out Strafe to find out more and while you're at it, check out the best bitcoin roulette casinos guide as well.

💶Can you be successful at a crash gambling game?

The online gambling industry continues to grow with the financial market. More sites are allowing payments made by cryptocurrencies. These include the most popular Bitcoin and alternatives, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin and Dogecoin. At Strafe, we created the best Crash gambling sites with real money reviews to discover if you can successfully use your cryptos to win at the game. Check out our results on our website along with our .

❓Which is the best crash gambling site?

Many online casino sites use fiat currencies predominantly. Some also offer cryptos, and it's more common to see crypto-only online betting sites. To discover the best Crash gambling sites with real money depends on your betting needs and what you're looking for. So check out our website to find out key features of a Crash gambling game platform.

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