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[EXCLUSIVE] "Our confidence is at a pretty high level" Gen.G t3xture very confident for VCT Pacific Stage 1 after beating Talon

[EXCLUSIVE] "Our confidence is at a pretty high level" Gen.G t3xture very confident for VCT Pacific Stage 1 after beating Talon

10 Apr
Kaustavmani Choudhury

The matches of VCT Pacific 2024 Stage 1 concluded on the 9th of April. On the final day of matches, Gen.G faced off against Talon Esports, and came out on top at 2-0.

After the game, Strafe Esports was given the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with Kim "t3xture" Na-ra of Gen.G.

When asked about the game against Talon, t3xture said that Gen.G was quite pleased with the outcome.

“I think we were quite satisfied with our result today. It was a pretty clean 2-0. So I think we’re happy with our start.”

[Interviewer] Were you guys expecting Talon’s gameplan, planning any anti-strats against them, or did you just focus on your own game plan?

[t3xture] “Our style is that we very rarely antistrat a team beforehand. We rather prefer a feeling of how the enemy likes to play. And then from there, we talk amongst ourselves to adopt the best way to play against these guys during the match.”

[Interviewer] Speaking of Gen.G’s playstyle, Talon’s coach, Hector "FrosT" Rosario, mentioned in the post-game press conference that everyone in Pacific was now trying to copy Gen.G, especially Bleed [Esports]. Do you think this will make things interesting down the line, or does it put more pressure on your heads?

[t3xture] “Of course we want to maintain our position at the top. And so we’re going to work even harder to maintain that position. But regarding other teams trying to copy what we’re doing, I’m not super surprised by that.

But at the same time, there are so many small details that are hard to see from the outside, that are different for each team. So I don’t think just simply doing what other teams can see us doing will make too much of a difference. So I don’t think I feel too much pressure.”

This was the first game that Gen.G played after their very close loss against Sentinels in VCT Masters Madrid. But even though Gen.G lost, they showed fans around the world that they were not there by fluke.

[Interviewer] This being your first game after the VCT Masters Madrid Grand Finals, how is the confidence after this victory, and also going forward in the tournament?”

[t3xture] “In terms of confidence, I think we’re overflowing with it. Amongst ourselves, we always thought we were a pretty good team. And I think we showed how good we were on the Masters Madrid Stage. And having learned from that, I think we’re even more confident going forward, so our confidence is at a pretty high level.”

T3xture has now spent quite some time on Gen.G and can be said to be an integral part of this roster. So, we also wanted to get his thoughts on how his time at Gen.G has been different from his time at Global Esports.

[Interviewer] You've now spent some time on this Gen.G roster. How would you say it's different to your time at Global Esports when you were playing there?

[t3xture] “So, the team atmosphere on Global Esports last year was really good among the players. The atmosphere was good. But the problem for me was the language barrier. I couldn't always understand what my teammates were saying. I couldn’t always connect to what they were saying.

On Gen.G, speaking Korean, I don’t have any of those issues. So I’m able to connect to my teammates at a deeper level. So from that perspective, I think the atmosphere and the environment is more comfortable for me.”

Finally, we asked t3xture about his thoughts and expectations from Stage 1 of VCT Pacific. We also wanted to know if there were any teams he was looking forward to facing any teams in particular.

[t3xture] “So my plans for the season is that, whatever our record is, I think the goal is to never become overconfident or arrogant. We just want to keep working hard, our ultimate goal being to qualify for Champions and win the whole thing there.

Whatever our current win/loss record is, we’re never going to be overconfident. That’s our main plan there.

And the matches that I’m looking forward to are the Paper Rex match and the DRX match. DRX went through a bit of a roster change. And I watch their games. And they look pretty good. So I’m looking forward to how we’ll match up against them.

And same thing with PRX. now that jinggg is back, I expect that PRX will be able to show their team identity a bit more, it’ll be more of the PRX that we’re accustomed to. So, I’m looking forward to that match as well.”

[Interviewer] That was all from my side. Thank you for taking the time to agree to this interview, and also for translating. All the best for your remaining games in Stage 1.

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