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Eva Elfie Talks About The International 2023

Eva Elfie Talks About The International 2023

Dota 2
22 Nov
Harrison Htet

Eva Elfie has been making headlines in the esports industry after showing interest in the gaming industry. In the past year, Eva Elfie has attended The International, Dota 2's annual tournament, and CS: GO tournaments.

Her attendance gained attention from the Dota 2 community after attending last year's The International 2022 in Singapore. During this year's TI, she attempted to donate her OnlyFans earnings from the finals weekend to boost the historically low TI prize pool. The Dota 2 community has responded positively to her attendance and intentions.

Moreover, in her most recent YouTube video, Eva provided exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of what happens at The International to her fans.

Eva Elfie behind the scenes

Eva Elfie Dota 2 Eva Elfie at The International 2023, with 1xbet.
Image Source: Screenshot of a YouTube video.

Eva Elfie started off the video stating her relationship with 1xbet. She is a brand ambassador for the organization, allowing her to attend prestigious esports tournaments.

At the start of the video, she reminisces about last year’s International, which was held in Singapore. She contrasted the weather conditions as this year’s tournament held in chilly Seattle, Washington. She even recorded the opening ceremony from the audience's perspective. The angle is awesome for those who didn’t attend the tournament but wished to know what it was like to watch it live.

The actress then showed her fans the lower bracket series between Keyd Esports and BetBoom Team, stating that she supports BetBoom and it’s an assured victory for the team.

She then compared the two Internationals she attended. She said The International 2023 had more fans than The International 2022, showing the packed Seattle Convention Center’s Summit.

However, bringing the two tournaments into contrast, the tickets for The International 2023 were more expensive than The International 2022’s tickets. Nevertheless, passionate fans purchased them to show their love for Dota 2.

Elfie’s Admirations 

Bugs plague Dota 2 at the early stages of The International 2023 - Strafe Esports The International Compendium 2023 has a Cathedral theme, hinting the same for The International 2023.
Credits: Valve

As she continued her blog, she expressed her adoration for the atmosphere of The International 2023. This year, Valve had chosen a cathedral theme for the tournament, which was majestic. The theme was so well-received that it got nominated for the Best Esports Event award at The Games Awards.

Eva Elfie then went on to explain her admiration for the cosplayers. She said it’s very cool because it’s labor-intensive work, making it challenging to do a cosplay.

She expressed her desire to do cosplay this year but faced some issues as it takes too much time, money, and work. However, she is not giving up and hopes to make it happen next year.

Her blog also showed how fast Dota 2 merchandise sold out at the tournaments. The entrepreneur tried to purchase some of the souvenirs from the shop. However, as things were selling out fast, she bought what was available and said she would be giving it to her friends. She also took a goodie bag from Valve.

Eva’ Efforts

Eva Elfie TI12 grand finals. Eva at The Internationals 2023 grand finals. Image Source: Screenshot of a YouTube video.

She ended her blog by showing the grand-finals series between Gaimin Gladiators and Team Spirit. She was rooting for Spirit and celebrated as the team was triumphant and conquered their second aegis.

Staying true to her words, she offered her OF earnings of the weekend to the team. However, the team declined the offer. The video of Eva Elfie attending Dota 2 annual International garnered 22,000 views at the time of the writing.

Featured Image Source: YouTube

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