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Valve handed lifetime ban to Overplus Users

Valve handed lifetime ban to Overplus Users

Dota 2
10 Feb
Harrison Htet

In recent weeks, one third-party application, Overplus, made waves in the Dota 2 community. The application allows users to gain a competitive edge. While disguising itself as a “skin-changer”, the app offers another service.

Dota 2 Overplus A screen capture of Overplus's homepage.
Image Source: Overplus

It provides its clients with privileged information about their opponents and their heroes. Thus, the app users can ban, steal, or counter-pick their opponent’s heroes during the drafting phase. The advantage is used to its full extent in high-level and pro-level pubs. Thus, many players started voicing their discontent with Overplus, asking Valve for a ban as the application compromises the game’s integrity.

Fortunately, Valve heard their outcry and swung into swift action. In their latest update, The Dragon Hoard, which features the game’s first Ancient skin,  Overplus users received a permaban on their accounts.

Not a gray issue anymore

Overplus has been around since 2023. Back then, the third-party application had only a little reputation. However, with Valve staying neutral on the matter, the Overplus developer started making bolder choices. Valve finally strikes them unexpectedly, making up for its passiveness on the matter.

Overplus Discord The meltdown in Overplus's Discord server.
Image Source: Reddit

We do not have a confirmed number on the Overplus ban. However, we know there was a meltdown in Overwatch Discord servers as the app users’ accounts got permabanned.

Dota 2 Overwolf Overwolf is the first third-party application to provide its users with privileged information.
Image Source: Overwolf

Valve has banned several third-party applications for providing their users with privileged information in the past. Overwolf was one such application that started this trend in the early 2020s. Back then, Valve disabled the services of the application, but they did not ban the players who used it. However, Overplus is the first application whose users got permabanned by Valve. Thus, the Overplus developers recently declared an “all-out war”  against Valve to save their face.

The Caught Players

Dota 2 Limitless Limitless got caught in another ban.
Image Source: VK

As mentioned above, many high-ranked players use Overplus. A player from above 8000 MMR bracket recently shared on Reddit how many players got banned for using the application, with him being one of them. Additionally, some professional players were also caught in this ban wave. Yaroslav "Limitless" Parshin, who recently got unbanned by ESL One, was one of the players caught in this incident. Hilariously, the player just hit a 12K milestone before the incident. The player can’t catch a break from getting caught in controversies.

A Plea

Mag Dota 2 With Mag as their coach, B8 has seen some improvements in their results.
Credits: Twitter.@B8esportsGG

Moreover, he is not the only professional player caught in the Overplus ban from Valve. B8’s coach, Andrey “Mag” Chipenko, was also among the guilty. However, he recently took to X to plead his case.

He admitted to downloading the application and clarified that he did not play a single pub while the app was active. Additionally, he stated that he was curious about the third-party app; Thus, he downloaded it as “an experiment” during a skrim.

However, he admitted to using the app once during the skrim to view the opponent’s stats. He continued to say he deleted the app that very night. Thus, Mag pleads to Valve for a reduced sentence in his punishment.

The Dota 2 community rejoiced over hearing about Valve’s affirmative action.

Featured Image Source: Overplus & Overwolf

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