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Fnatic secures blameF to Bolster CS2 Roster

Fnatic secures blameF to Bolster CS2 Roster

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
15 May
Kaustavmani Choudhury

Fnatic has announced the signing of Benjamin "blameF" Bremer as a new rifler. He will join the team ahead of the CCT Global Finals, marking his debut under the black-and-orange banner.

A Strategic Acquisition

Ross Rooney, Esports Analysis & Strategy Manager at Fnatic, emphasized the importance of this acquisition.

"Bringing Benjamin into Fnatic is a significant move that indicates our ambition to return to the top echelons of competitive Counter-Strike. Benjamin is a franchise-level player whose impact goes beyond just his in-game ability.”

This acquisition signifies a notable departure from Fnatic’s previous strategies, underscoring their determination not just to compete but to excel in significant tournaments. Read Fnatic's official statement HERE.

The Transition: From Astralis to Fnatic

BlameF joins Fnatic after a stint with Astralis, where he had been benched since February following the team's failure to qualify for the PGL Major Copenhagen.

Despite the benching, blameF expressed his eagerness to continue playing as a rifler and not an IGL, making this move to Fnatic a perfect fit for his ambitions.

The signing also reunites him with coach Jamie "⁠keita⁠" Hall, with whom he previously worked during his time on Complexity from 2019 to 2021. This reunion is expected to bring additional synergy and experience to the Fnatic lineup.

Roster Adjustments: Kyuubii Moves to the Bench

With the arrival of blameF, Can "Kyuubii" Ali will transition to the substitute roster. Fnatic praised Kyuubii, who joined the team in November 2023, for his dynamic playstyle and significant contributions to their recent successes.

Ross Rooney admired Kyuubii's talents and professionalism, noting that strategic opportunities, rather than Kyuubii's capabilities, drove this roster change.

“Can is an exceptional young man, and we have great admiration for his skills and professionalism at such a young age. We fully expect him to have a long and successful career in Counter-Strike."

Fnatic is actively exploring opportunities for Kyuubii, including potential loans.

Fnatic's Renewed Lineup

Fnatic's new roster now consists of:

Jamie "⁠keita⁠" Hall remains the coach.

Can "⁠Kyuubii⁠" Ali is on the bench.

Fnatic fans eagerly anticipate the debut of blameF and the new heights the team aims to reach. This roster update marks a renewed focus on achieving excellence and reclaiming their status as a top-tier team in the Counter-Strike scene.

Featured Image Source: Fnatic | @FNATICCS2 on X (formerly Twitter)

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