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Are The Bali Major Tickets reasonably priced for local fans?

Are The Bali Major Tickets reasonably priced for local fans?

Dota 2
25 May
Ryan Antony Bernard

The Playoffs for the Bali Major will be on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of July. The tickets were sold out within a few hours of it being available. While this seems like a simple process from the outside, there is an unhappy and controversial side to it. Being the last Major of the 2023 DPC Season, the fans expected some fun and exciting Dota. But the first surprise the fans received was the overly priced tickets.

Ticket Pricing

The tickets are categorized into two, Standard and Premium. Both offer free seating in the area designated for the ticket. Although both ticket types have access to Signing Sessions, Premium tickets will be prioritized.

The differences between the tickets are,

Standard Ticket - USD 388

  • Sling Bag
  • T-shirt
  • Collectible Pin

Premium Seating - USD 888

  • Standard Ticket Accessories
  • Front Row seating
  • Duffle Bag
  • Hoodie
  • Bucket Hat
  • After Party Invite

SEA Fans Express their Discontent Towards Ticket Prices

While this price might be affordable for overseas fans, the local crowd is having a hard time wrapping their head around it. With the average salary of an Indonesian being around $200 USD a month, it is unlikely they can join the Bali Major. Additionally, the ticket prices are not inclusive of taxes, which would easily be an extra $100 or more.

The Dota fans took to Reddit, to express their unsatisfied opinions towards Valve and the event organizers. They compared the Bali Major prices with the Manila Major and TI11, held in Singapore. Being the biggest event of the year for Dota2 and Esports overall, the TI11 tickets were only $64 for the Playoffs.

Possible Reasons for Pricey Tickets

  • The Bali Major seems to be an exclusive event considering the limited seats for the event
  • The target audience is mainly fans willing to tour the province since Bali is one of the top holiday destinations.
  • The main reason for the high-priced tickets could be the location, Ayana Estate, a 5-star luxury resort.


With a limited amount of pricey tickets sold within record time, it could mean scalping. Being a highly desired and exclusive event, it is the perfect opportunity to inflate prices.


Featured Image: IO Esports

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