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100 Thieves are the VCT Americas Split 1 Champions!

100 Thieves are the VCT Americas Split 1 Champions!

21 May
Ganesh Jadhav

The VCT Americas Split 1 concluded today with a Grand Finals featuring two North American representatives taking on each other.

The best-of-five series saw 100 Thieves dominating G2 Esports to claim the VCT American Split 1 Champions title.


100 Thieves 3-0 G2 Esports

Going into the series, as the higher seed, 100 Thieves received a map veto advantage. They banned Lotus and Icebox, two of the oppositions’ strongest maps.

The series kicked off on Bind, with G2 dominating the first half but their attack fell flat in the second half. 100T completely shut down all the attacks to comeback from a heavy deficit to secure an early 1-0 map lead in the series.

G2 started the second map with a strong 4-0 lead, but 100T came back to equalize the game in the first half. In the second half though, G2 had no answers to the 100T offensive setups and lost the game 7-13.

With the win, 100T went up 2-0, before playing Sunset, a map G2 hasn’t played as much during the split 1 regular season. 100T dominated their map pick, going 8-4 up and then extending the lead to 12-4 to close out the map 13-8.

With the win, 100 Thieves closed the series 3-0 to become VCT Americas Split 1 Champions.

They also secured additional 3 VCT 2024 Championship points to top the Americas championship tally and a group stage bye.

The Grand finals was followed by VALORANT Masters Group Draw. You can check the fixtures and the teams qualified here.

The VALORANT action will resume with VCT Masters Shanghai starting May 23. Follow Valorant Champions Tour on X/Twitter for all the relevant updates on the upcoming tournaments.

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Featured Image Credits: Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games

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