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Team Liquid bench Danish IGL cadiaN

Team Liquid bench Danish IGL cadiaN

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
17 Jun

Team Liquid pulls the plug and benches Casper "cadiaN" Møller, ending his short six-month tenure.

CadiaN's tenure with Liquid was on thin ice as he struggled to meet the organization's high expectations. According to an HLTV report on May 16th, changes were imminent.

However, Liquid held off on any decisions until after IEM Dallas concluded, following Astralis' decisive elimination of cadiaN and his team from ESL Pro League Season 19 just days prior.

Since joining Liquid, Casper's leadership has seen the team fail to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major and struggle in early tournament rounds.

As the report stated, IEM Dallas was in fact the final nail in the coffin. Which saw Team Liquid exiting the event from the Lower Bracket Final of Group A against champions G2 Esports.

"Better times will come. Appreciate everyone’s support." - cadiaN on X

Under cadiaN's leadership, Liquid's best achievement was a runner-up finish at CCT Season 1 Global Finals. Despite this, it wasn't sufficient for one of North America's top organizations.

As of now, the Danish captain's future remains uncertain, with an update expected during the upcoming player break, which could involve additional roster changes.

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