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BLAST R6 Manchester Major Phase 1 Highlights and Phase 2 Preview

BLAST R6 Manchester Major Phase 1 Highlights and Phase 2 Preview

Rainbow Six Siege
18 May
Kaustavmani Choudhury

The BLAST R6 Manchester Major has already delivered thrilling esports action, with Phase 1 concluding on May 7th. In this stage, eight teams battled fiercely, but only four secured their spots in the upcoming Phase 2. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the next round, set to commence on May 19th.

Phase 1 Recap:

Team Liquid was the first team to advance to Phase 2 of the BLAST R6 Manchester Major, after two intense matches. They defeated G2 Esports 2-1 in an overtime thriller on Nighthaven Labs. And edged out Geekay Esports with a close 2-0 victory.

Spacestation Gaming emerged as a dominant force, securing their place in Phase 2 with impressive victories. They triumphed over Team Cruelty with a clean 2-0 sweep. And, after conceding one map to Bleed Esports, bounced back with decisive 7-0 wins on both Bank and Kafe Dostoyevsky to clinch the series 2-1.

CAG Osaka overcame an initial loss to Bleed Esports, rebounding with strong 2-0 wins against both Team Cruelty and Geekay Esports in the Lower Bracket to secure their Phase 2 spot.

Meanwhile, Bleed Esports, after a crushing loss to SSG, recovered to win a tight match against FearX, who had earlier eliminated G2. Bleed held on in Map 2, and pushed to Map 3 to claim the final qualification spot for Phase 2.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 of the BLAST R6 Manchester Major kicks off on May 19th. It promises to escalate the excitement as the competition moves into the Swiss Stage format. In this stage, teams will face a series of Bo1 matches.

The intensity ramps up further for elimination matches, which will be best-of-three Bo3 battles, ensuring only the most resilient teams advance.

Opening Matchups:

Round 1 and Round 2 of Phase 2 will be conducted on the first day itself.

The schedule for the opening matches are as follows:

Matches taking place concurrently will be split between the A and B streams.

After Round 1 concludes, the winners and losers will face off against each other in the Round 2 High (1-0) and Low (0-1) matches, respectively.

  • Round 3 Matches will begin on May 20th from 2:15 pm CET | 5:15 am PDT.
  • Round 4 Matches will begin on May 21st from 2:15 pm CET | 5:15 am PDT.
  • Round 5 Matches will begin on May 22nd from 2:15 pm CET to 5:15 am PDT.

As the BLAST R6 Manchester Major advances into Phase 2, the stakes are higher and the competition fiercer.

Stay tuned to Strafe Esports for more thrilling action and detailed coverage as the journey to crown the Manchester Major champion continues.

Featured Image Source: Joao Ferreira | Ubisoft

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