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BLAST R6 Major Manchester

BLAST R6 Major Manchester

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What is the BLAST Major 2024 Stage 1? The BLAST Major 2024 Stage 1 is a premier Rainbow Six Siege tournament, featuring 20 teams competing for a $750,000 prize from May 16 to May 26, 2024. What is the tournament format? Teams are divided into four groups of five. The top two teams from each group progress to the single-elimination Playoffs, concluding with a final to determine the champion. Why watch the BLAST Major 2024? It’s a showcase of top-tier tactical gameplay, perfect for fans of competitive esports. How can I follow the event live? Visit for all live updates, streams, and expert analysis of the BLAST Major 2024.
16 – 26 May
B.E.C Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom

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