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LOUD defeats G2 to secure VCT Americas Mid-Season Playoffs

LOUD defeats G2 to secure VCT Americas Mid-Season Playoffs

6 May
Ganesh Jadhav

The VCT Americas League Split 1 concluded a few hours back. The five-week celebration of the Americas VALORANT saw upsets, resurgence and teams fighting for the playoffs spot until the last match.

In the last game of the regular season, LOUD took on G2 Esports for the fate of not just themselves but two other teams. Let’s understand the stakes of the game.

Setting the stage for VCT Americas Week 5:

Teams entered VCT Americas Week 5 to secure their playoff contention. Before the weekly games, only four teams out of six viz. KRU Esports, Leviatan, 100 Thieves and Cloud9 had secured their playoff spot.

The fate of NRG, Sentinels, LOUD, G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses depended on the outcome of the games this week.

NRG, G2 Esports and Sentinels were the contenders from Group A, LOUD and Evil Geniuses from Group B. The outcome of NRG vs. 100 Thieves, G2 Esports vs. LOUD games held the key for the teams’ qualification.

G2 Esports, LOUD and NRG had to win their respective games to stand a chance to qualify for the Mid-Season Playoffs.

Sentinels needed both G2 Esports and NRG to lose their games and win their own game 2-0 to qualify for the Mid-season playoffs. Evil Geniuses needed LOUD to lose their game.

On day 2, NRG lost 0-2 to 100 Thieves and it all came down to the last game of the regular season. With G2 Esports facing LOUD for the fate of Sentinels, EG, themselves and their opponents.

G2 Esports 0-2 LOUD

After struggling in their first three games, LOUD had a resurgence against Sentinels, defeating the Madrid Champions 2-0. The win ignited their hopes for a season comeback. With everything on the line, they faced G2 Esports.

Starting on Bind, LOUD shared started strong and secured a two-round lead going into the second half. G2 Esports quickly caught up but could not close it out, going down 0-1.

LOUD dominated Icebox, strong performances from Less and qck helped them secure a 9-3 lead which was converted into a solid 13-4 victory for the Brazilian squad.

With the win, LOUD secured Mid-season playoffs. G2 Esports themselves qualified for the playoffs with a better round differential.

After the game, we have the six teams Mid-season qualified teams in:

Stay tuned on Strafe for further information on the Mid-season playoffs.

Featured Image Credits: Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games

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