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League of Legends Zeri: The Spark of Zaun

League of Legends Zeri: The Spark of Zaun

League of Legends
25 May
Aidan van Vuuren

League of Legends Zeri: The Spark of Zaun

Zeri, a determined and passionate young lady hailing from the working-class district of Zaun, harnesses her electrifying magic to empower both herself and her meticulously crafted firearm. Her inner fire matches the intensity of her emotions, with sparks of energy mirroring her swift and lively outlook on existence. With a profound empathy for others, Zeri carries the affection of her loved ones and the essence of her homeland into every battle she faces. While her eagerness to assist others can occasionally lead to unintended consequences, Zeri holds steadfast to one unwavering truth: when you defend your community, it will rally to your side.

Understanding Zeri's abilities

Living Battery

Whenever Zeri is granted a shield, she experiences an increase in her movement speed. Additionally, when she inflicts damage to an enemy's shield, she harnesses its energy, reinforcing her own defenses with a protective shield.

Burst Fire

Zeri's Attacks possess the characteristics of Abilities, while her Burst Fire is regarded as an Attack. Engaging in both movement and casting Burst Fire accumulates energy within Zeri's Sparkpack. Once fully charged, her subsequent Attack will not only slow down the target but also inflict additional damage. Burst Fire unleashes a rapid burst of seven rounds, each carrying the power of her attack, upon the first enemy struck.

Ultrashock Laser

Zeri unleashes an electric pulse, which not only inflicts damage but also decelerates the movement of the initial enemy struck. In the event that the pulse collides with a wall, it expands into a potent long-range laser beam, extending its reach and impact.

Spark Surge

With a swift dash over a limited distance, Zeri propels herself forward and imbues her next three shots of Burst Fire with electrifying energy, enabling them to penetrate through multiple enemies. As she traverses her path, she effortlessly vaults and glides over any terrain that comes into contact with her, unhindered by obstacles in her way.

Lightning Crash

Zeri releases a powerful surge of electricity, simultaneously overcharging her own being. This surge empowers her attacks, granting her heightened damage output and accumulating stacks of increased movement speed. Each time she strikes an enemy champion, these stacks refresh and grow in strength. While in an overcharged state, her Burst Fire transforms into a rapid triple shot, shooting projectiles at an accelerated pace. These shots not only strike multiple targets but also create chains of lightning that arc between enemies, connecting them with electrifying force.

Zeri's Origins and History

Zeri grew up in a tight-knit working-class family, where warmth, care, and strong opinions filled the air. Having experienced the losses caused by Zaun's perils, their community became their source of strength.


From an early age, Zeri had an extraordinary connection with electricity. Every giggle emitted sparks, while every cry resulted in a jolt. While magic was not uncommon in Zaun, Zeri possessed a rare electric charm that surged in tandem with their emotions, ranging from grounded tranquility to fierce and fiery intensity. By the time they reached their teenage years, their neighbors were well aware that Zeri's inadvertent power outages were more likely their doing than a mere electrical malfunction. Life in Zaun was beautifully chaotic, as described by their grandmother, and Zeri embodied this sentiment all too well.

However, not everyone found their eccentricities endearing. To their family and friends, Zeri was a lovable mess, but others saw them as simply... a mess. During occasional outbursts when their stray currents shattered street lamps or caused other disturbances, Zeri glimpsed fleeting flashes of something—or someone—but there was no time to dwell on it. They wished for better control over their volatile powers. Their determination was present, but their patience required refinement.

Yet, within every spark lay an opportunity.

The Truth Uncovered

One fateful night, as Zeri strolled through the bustling Entresol markets, the ground rumbled from underground excavations, eventually escalating into a devastating earthquake. Without hesitation, Zeri sprang into action, racing past crumbling buildings to rescue trapped victims. Amidst the crumbling chaos, Zeri transformed into a furious blur of energy. She soon realized that the chem-barons had established mining facilities nearby, boasting of resources surpassing hextech, but concealing the risks of their unregulated digging.

The faster Zeri moved, the more charged she became. Thriving under pressure, she discovered the true potential of her powers and the profound importance of their neighborhood, even if it meant little to the barons.

Once the dust settled, grateful survivors gathered to express their gratitude to Zeri. Beneath the relief, however, simmered a deep-seated anger. Zeri knew she could have saved more lives if only they had better command over themselves.

Nevertheless, Zeri's actions did not go unnoticed by the barons. They would not hesitate to go through anyone to get to Zeri, posing a risk to innocent lives. To shield others from their powers, Zeri scoured the wreckage of the mining disaster and crafted a specialized jacket capable of containing her electricity, keeping them concealed from the barons' prying eyes. With this newfound ability to restrain their gift, Zeri could now protect those in need.

A Community in Need

As she walked through the shattered streets, Zeri witnessed broken faces and families struggling to rebuild their lives. Without relying on her powers, Zeri extended a helping hand, doing everything within her means. However, the more she aided, the more she realized the extent of the struggles faced by the workers, who grappled with faulty generators and parents striving to prepare meals with broken stovetops. These people lacked advocates, especially someone with a gift like Zeri's. Zeri understood that their district, and others like it, would never truly be safe if things remained unchanged. The barons regarded them as mere objects to be neglected and resources to be exploited.

Zeri knew what had to be done. They couldn't wait for the next mining "accident." It was time to take the fight to the barons.

Taking a Stand

Zeri became a one-person force, sending shockwaves throughout Zaun. Tales spread of chem-baron supply lines being obliterated, with reports of lightning striking faster than the eye could perceive. Fueled by their losses, the local barons formed an unprecedented alliance, overwhelming Zeri with their combined might. Zeri attempted to adapt, striving to strike even faster, but against the barons' seemingly infinite resources, her efforts fell short.

Retreating with her body battered and their powers waning, Zeri found herself alone. The barons stood united, and Zeri seemed to be outnumbered.

Returning home, Zeri anticipated disappointment from those she had let down. However, she was met with family, friends, and even strangers, all standing tall to confront their oppressors. From the remnants of their rebuilt homes emerged newfound courage. Zeri had never felt so inspired, yet it was them who had sparked this flame. They were the catalyst that ignited a burning resistance.

A New Beginning

And now, she was no longer alone. With the support of their neighbors, Zeri's mother fashioned a rifle for her, constructed from materials donated by those Zeri fought to protect—the people of Entresol. The gun harnessed the essence of Zeri's emotions, with its conductive barrel amplifying her powers from her hands. Accompanied by her trusty jacket, Zeri could better control her voltage, charging up to unleash precise—or at least somewhat precise—bursts of electric energy. Zeri looked upon her family and neighbors with warmth in their eyes. She had feared losing them all in her quest to resist, but because she stood up for her community, her community stood up with her.

Backed by her united community, Zeri fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. Zaun is far from perfect, and Zeri is not without flaws, but sometimes, a mere spark is all it takes to ignite a transformation in the world.

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