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League of Legends New Champion Aurora: Abilities, Release Date and more

League of Legends New Champion Aurora: Abilities, Release Date and more

League of Legends
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Riot Games has officially unveiled Aurora, the new League of Legends champion.

Aurora, the Witch Between Worlds, is the first-ever champion with Autism (credits: Riot Games) Aurora, the Witch Between Worlds, is the first-ever champion with Autism (credits: Riot Games)

Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Freljord, Aurora belongs to the vastaya race and has distinct rabbit-like features. Her unique abilities to interact with the spirit realm give her the name "Witch Between Worlds".

Aurora's Background and Lore

Aurora comes from the village of Aamu, deep within the Freljord. From an early age, she could see and communicate with spirits, a gift that isolated her from her peers but also fueled her curiosity. Her journey began when she encountered a feral elk-spirit, Haestryr, which led her to seek the guidance of Ornn and Udyr.

These interactions were teased in an interactive visual novel within the League client, enriching her backstory and connecting her with established champions like Ornn, Volibear, and Anivia. Aurora's mission is to help Haestryr find his way home, a quest that promises to bring her into contact with many of Freljord's demigods.

Interested in Aurora's full backstory? Check out the official League of Legends entry.


Aurora’s abilities reflect her unique connection to the spirit world, allowing her to deal damage and manipulate her position on the battlefield.

Passive - Spirit Abjuration

When Aurora damages an enemy three times, she performs an exorcism, dealing a percentage of the enemy’s max health as magic damage and releasing a spirit that empowers her. This grants her additional movement speed and healing, which scales with the number of spirits following her.

Q - Twofold Hex

Aurora fires a blast of cursed energy, dealing magic damage and marking enemies. She can recast this ability to draw back the spirit energy, dealing additional damage based on the enemies' missing health.

W - Across the Veil

Aurora hops in a direction, becoming invisible and entering Spirit Mode upon landing. Takedowns on enemy champions reset this ability’s cooldown, allowing her to stay mobile and elusive.

E - The Weirding

This ability sends out a blast of spirit magic, dealing area damage and slowing enemies. The force of the blast knocks Aurora back slightly, giving her a tool for repositioning.

R - Between Worlds

Aurora opens a rift to the spirit realm, sending out a pulse of energy that deals damage and slows enemies. The area merges with the spirit realm, granting her an enhanced Spirit Mode and allowing her to traverse the area quickly. Enemies crossing the threshold are pushed back and slowed.

Gameplay and potential meta impact

Aurora is designed as a mid-range skirmisher mage, ideally played in the mid lane. Her abilities offer a mix of damage, mobility, and utility, making her a versatile pick. Her passive, which rewards attacking the same target multiple times, encourages a playstyle focused on consistent pressure and sustained engagements.

Mid lane dominance

Aurora's kit makes her a strong contender in the mid lane, where her mobility and burst potential can outmaneuver many opponents. Her ability to become invisible and reposition quickly will be a significant advantage in dodging skill shots and avoiding ganks.

Jungle and support roles

Despite being designed for the mid lane, Aurora’s kit also shows potential for other roles. Her W ability could make her a viable jungler, enabling stealthy ganks and quick escapes. However, Riot Games has indicated that her primary function is in the solo lanes, and her effectiveness in the jungle or support roles might be limited due to the lack of consistent crowd control.

Strategic playmaking

Aurora's ultimate, Between Worlds, introduces a new strategic element to team fights. By creating an area that only she can traverse quickly, she can disrupt enemy formations and create opportunities for her team to capitalize on. The ability to slow and displace enemies adds a layer of control, making her a valuable asset.

Representation and development

Aurora is also noteworthy for being the first League of Legends champion explicitly designed with autism in mind, though the world of Runeterra lacks a term for it.

This aspect of her character, along with her long development period of over six years, underscores Riot's commitment to creating diverse and inclusive characters. Her unique background and abilities make her a champion that stands out not only in gameplay but also in representation.

When will Aurora release?

Aurora release date will be on July 17th, alongside patch 14.14. Players can expect to see more interactions and expansions to her lore, potentially involving other champions and demigods from Freljord.

As with any new champion, Aurora's addition to the game will likely bring shifts in the meta, especially in the mid lane, and could influence future champion designs focusing on mobility and multi-role versatility.

Aurora's arrival heralds a new era of gameplay and storytelling in League of Legends, blending intricate lore with innovative mechanics. Her journey between worlds promises to be a fascinating addition to the ever-evolving tapestry of Runeterra.


For a full cover of all changes coming in Patch 14.14, check out our latest patch preview!

Feature image credits: Riot Games

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