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Esports World Cup 2024: Schedule, Format, Games and More

Esports World Cup 2024: Schedule, Format, Games and More

19 Jun
Foo Zen-Wen

As part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 plan, the Esports World Cup (EWC) will be commencing shortly, launching its inaugural year within the esports ecosystem.

Including a total of 21 reported promiment esports titles - ranging from FPS to MOBAs, from racing simulators to fighting games, auto chess, and battle arenas - the Esports World Cup truly plans to be all-inclusive in its delivered experience.

Taking place in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, the Esports World Cup has been intended to be an 8-week long venture with a combined prize pool totalling a staggering $60m USD.

21 esports titles will contend across 22 tournaments within this immense carnival of esports, and as an additional reward for the competing organizations, the EWC will also include a Club Championship.

The EWC also comes as the successor of Gamers8, replacing it as the premier esports event in Saudi Arabia. The EWC will run from the 3rd of July to the 25th of August.

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Esports World Cup totals $60m in Prize Pool

Initial reports from the upcoming Esports World Cup tournament indicate that it will include a prize pool of $60m USD. The prize pool has also been reported to be separated accordingly:

  • Club Championship - $20m USD
  • Game Championships - $30m USD+
  • Qualifiers - $7.6m USD
  • MVP Awards - $1.1m USD

“When we started working on the Esports World Cup and announced it last fall, we promised to bring the community all the best games. This final batch of titles concludes this promise. We are incredibly excited and thankful to all the publishers and game developers for making this dream lineup a reality.”

- Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup. Foundation.

Esports World Cup: All Games

  • Counter-Strike 2
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Apex Legends
  • EA FC 24
  • Fortnite
  • Free Fire
  • Honor of Kings
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Overwatch 2
  • PUBG
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Rocket League
  • StarCraft 2
  • Street Fighter 6
  • Tekken 8
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Call of Duty

Team in Attendance

Counter-Strike 2

Team SpiritNatus VincereFaZe ClanComplexity GamingFuria Esports
G2 EsportsTeam VitalityMOUZVirtus.proSashi Esport
M80MIBRFlyQuestThe MongolZJiJieHao

League of Legends

Team LiquidFlyQuestG2 EsportsFnatic
Gen.G EsportsT1Bilibili GamingTop Esports

Dota 2

Team FalconsBetBoom TeamGaimin GladiatorsWBG.XGTundra Esports
Team LiquidOGTeam SpiritEntityMOUZ
Virtus.proPSG QuestG2 x iGLGD GamingAzure Ray
AuroraBlacklist InternationalnounsHEROICbeastcoast

Apex Legends

Team FalconsAurora GamingCrazy RaccoonTwisted MindsGHS Professional
MkersTeam LiquidFaZe ClanDisguisedNinjas in Pyjamas
REJECT WINNITYGuild EsportsRED RamsGeekay EsportsLuminosity
Gaimin GladiatorsFENNELEVOS PREDATORDragons EsportsPioneers
FnaticWeibo GamingNot MoistNatus VincereTSM
Elev8 GamingPassion UASpacestationBlacklist Int.NORTHEPTION

EA FC 24

AbuMakkahBonannoGoalPoacherLevi de Weerd


Team FalconsAgent GamingKarmine CorpHEROIC
FnaticBIGGaimin GladiatorsVBBX
XSETDignitasTeam RanduTeam Frosty

Free Fire

Team FalconsP EsportsBuriram United esportsEVOS DivineAll GamersONIC Olympus
Indostars x GGRRQ KazuTeam SolidMiners.ggLOUD19esports
All Glory GamingRETA EsportsTwisted MindsFluxoAl QadisiyahHotshot Esports

Honor of Kings

KPL Dream TeamTeam FalconsLGD Gaming MYTeam Secret
Keyd StarsLoopsKagendraTeam Vitality
All Gamer.HKImpunityWeibo Gaming MYBOOM / RRQ

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mid-Season Cup
Fnatic ONICEVOS GloryLiquid EchoFalcons AP.BrenTeam Falcons
Twisted MindsSelangor Red GiantsNIP FlashSee You SoonRRQ Akira
Team SpiritFire Flux EsportsCloud9Falcon EsportsXianyou Gaming
HomeBoisEntity7Brute ForceS2G EsportsZeno Zenith
Trained to KillIHC EsportsKeepBest Gaming
Women's Invitational
Team VitalityOmega EmpressGG HomeGirlsTLGFalcons Vega MENA
VSGCFU SerendipityNet AngelsZino LiliesDreamMax Girls
Cloud9Falcons Vega

Overwatch 2

Spacestation GamingENCEBleed EsportsCrazy Raccoon
Team FalconsZETA DivisionFnaticLGD.OA
GG PepsTwisted MindsVirtus.proToronto Ultra
M80TimelessLoadedThe Great Showmen


Twisted MindsCerberus EsportseArenaNatus VincerePetrichor RoadSoniqs

PUBG Mobile

BOOM EsportsD'XavierYoodo AllianceTalon Esports4Merical Vibes
Falcons ForceMadBullsIHC EsportsBrute ForceIW NRX
Beşiktaş BlackMoney MakersTeam LiquidAlpha7 EsportsiNCO Gaming
TianbaTJB EsportsPOWR EsportsVampire EsportsTeam Pandum
RUKH eSportsTeam SpiritTwisted Minds BR

Rainbow Six Siege

FaZe Clanw7m esportsTeam LiquidFURIA Esports
DarkZero EsportsLuminosity GamingSpacestation GamingTeam BDS
Wolves EsportsInto The BreachTeam CrueltyBleed Esports
PSG TalonSCARZTeam BlissGeekay Esports

Rocket League


StarCraft 2

Serral (Z)Clem (T)Oliveira (T)Cure (T)Dark (Z)Maru (T)
Spirit (T)Reynor (Z)GuMiho (T)Astrea (P)ByuN (T)Coffee (T)
Classic (P)herO (P)HeRoMaRinE (T)Solar (Z)ShoWTime (P)SHIN (Z)

Street Fighter 6

mokegachikunProblem XPhenomZhen
Chris WongNuckleDuOil KingHiguchiBig Bird
BonchanKawanoHikaruItabashi ZangiefXiao Hai

Tekken 8

RangchuCBMMulgoldAKArslan Ash

Teamfight Tactics

FnaticNever LuckyTeam VitalityGeekay Esports
Branching OutKarmine CorpOn sait PasZero Tenacity
ZETA DivisionT1MIRAEN SEJONGNatus Vincere
Team FalconsWeibo Gaming


Team VitalityFaZe ClanTeam
G2 EsportsGuild EsportsMOUZTeam Redline
APEX Racing TeamWilliams EsportsPorsche CoandaBS+COMPETITION

Call of Duty

Team FalconsTeam VitalityNatus VincereGuild EsportsNew Icons
All GamersSingapore SyndicateFnaticCloud9Twisted Minds
Gaimin GladiatorsOMiTTeam DestroyAl UlaTeam Heretics
SvGe EsportsVision EsportsOnyx RavensTeam IzundTeam Xizx7
Toronto UltraTeam HereticsReKTGlobalBoston BreachSeattle Surge
Cloud9Atlanta FaZe

Esports World Cup: Club Championship

A unique attraction of the EWC, the Club Championship seeks to reward the top 16 performing organizations based on overall performance across multiple esports titles.

As listed above, the total prize pool for the Club Championship has been set for $20m USD. The stipulation for this specific competition is for an organization to perform the "best" across the 8-week long tournament - earning the title of Club Champion as a result as well.

Basing off earlier reports, the Club Championship appears to be an extension of the EWC Foundation's effort in encouraging esports organizations towards greater growth - by incentivizing to form teams across multiple disciplines.

A large expansion of this effort can be found in our initial report and consideration of the EWC Club Programme. In short, the Club Programme is reportedly seeking to provide funding/has provided funding opportunities to 30 esports organizations.

Reputable and recognized esports organizations such as G2 Esports, T1, Cloud9 and are all listed members of the program.

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Esports World Cup: Full Schedule

Esports World Cup 2024: Schedule, Format, Games and More - Strafe Esports Credit: rizegeeko // Strafe Esports

As mentioned above, the Esports World Cup will run from the 3rd of July to the 25th of August. As such, the full schedule for the 8-week long celebration of all things esports has been listed and can be found below.

Esports Title / GameEvent NameStart DateEnd Date No. of Teams/Players in AttendancePrizepool
Counter-Strike 2Esports World Cup 202417th Jul21st Jul15 Teams$1,000,000 USD
League of LegendsEsports World Cup 20244th Jul7th Jul8 Teams$1,000,000 USD
Dota 2Riyadh Masters 20244th Jul21st Jul20 Teams$5,000,000 USD
Apex LegendsEsports World Cup 202431st Jul4th Aug40 Teams$2,000,000 USD
EA FC 24Esports World Cup 202415th Aug18th Aug16 Players$1,000,000 USD
FortniteEsports World Cup 20248th Aug11th Aug16 Teams$1,000,000 USD
Free FireEsports World Cup 202410th Jul14th Jul18 Teams$1,000,000 USD
Honor of KingsHoK Mid-Season Invitational 20241st Aug4th Aug12 Teams$3,000,000 USD
Mobile Legends: Bang BangMLBB Mid Season Cup 202428th Jun14th Jul23 Teams$3,000,000 USD
MLBB Women's Invitational 202424th Jul27th Jul12 Teams$500,000 USD
Overwatch 2Esports World Cup 202424th Jul28th Jul16 Teams$1,000,000 USD
PUBGEsports World Cup 202421st Aug25th Aug24 Teams$2,000,000 USD
PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile World Cup 202419th Jul28th Jul28 Teams$3,000,000 USD
Rainbow Six SiegeEsports World Cup 202431st Jul4th Aug16 Teams$2,000,000 USD
Rocket LeagueEsports World Cup 202422nd Aug25th Aug16 Teams$250,000 USD
Starcraft 2Esports World Cup 202414th Aug18th Aug18 Players$1,000,000 USD
Street Fighter 6Esports World Cup 20248th Aug11th Aug32 Players$1,000,000 USD
Tekken 8Esports World Cup 202422nd Aug25th Aug32 Players$1,000,000 USD
Teamfight TacticsEsports World Cup 20248th Aug11th Aug16 Teams$550,000 USD
RENNSPORTESL R1 2024 Spring: Esports World Cup22nd Aug25th Aug12 Teams$500,000 USD
Call of DutyEsports World Cup 2024 - Warzone3rd Jul6th Jul21 Teams$1,000,000 USD
Esports World Cup 2024 - Modern Warfare III15th Aug18th Aug16 Teams$1,800,000 USD

“Uniting and showcasing the power of esports and the esports community has become a reality. Billions of players worldwide play these games, and we can’t wait to bring all those vibrant fan communities together in Riyadh this summer.”

- Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup

Esports World Cup: Formats

Dota 2 - Esports World Cup 2024: Dota 2 Titans Clash for $5 Million

League of Legends - Esports World Cup LoL Tournament: All You Need to Know

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The Esports World Cup largely operates as its own entity outside of most esports titles' established circuits/ecosystems. However, 4 of the esports competitions provide an impact towards later tournaments within its specific ecosystem.

Honor of Kings

  • Top 2 earn qualification to Honor of Kings Invitational Championship.

Free Fire

  • Champion earns qualification to Free Fire World Series Global Finals.


  • Earn circuit points towards determing participating teams at PUBG Global Championship.

PUBG Mobile

  • Champion earns extra qualifying slot to PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

This article may be updated if more information becomes available. First published: 17/6/24

Credit: Esports World Cup Federation

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