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Esports World Cup 2024 Counter-Strike: Format, Schedule, fixtures and more

Esports World Cup 2024 Counter-Strike: Format, Schedule, fixtures and more

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
11 Jul
Ganesh Jadhav

One of the biggest events in esports history, the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, is currently underway.

The first week of the mega event concluded on Sunday with Faker and T1 crowned as the League of Legends Champions. Week 2 of the event kicked off earlier today and will feature DOTA 2, Mobile Legends and Free Fire.

With week 3 incoming, fans will get to enjoy the much awaited Counter-Strike tournament at Riyadh. Featuring 15 top teams worldwide, the Esports World Cup 2024 will be the first CS tournament after the player break.

Esports World Cup 2024 Counter-Strike: Format and Schedule

The $1 Million prizepool Counter-Strike tournament starts with Week 3 on 17th July, featuring three stages; Round of 14 , Losers Bracket and the Finals Bracket.

The Round of 14 features 7 single-elimination Bo3 games. The winner of the games will secure a spot in the Finals Bracket, while the losers will go through the Losers Bracket.

The fixtures for the Round of 14 are as follows:

The winners of the games will directly qualify for the Finals Bracket. The remaining seven teams along with JiJieHao will play in the Losers Bracket.

The Losers Bracket will feature an 8 team single elimination bracket. Out of the eight teams only a single team will qualify for the Finals Bracket. All the games in Losers Bracket will be best-of-1s

The Finals Bracket will be another 8 team single-elimination Bo3 bracket featuring the seven teams qualified via Round of 14 plus the single team qualifying via the Losers Bracket.

The team that survives the tough bracket will be crowned the Champions of Esports World Cup. They will secure a big chunk of the $1M prizepool and 1000 Club points.

The tournament starts 17th July and will conclude on the 21st with the Grand Finals. The overall schedule for the tournament is as follow:

  • 17th July 13:30 GMT+02:00 - Round of 14 (Round of 14)
  • 18th July 12:30 GMT+02:00 - Losers Bracket and Quarterfinals (Finals Bracket)
  • 19th July 13:30 GMT+02:00 - Quarterfinals
  • 20th July 16:45 GMT+02:00 - Semifinals
  • 21st July 20:00 GMT +02:00 -  Grand Finals

You can check the detailed schedule with localized time on the EWC Counter-Strike tournament page on Strafe.

Where to watch?

The EWC will broadcast the tournament live on YouTubeTwitch and TikTok. You can also catch the stream live on the official website.

Follow Esports World Cup on X/Twitter for the latest updates of the event.

Follow Strafe for the coverage of the Esports World Cup.

Featured Image Credits: Esports World Cup

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