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Ceb’s Major Comeback: An Insight into OG’s Success

Ceb’s Major Comeback: An Insight into OG’s Success

Dota 2
18 Mar
Sophie McCarthy

After teasing a major announcement in recent days, OG has finally dropped Ceb’s Major Comeback, a documentary tracking their progress through the 2022 Stockholm Major. The 87-minute film confirmed that Ceb had just 1 week to get Major ready after Misha ran into visa issues due to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The documentary, which includes interviews from Sheever, ODPixel, Moonmeander and of course, NoTail comes as OG are struggling in tour 2 of the DPC. There's still a long way to go though and several series left to play in the coming couple of weeks. Perhaps now is the time for them to regain some of the Stockholm glory and make it to Berlin in April!

Ceb’s Major Comeback Played a Huge Part in the Win

Despite Yuragi never having met Ceb before he had to step in to cover, they managed to pull off one of the best lower brackets runs in Dota 2 history, proving he has still got it! They might have had a bit of a rough group stage while the team learned how to play together effectively. But it’s safe to say that Ceb’s Major comeback played a key role in their, well, comeback.

It wasn’t just Ceb’s Windranger that made such an impact. Throughout the entire documentary, his famous ability to rally a team with epic speeches is front and center. As anyone paying attention to social media during the Major will know, Saberlight certainly made an attempt to get in Ceb’s head.

The documentary also touched on Ceb’s trouble with his eyesight. He spoke of the possibility of losing his sight completely. He’s definitely one to stay on brand though and nothing stood in Ceb’s way. It was pretty easy to see how he was part of the only two-time TI winning lineup in Dota 2 history!

Will Ceb return to professional Dota 2?

One of the main questions on every OG fan’s lips is whether they’ll ever get to see Ceb perform on the main stage again. With a couple of different roster shuffles in recent weeks, many people thought he might be replacing Misha in tour 2. This came especially since OG didn’t manage to make it to the Lima Major this year. However, it seems Ceb really feels like he’s done playing at this level with OG. “I was back on the battlefield in Stockholm, but I wasn’t back”, he said.

Old G Already Won Closed Qualifiers

Was Ceb joking perhaps? Will we see another of Ceb’s Major comebacks. He seems to be directly contradicting the outcome of this by competing in the open qualifiers for the WEU division 2 DPC tour with ex-teammate Topson and a slew of other professionals.

Ceb might not be willing to compete at a TI level but he seems to be enjoying playing in a lower pressure environment. While he might not be flying the OG flag, there’s a decent chance that fans will still get to see him play through a Major again, much to the chagrin of other teams. In Moonmeander’s words “prepare to run a marathon against these guys, that’s what it takes to beat Sebastian Debs”.

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