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Blast Premier Spring Groups: Day 6 Recap

Blast Premier Spring Groups: Day 6 Recap

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
25 Jan
Kaustavmani Choudhury

Blast Premier Spring Groups day 6 recap

On day 6 of the Blast Premier Spring Groups, we have two lower bracket games, with Heroic taking on EG, and Liquid taking on OG. Both Heroic and Liquid get a shot at redemption, as it was EG and OG respectively, who sent them to the lower brackets.

Game 1: Heroic vs EG

Nuke was the first map of the day, picked by Heroic. However, they had a poor showing on their T side, only managing to amass only 3 rounds. EG had a dominating CT side, ending the half 12-3, with neaLaN having an amazing game at 22 kills. While none from the Heroic side could break into the double digits. Although EG managed to push the match to Map Point, a miraculous 1v3 clutch by stavn in round 23 brought some life back to Heroic. It wasn’t enough, however. In Round 25, EG decided to end the match by rushing the A site with Tec-9s and Deagles, and pulling off a great eco round. neaLaN topped the charts at 25 kills, with HexT following closely with 21.

EG picked Overpass for Map 2, where historically, Heroic have seen more success. Heroic took the half 13-2,with the only highlight from EG being an Ace clutch from HexT in round 13. They continued this domination in the second half as well, not allowing EG to win a single round, winning the match 16-2. cadiaN and sjuush top the board with 21 and 20 kills each, while Brezhe was the only player able to hit double digits for EG.

Mirage was the deciding map, with Heroic continuing their dominant form, taking the first half 12-3. EG managed to net only 2 rounds on their CT side, as Heroic won the map 16-5, with stavn topping the table with 24 kills.

Game 3: Liquid vs OG

Liquid had picked Mirage for Map 1, where YEKINDAR started the series with an incredible 4k in the pistol round. This allowed Liquid to start off with a 4 round lead. However, OG didn't take this sitting down, as degster responded with an Ace of his own in round 10, giving OG a 6-4 lead. Both teams go back and forth, ending the half 8-7 in favor of OG. Both teams are also quite evenly matched in the second half. But OG were the first ones to win Map Point in round 27, and eventually the match in round 28.

OG picked Ancient for Map 2, where this back and forth between the teams continued. Liquid close the half 8-7 on their CT side. And they dominate OG on their T side, as they only give away one round and close the match 16-8.

Map 3 was Overpass, as both teams were again quite evenly matched in the first half, ending in a 8-7 split in favor of OG. However, Liquid could not manage to continue their form in the second half, allowing OG to win the map 16-10.

You can watch the full event here.

Image source: Blast Premier

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