Place votes, earn points, climb in league rankings and gain badges

Leagues and Seasons:

During one week users will compete against each other in each game. The best each week will advance to a higher league and the worst will be demoted. There will be multiple rewards along the way - and only the top 1% will gain the most unique badges..



Points are based on the strength of the teams. A favourite gives less points and a underdog gives more. Risk and Reward.

Strength of teams can change during the voting process. So different users can get different rewards for the same vote - as part of the game mechanics.



How do I move up/down in league? 

The top 20% in your division will advance and bottom 20% will move down. However! For a season to be valid it needs to contain at least 10 matches.

What happens when a season is invalid?

Users will stay in the same league after season ends - no matter where on the leaderboard you where placed. 

What happens when points are tied with another player? 

In case of a tie the user with the highest points/vote (aka, most efficient voter) wins. In the unlikely case that its still a tie it will be randomised. 

What happens when a season ends during a live match? 

The season will end once all matches that has started within that season has ended. So this can’t happen. 

Can I vote on matches in a season that has not started?


Do I need to be logged in to play?

You can still vote without an account, but to gain achievements, ranks, and league you must have an account.  

Have any other questions? 

Ask on our discord channel or Twitter or send us a email at