Strafe Score Rules

Place votes, User Gear, Climb in Leagues, Get rewarded!

Place votes and gain points

To place a vote, enter a match page and pick the team you think will win then press vote. Once the match is finished, you’ll receive a number of points depending on the underlying odds and whether if you were correct or not! A favorite will give you less points while an underdog give you more, creating a risk and reward format!

*The number of points each user receives for a win could be different as we’re updating the strength of the teams in real-time.


Use Gear to amplify your points

Once your vote is placed, you can affect the number of points received by using a Gear. After placing a Gear, it’s locked until the match is finished. A correct vote will make it possible to use it once again, however an incorrect vote will actually break your Gear. This means you’ll have to wait for the cooldown period in order to use your Gear, or you can instantly restore it using Health Kits.

Each Gear have different “powers” and levels – the higher the level the stronger the effect! Open boxes to get more Gear in order to upgrade them to the next level. Boxes can be acquired by completing quests or by spending coins.


Climb in Strafe Leagues

Users will now be competing in weekly seasons! The performance during the week will dictate what league you end up in for the coming season – the top performers advance, while the worst get demoted. Each user will be randomly placed in a divison, consisting of ≈100 users.


Get rewarded

Strafe Score will be more competitive than ever and hopefully more fun too! Engage in the game to receive Strafe League badges, custom badges and some secret ones for all you treasure hunters!

You’ll be able to find your collection of badges on your profile page. New badges will be added overtime!



How do I move up/down in league? 

The top/bottom users will move up/down in leagues depending on their performance within each division. The number of users going up/down is based on a dynamic system determined by the number of users in each league. For a season to be valid it needs to contain at least 10 matches.

My vote has disappeared / I didn’t get any points! Why?

Most of the cases it has to do with matches being declared invalid or void by our admins. This tend to happen when we consider the match being “unfair” – i.e. after major roster changes, faulty scheduling (wrong teams) or wins by WO (walkover).

Matches are added very late to the app making it tough for me to vote in time!


What happens when a season is invalid?

Users will stay in the same league after season ends - no matter where on the leaderboard you where placed. 

What happens when points are tied with another player on the leaderboard? 

In case of a tie the user with the highest points/vote (aka, most efficient voter) wins. In the unlikely case that it’s still a tie it will be randomised. 

What happens when a season ends during a live match? 

The season will end once all matches that has started within that season has ended. So this can’t happen. 

Can I vote on matches in a season that has not started?


How do I get new Gear?

New Gear is received by opening boxes. You get boxes by completing daily quests or by spending coins in the store!

Why can’t I use my Gear?

Each Gear can only be used one at a time, which means if you’ve placed a Gear in a match that hasn’t finished yet, it’s not available for use. If you’re Gear is broken, caused by an incorrect vote, you’ll need to wait for the cooldown period or restore it by using a health kit!

Do I need to be logged in to play?

You can still vote without an account, but to gain achievements, ranks, and league placements you need to create an account.

Have any other questions? 

Ask on our discord channel or Twitter or send us a email at